25. Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Giruvegan & The Great CrystalUpdate notes

The Ancient City of Giruvegan & The Great Crystal


Recommended Level is 45-47


Important Enemies

  • Diakon Entite
  • Daedalus (Boss)
  • Tyrant (Boss)

The Diakon Entite will only appear in the following areas when there is abundant Mist: The Trimahla Water-Steps and The Aadha Water-Steps. It spawns at level 45, meaning you could attempt to kill it if you see it. It's also weak to Dark magick.

You'll start at the Gate of Earth Head down the path to the orange Save Crystal and save your game. There's a boss coming up, so use Protect, Shell and Haste on your party, and equip a character who can use Steal with the Thief's Cuffs. This just helps with the likelihood of getting better loot from enemies. Then head into the next area. Walk to the large statue to start the fight. 

Boss: Daedalus

  • Level: 42
  • HP: 65,644
  • Steal: Dark Crystal (55%), Forbidden Flesh (10%), Damascus Steel (3%)

The additional thing you want to do in this fight is to get Damascus Steel from Daedalus. If you can't steal it from him, and instead steal something else, you can just reload your save to try again.

Daedalus starts this fight with Haste on him. Use Dispel to remove it. Daedalus will use Dark Magick on your party, as well as two attacks - Ice Break and Tremor. He'll then begin to use Tri-Attack and Pulsar Wave as it's health gets lower.

There's not much strategy to this fight. He's an undead enemy, so spells like Curaga will do a lot of damage to him. 

When the fight is over, Daedalus will turn into a statue. Use the Waystone to go to the next section, The Trimahla Water-Steps. You'll need to switch off a number of gates to proceed through the next couple of areas. Use the map to help you find the Gate Stones and a path down. At the southwest corner of the area are two Mythril Golems to kill. Approaching the edge of the platform will light up a green path to the next area, The Aadha Water-Steps. 

You'll more than likely find the Diakon Entite here, you don't have to kill it for now as you will need to come back to Giruvegan later in the game to "mop up".

Work your way through this area. You'll need to open gates like you did in the last area. At the end of this area is another two Mythril Golems to kill. You'll need to cross another green path to go to the next area. This area has a Save Crystal here to use, and a chest with Sleepga in (1 on the map). Head into the next area. 

You'll need to head up to a platform in the center of the room. You'll know when you're in the right place when you can make another green path appear. From here, prepare your characters with the usual buffs, as you have a boss fight coming up. 

Boss: Tyrant

  • Level: 43
  • HP: 180,248
  • Steal: N/A

You won't be able to steal anything from Tyrant, as there's a field that prevents you from using Technicks. Tyrant is weak to Ice Magick. There's not really much more of a strategy to defeating Tyrant. 

It would be a good idea to go back to the Save Crystal and heal your party. Then head back to where you fought Tyrant and interact with the Way Stone to enter The Great Crystal.

The Great Crystal

Recommended Level is 45-47


Crystal Partial

This is not the map you'll see in the game, but this map will make everything you need to do in the Great Crystal infinitely easier. 

Important Enemies

  • Shemhazai (Boss/Esper)

It's best not to try exploring the Great Crystal too much just yet. Beyond the story areas, most enemies are level 60+, and inflict some nasty debuffs. So wait to come back here during the end game prep to do everything.

The Great Crystal doesn't have a conventional map, and if you viewed the in-game map, you'll just get a picture of the Crystal itself and an indicator of your rough location. The best thing to do here is to use the map provided in this guide, and then use the in-game map [cn_select] to get the name of the area you're in. 

Luckily for this part of the game, you only have to see a small portion of the Great Crystal. However, you will be coming back when you're at a higher level. 

You'll start is A Prama Vikaari. There will be three pathways you can take, but one of them will be blocked by the Scorpio Gate. One of the paths will lead up, and the other down. Take the path that leads downwards to Kabonii Jilaam Pratii'vaa. Defeat the enemies here and go down the other path to Kabonii Jilaam Avaa. 

Take the other path downwards to Dha Vikaari Bhrum. Use Way Stone VII to go to the Way Stone VI in A Vikaari Kabonii.  There are three pathways here - one straight ahead, one left and one right. Take the left one, it leads down to Sthaana Cancer

Defeat the enemies here, and then interact with the Cancer Gate Stone. Take the opposite pathway from the one you entered the area with - it should lead upwards to Bhrum Pis Avaa. 

There should be a treasure chest here with a Holy Rod in. Collect it and head down the other pathway back to A Vikaari Kabonii. Head down the path that has been opened (look for the structures that would've held the Cancer Gate (C on the map)). You'll end up in Bhrum Pis Pratii. There'll be a chest here with a Gold Hairpin in. Go to the other path and down to Dha Vikaari Trahk.

Touch Way Stone V to get to Way Stone IV in A Vikaari Bhrum. One of the paths will be blocked by the Pisces Gate. Take the other path up to Trahk Jilaam Praa'dii. Open the treasure chest that contains Ninja Gear and then head up the other path to Sthaana Aries. 

Kill the Necrophobes that appear and then touch the Aries Gate Stone. Travel back to A Vikaari Bhrum. Take the path that goes downwards to Trahk Pis Praa. Open the treasure chest here to get Gaia Gear. Take the other path down to Sthaana Pisces. 

Kill the enemies here and touch the Pisces Gate Stone. Take the path that leads up to Dha Vikaari Jula. Touch Waystone III to go to Way Stone II in the Crystal Core. You'll have a cutscene when you reach here. Use the Save Crystal, and then touch the Way Stone to proceed to the next area. 

In the Gate of Wind, you'll need to get yourself ready for a boss fight against an Esper. Use the normal buffs on your party, and ensure that none of them are using weapons that have an element attached to them. Shemhazai will only use Magick, and Shell is a must against here. Ensure that your Healer is equipped with a Rose Corsage, to prevent Silence. Shemhazai will use Silencega throughout the fight. 

Proceed when you're ready. 


Boss: Shemhazai, the Whisperer

  • Level: 25
  • HP:  91,136
  • Steal: Sagittarius Gem (55%), Hi-Ether (10%), High Arcana (3%)

As long as you entered this fight prepared, you'll take Shemhazai down easily enough. Start off by using Dispel to remove her buffs. Her regular attack can inflict Disease, so using Serums or Cleanse is a must. 

Other than that, her Magick attacks aren't that deadly, and as long as you've got your heavy hitters attacking her, she'll go down quickly. 

Locked Licenses

Unlocking Shemhazai on the License Boards of the following jobs will unlock additional licenses:

  • Archer: Heavy Armor 10, Heavy Armor 12
  • Black Mage: Heavy Armor 7
  • Bushi: Shield Block
  • Knight: Potion Lore 2
    Machinist: Hand-bombs 3
  • Monk: Potion Lore 3
  • Red Battlemage: White Magick 7 
  • Shikari: Guns 5 
  • White Mage: 230 HP


This is your third Esper in the game. The optimal assigning of Shemhazai is to give her to either an Archer or Red Battlemage (as long as they don't have those White Magick spells already). 

With Shemhazai defeated, you can go back to The Trimahla Water-Steps to find the urn with the map of Giruvegan in.

Head to the Empyrean Way Stone and interact with it to continue. You'll get a cutscene, and at the end of it, you'll receive the Treaty-Blade. The group will then decide to return to the Port at Balfonheim. 

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