27. Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age The Pharos - First AscentUpdate notes

The Pharos - First Ascent

Recommended Level is 51-53

Pharos 1st Ascent

Important Enemies:

  • Pandaemonium (Boss)
  • Udin Entite
  • Vishno (Rare enemy)

Vishno will spawn in First Ascent - Wellspring Ravel - 4th Flight. It spawns after killing 10 Deidars, and it doesn't need to be chain kills. Vishno spawns at level 57-58, and is weak to Holy Magick, making Reddas useful here (as he has access to Holy). 

The Undin Entite has a 30% chance of appearing in First Ascent: Horizon's Cusp. It spawns at level 45 and is weak to Fire Magick.

You'll start in The Wellspring You'll find an orange Save Crystal to your left. The Way Stone here is currently non-functional, and you'll need to defeat a boss, Pandaemonium to continue. 

There are three Alters of Night around the room. You can access one, but you will need to work your way around the Labyrinth to get to the other two. There's a locked door on the eastern side of the map, and to open it you need to locate Black Orbs inside the Wellspring Labyrinth

In the Wellspring Labyrinth, you'll find an Urn with the map of the First Ascent. The goal of this level is to place a Black Orb in each of the three Alter of Nights. When that's done, the locked room (the Blackrock Vault) will open. You collect Orbs from defeating enemies. However, if you don't pick them up in time, the Orbs will disappear. 

Once you've placed an Orb in each of the Altars, go to the newly opened room. The team will then be transported into a strange looking area. Before heading down the path, buff your party. You need to be prepared with Blind and Petrify. Using Esuna or equipping Fuzzy Miters or Argyle Armlets will deal with these debuffs. When you're ready, head down the only path available. 

Boss: Pandaemonium

  • Level: 45
  • HP: 116,678
  • Steal: Ancient Turtle Shell (55%), Aries Gem (10%), Scarletite (3%)

Use Dispel on Pandaemonium as soon as you start the fight. A good idea is to use Expose on Pandaemonium to lower its defense. Then your attacks will deal more damage to it. When Pandaemonium gets to 50%, it will use an attack called Perfect Defense. It will make it immune to all physical and magick attacks. All you need to do is wait until it wears off and then continue your attacks. 

When it gets to 20% health, its attacks will do more damage. 

You'll be back in the Blackrock Vault once the fight finishes. Travel back to the entrance, save your game at the orange Save Crystal and then touch the Way Stone to move up a floor in the First Ascent. 

You'll be in the Wellspring Ravel - 1st Flight. You'll have an indicator under your minimap that will tell you what floor you are on. They'll be useful for keeping track of where you are in relation to the guide. You start on 10F and need to get to 90F in order to reach the next area. It'll be quicker than you think.

As you start going through the area, you'll come across an enemy called a Brainpan. As you defeat them, a group of green blocks will appear to form a bridge you can cross. Keep moving forward and you'll find another gap you need to cross. It'll require you to defeat four Brainpans. One is a little harder to find, it's just south of the stairs on 15F. Keep going until you get to the next area, Wellspring Ravel - 2nd Flight. 

Continuing climbing to 20F. There is a Brainpan at the top of the stairs, to the right of the doorway. There's one inside the doorway. Continue climbing, defeating another Brainpan. When you reach 23F, there will be two Chimera Brains on this level and a wall on the south side of the platform. This is a Fool’s Façade. You can interact with it, which will allow you to strike the wall. There is a chance that there will be a treasure chest here that has a Chaperon in. There's another Fool’s Façade on 24F you can use to get back to the main pathway. 

Continue up to 25F, and defeat the three Brainpans at the top. This should complete the bridge up here. Take note of this platform, and then look at your minimap. There's a platform to the west you cannot reach yet. You'll be coming back very soon. Head up to the next floor. 

You'll start on 28F of Wellspring Ravel - 3rd Flight. You'll find two Brainpan enemies on 29F. Defeat them and then head up to 30F. Do a U-turn and go through the Ancient Door. There's a Brainpan in here to kill. There's another Brainpan up the stairs from 30F. Keep heading east until you reach the next area. There will be an enemy here called Deidar. 

Deidars look like Brainpans, except that flame coming out of their head is red instead of green. Killing a Deidar will undo the effect of defeating a Brainpan by removing a piece of the bridge. For now, you want to avoid killing Deidars until you created all of the green bridges. Then you'll come back and kill Deidars to reach two secret areas. 

Cross the bridge on 31F. Do your best to avoid killing Deidars, but if you accidentally kill one, head back down the stairs and locate a Brainpan, as they will continue to respawn until all of the bridges have been built. 

Keep going until you get to the circular part of 35F. There is a large bridge that forms from all of the Brainpans at the top of 35F. Keep killing Brainpans until you complete this bridge. 

There's a Fool’s Façade across the bridge that you can knock down. And now you should start killing Deidars. Head into the next area (Wellspring Ravel - 4th Flight) and kill the Deidar at the top of the stairs (you will have to run past two Brainpans). There are two more Deidars a bit further up. Then turn around and go back the way you game, going down floors, killing all the Deidars you passed. You can reset them by leaving an area and then reentering.

Of the two bridges you need to create, one goes north and one goes west. There will be two treasure chests that you will be able to get to. One will have a Gungir Spear, and the second will contain Holy (1 on the map). Holy is one of the most powerful Magicks in the game. 

Back in the Wellspring Ravel - 2nd Flight, there's another secret area that can only be reached by killing Deidars. There's a treasure chest there that contains a Perseus Bow. This is one of the strongest Bows in the game. 

Then go back up to the Wellspring Ravel - 4th Flight. In the northwest corner of this area is another Fool’s Façade that has a chest with an Elixir behind. Ensure that you kill at least 10 Deidars do you can kill the Rare enemy Vishno. While rare, it has a chance of dropping a Ribbon

The 4th Flight contains one more pathway that requires defeating Deadpans in order to continue. Go up to 48F and into the next area, Horizon's Break. 

There's a Save Crystal here to save your game with. Head to the southwest portion of the circle to find another set of stairs leading up to Horizon's Cusp. You have another boss battle coming up. There's a chest in front of the doorway that contains a Black Mask (2 on the map). This is an incredibly important item for later in the game. Ensure that you have it. 

Use the usual buffs on your party, and then use go through the Ancient Door into Marsh of Profaning Wind. This is another illusion style room, walk forward to start the next boss battle. 

Boss: Slyt

  • Level: 47
  • HP: 66,505
  • Steal: Yensa Scale (55%), Pisces Gem (10%), Yensa Fin (3%)

Having a Dispel gambit to keep removing Slyt's buffs, as he will keep recasting them. It means Slyt wastes time recasting them instead of attacking you. It's susceptible to Slow, and Oil. Which is helpful as it's weak to Fire magick. Using Firaga or Ardor will quickly kill Slyt.

There's no need to go back and save your game as there's a Save Crystal on the next level. Continue circling Horizon's Cusp until you get to the Way Stone. Interact with it to get to the next area, the Second Ascent. 

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