15. Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Tomb of King RaithwallUpdate notes

Tomb of King Raithwall

Recommended Level 16-18

Tomb of King Raithwall

Important Enemies

  • Demon Wall (Optional)
  • Demon Wall (Boss)
  • Garuda (Boss)
  • Belias (Boss/Esper)

Your party enters the Tomb of King Raithwall and you'll have the option of saving your game. Do so. From where you start, you want to prepare for the upcoming boss battle. If you're able to, cast Protect on everyone. If you got the Eksir Berries, they will come in useful during this fight. The boss is a flying boss, so you want to have characters who can use Magicks or Ranged weapons, as normal melee attacks will do no damage. 

Boss: Garuda

  • Level: 16
  • HP: 6,754
  • Steal: Gold Needle (55%), Giant Feather (10%), White Fang (3%)

Garuda is susceptible to Blind, but using the Eksir Berries on it will lower Garuda's attack power, and dispel its enrage effects. (These are used when its HP gets low). It's weak to Dark Magick. As long as you're using Magick, ranged weapons and Quickenings when you can, this fight won't take you too long, especially with Vossler helping.

With Garuda dead, climb the stairs for a cutscene. Using the Orange Save Crystal. Dyce will appear here now, and will sell you a number of items. It's recommended to purchase a few Prince's Kiss from Dyce, as there's a number of enemies that can send your party to Sleep. 

When ready, interact with the Ancient Device to enter the Tomb.

You'll start in the Hall of the Destroyer. You'll have two bosses coming up, both Demon Walls. To get 100% completion, you need to defeat both, but for the story, you only need to defeat the second Demon Wall. For fighting the Demon Wall(s), it would be a good idea to set up Gambits to use the Prince's Kiss (Ally: any > Prince's Kiss) and a Gambit to remove Blind from an ally (Ally: any > Blindna). Also ensure that your Battle Speed is set to the highest speed (if you haven't already). It just means that your party will attack more quickly. 

If you're able to, cast Shell on your party. It will at a 50% chance to miss being inflicted with debuffs. If you wish to fight the optional Demon Wall, read below, otherwise jump to the Mandatory Demon Wall fight. If you won't want to fight this Demon Wall, use Flee cn_RT to run to the door at the end of the Hall. Interact with the door to proceed. 

Boss Battle: Demon Wall (Optional) - Hall of the Destroyer Area

  • Level: 18
  • HP: 22,187
  • Steal: Gold Needle (55%), Solid Stone (10%), Quality Stone (3%)

By far the quickest way to defeat this wall, at your current level, is to use a Quickening chain and then cast spells like Aero and Dark. Try not to waste too much time healing, and using potions is quicker than casting Cura. Using Prince's Kiss and Eye Drops are the quickest way of removing Sleep/Blind.

The Demon Wall uses a move called X-Zone. This will instantly kill a character, but you will not be able to use a Phoenix Down to revive them. 

Make sure to watch the meter on the right side of the screen to keep track of how much time you have left. Once you reach the door at the end of the corridor, you need to have defeated this Demon Wall, otherwise, you will all die. 

A reminder that this is an optional fight. You can come back and defeat it later on in the game, as you will need to for the Bestiary entry. It's a lot easier when your party is a higher level, being able to take it down a lot faster.

With this Demon Wall dead, you'll be able to retrieve an Azure Jewel from the wall it starts in. You can't do anything with this jewel until you've defeated the second Demon Wall. 

Boss Battle: Demon Wall (Mandatory) - Hall of the Sentinel Area

  • Level: 18
  • HP: 10,332
  • Steal: Gold Needle (55%), Solid Stone (10%), Quality Stone (3%)

This Demon Wall will approach you and your party as soon as you enter the Hall of the Sentinel. It's a lot easier to defeat this wall than the first one. There are a few Altar of Contemplation objects on the left and right side of the bridge that you can interact with. Touching these braziers can stop the Demon Wall down for a short time, but has a chance to increase its speed as well. It's a good idea to touch one or two of them to make killing the Demon Wall easier. 

Quickenings are also useful here. As with the Demon Wall above, using  Aero and Dark is a good way to damage the Demon Wall.

Watch out for when X-Zone is used on a character, as you'll need to replace them with another as you can't revive them. 

You'll only have until the end of the bridge to kill the Demon Wall, so you will need to be quick.

If you didn't kill the Optional Demon Wall, you now do not want to leave the Tomb. If you do, you'll get to face the Demon Wall again.

Head down to the Royal Passage. You'll get a cutscene. Then travel down to the middle of this area and open the urn for the map of the Tomb. You'll now need to travel to both the Northfall Passage and Southfall Passage and activate switches in both areas. You can do either area first, but for this guide, we'll go to the Northfall Passage first. 

Head up and down to the outermost path. At the end of this path is Dispel (1 on the map). Then head into the Northfall Passage. This is a fairly linear path area, so head around, killing enemies, until you reach the Northfall Pedestal. Interact with it, and a stone block will lower half way. You'll then be ambushed by Zombies. Kill them, and travel back to the Royal Passage by using the Way Stone. 

Then travel towards the Southfall Passage. On the middle path, at the end is a chest containing Vanish (2 on the map). Again the path is linear in the Southfall Passage. Interact with the Southfall Pedestal, and you'll then be ambushed by Lich enemies. The stone block will then lower all the way. Use the Way Stone to go back to the Royal Passage. The Way Stone in the middle of these three can then be used to get back to the start of the Tomb. This means you can go and save your game and reenter the Tomb without having to fight the optional Demon Wall. 

Go back outside to Dyce and purchase some Handkerchiefs, then set a Gambit to use them. Top up on Prince's Kiss if you need them. 

Using the Way Stones, get back to the Royal Passage. Then take a Way Stone to either the Northfall or Southfall Passage. Go through the newly opened area (the Stone Block was preventing access). Both routes will take you to the Cloister of Flame. 

There is a quick cutscene that takes place when you enter the Cloister. You need to make sure you're prepared to remove Oil with Handkerchiefs. the next boss can inflict Oil on your party, which increases the damage done by Fire. Which isn't good, as the boss is a Fire Magick user. Cast Shell on your party before the fight. 

Head down to the bottom of the Cloister of Flame to initiate the fight.

Boss: Belias, the Gigas

The first Esper you encounter in the game. You have to battle him in order to obtain the Dawn Shard from the Tomb of Raithwall. 


  • Level: 20
  • HP:  15,943
  • Steal:  Aries Gem (55%), Ether (10%), High Arcana (3%)

This is the first Esper fight in the game. You need to defeat him to get to the Dawn Shard. He's a fire-based Esper, so most of his damage will be fire-based. Do not use any fire-based magicks on him, as they will heal him. The most effective spell to use on him is Aqua. He is also susceptible to Slow

Shell is worth casting on your party members to minimize the amount of damage done. His Firaja attack has a chance to inflict Oil, so have some Handkerchiefs to deal with that. 

Keep persevering with the fight, use Quickenings if you need to, and eventually, he will go down. 

Locked Licenses

Unlocking Belias on the License Boards of the following jobs will unlock additional licenses:

  • Bushi: Libra
  • Foebreaker: Horology
  • Knight: Potion Lore 1

Defeating Belias will give you your first Esper. You can assign him to one of your characters. You'll need to purchase him on a License Board. It's good to get an idea of who can get the most out of being assigned Belias. Luckily Belias doesn't really deliver much. 

Giving Belias to a character will then allow you to summon him in battle. You do this from Mist > Summoning. You'll also now be able to assign a second job to each of your characters. To do this, you'll have to purchase a tile for 30LP. You'll then have to pick a second job there and then. The Jobs page gives information on good job parings. 

In the area where you fought Belias, look for a treasure chest with the Shades of Black Technick (3 on the map). You can then search the lower floor of this area for treasure chests. When you're ready, proceed into the Chamber of First Light. 

Go down the stairs, past the Way Stone and then up the stairs for another cutscene. You'll receive the Dawn Shard at the end of it.

Go back to the Way Stone and use it to get back to the entrance of the Tomb. Save your game and then head out to the Valley of the Dead. Take a moment to set yourself up for an upcoming boss battle. Cast Protect and Shell on your characters. Set up a Gambit to cast Slow and/or Sleep on enemies (Foe: any > Slow/Sleep). Gambits to use Potions/Hi-Potions would be good for when HP is less than 50% (Ally: HP<50% > Potion/Hi-Potion). This is because it's quicker than casting Cure/Cura, and it's easier to cast those manually when you can control it better. 

When you're ready, walk towards the exit of the Valley of the Dead for a cutscene. 

You'll end up on board the Shiva.

The Shiva

During the cutscene, Fran will go into a Berserker mode. If she's in your main party, this will continue over into the boss fight you're about to enter. You can't remove this status from her. 

Boss: Vossler

  • Level: 20
  • HP: 9,318
  • Steal: Potions (55%), Hi-Potions (10%), Black Belt (3%)

You'll be up against Vossler and four Imperial Guards. As mentioned, if Fran is in your party, she will be in Berserker mode. This is quite powerful, but you will be unable to control her at all. 

Start off by killing the supporting guards. They're not hard to kill. Vossler will use Enrage when his HP gets to less than 40%. He'll then start dealing very heavy damage to whoever he's targeting. If Basch is in your main party, he will be Vossler's target until he's KO'd. If Basch isn't, any party member will be targeted.

Quickenings are a good way of ending this fight quickly, as is using your newly acquired Esper, Belias. Vossler is susceptible to Slow and Sleep, which can help end this fight. 

After the fight, the party will escape The Shiva. You'll get the following achievement, and the story will pick up in Rabanastre. 

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