3. Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age JobsUpdate notes

Jobs & License Boards


Job Selector

As you play through the game, for every enemy you kill, you'll be awarded License Points. Upon earning 48,000 License Points (across all of your characters), you'll unlock: 



Uhlans are able to double as Tanks and Damage dealers. Using spears, they have the ability to deal powerful physical attacks. The use of Spears allows them to attack Flying Enemies without difficulty. They're able to wield the most powerful weapon in the game, the Zodiac Spear. 

Ideal Role: Damage/Tank

Weapons: Spears

Armor: Heavy Armor


  • Black Magick: Aeroga, Bio, Blizzara, Fira, Thundara, Poison, Silencega

Technicks: Achilles, Bonecrusher (Hasmal Esper), Wither (Cúchulainn Esper), Expose (Ultima Esper), Charm, Souleater, First Aid, Infuse, Poach, Shades of Black, Revive. 

License Board



This is a  Samurai-style job, suited to being a DPS (Damage Per Second) character, due to their speed. They use Katanas. Despite the lack of Magicks on the Bushi's license board, a vast amount of their license board consists of tiles to increase Magick power. They can also use Mystic Armor, which is usually used for Mages. It can be said that this job is best paired with a Magick wielding job. 

Ideal Role: Damage

Weapons: Katana

Armor: Mystic Armor, Heavy Armor

Magicks: None

Technicks: 1000 Needles, Bonecrusher, Souleater (Addrammelech Esper), Gil Toss, Libra (Belias Esper), Infuse, Sight Unseeing, Shades of Black, Stamp (Cúchulainn or Ultima Espers)

License Board



Monks have powerful physical attacks with excellent health and evasion. They are great for Damage roles, also has the potential to make a useful Tank when paired with another Tank class. With Poles, they are able to attack Flying enemies. 

Ideal Role: Damage/Tank

Weapons: Poles, Unarmed (unrecommended for later in the game.)

Armor: Light Armor


  • Minimal White Magick: Cura, Curaja, Esunaga, Dispelga, Raise, Arise, Protectaga, Shellga, Renew, Holy

Technicks: Achilles, Bonecrusher, Wither, Expose, Souleater (Exodus Esper), First Aid, Libra, Numerology, Shades of Black, Revive, Sight Unseeing (Zeromus Esper), Traveler (Zalera Esper). 

License Board



Knights are perfect for taking and dealing heavy damage. They have the ability to equip one-handed sword and shields, or two-handed swords.

Ideal Role: Tank/Damage

Weapons: Swords, Greatswords

Armor: Sheilds, Heavy Armor


  • Limited White Magick: Curaga, Curaja, Esuna, Regen, Bravery, Cleanse, Confuse, Faith

Technicks: Souleater, First Aid, Infuse, Revive (Zodiark or Chaos Esper), Sight Unseeing, Telekinesis (Ultima Esper). 

License Board



This job is the quickest of all of the jobs and suited to a DPS role in the party. They specialize in Daggers and Ninja Swords. 

Ideal Role: Damage

Weapons: Daggers, Ninja Swords, Guns

Armor: Shields, Light Armor


  • Limited White Magick: Protectaga, Shellga

Technicks: 1000 Needles, Bonecrusher (Hasmal Esper), First Aid, Gil Toss (Mateus Esper), Libra, Shades of Black (Adrammelech Esper), Stamp (Exodus Esper), Traveler, Telekinesis.

License Board



Foebreakers are the best tanks in the game, having a License Board full of HP increase tiles. 

Ideal Role: Tank/Damage

Weapons: Axes, Hammers, Hand-bombs

Armor: Shields, Heavy Armor

Magicks: None

Technicks: Wither, Expose, Shear, Addle, Horology (Belias Esper), Infuse, Shades of Black (Cúchulainn Esper), Sight Unseeing, Traveler (Zalera Esper).

License Board



Another good Damage role, and are ranged fighters, meaning that Flying enemies aren't out of their reach. 

Ideal Role: Damage

Weapons: Bows

Armor: Light Armor, Heavy Armor


  • Limited White Magick: Cura, Raise

Technicks: 1000 Needles (Ultima or Zodiark Esper), Achilles, Shear, Addle, Charm, First Aid, Gil Toss, Libra, Infuse (Ultima or Zodiark Espers), Poach, Shades of Black, Revive, Steal, Traveler.

License Board



Predominately a ranged job that uses Guns, Measures or Hand-Bombs. They can be quick, but Guns are not particularly powerful weapons. Their main advantage is the license tiles for Potion and Remedy Lore (Remedy Lore is incredibly important to invest in). This job is more recommended to boost a character who needs more speed etc. Another is that Guns can be used against Flying Enemies, meaning this could be useful for a character who would do with a ranged weapon for backup. 

Ideal Role: Ranged Damage

Weapons: Guns, Measures, Hand-Bombs

Armor: Light Armor


  • Limited Time Magick: Graviga, Hastega, Reflectga, Slowga, Vanishga, Warp.
  • Limited Green Magick: Decoy, Oil

Technicks: Achilles, Charm, Gil Toss, Horology, Libra, Numerology, Steal, Poach, Stamp, Traveler. 

License Board

White Mage


This is your Healer job. A White Mage also has access to the Holy magick, which does a large amount of Light damage. It would be extremely wise to have at least one White Mage in your party. 

Ideal Role: Healer

Weapons: Rods, Greatswords, Daggers

Armor: Mystic Armor


  • All White Magick
  • All Green Magick

Technicks: Achilles, Charge, Souleater (Addrammelech Esper), Libra (Cúchulainn Esper), Numerology (Famfrit Esper), Stamp

License Board

Black Mage


The mage that definitely deals the most damage utilizing Black Magick. A must-have in your team, especially in Trial Mode. Their attacks do a tremendous amount of Area Of Effect damage.

Ideal Role: Damage

Weapons: Staves, Hand-bombs

Armor: Mystic Armor, Heavy Armor


  • All Black Magick
  • All Green Magick

Technicks: Charge, Charm, Poach (Zalera Esper), Steal (Zalera Esper), Telekinesis (Ultima Esper).

License Board

Time Battlemage


A Time Battlemage can hold their own, dealing a hefty amount of damage. The use of Crossbows means that they can attack Flying enemies. 

Ideal Role: Damage

Weapons: Crossbows, Swords

Armor: Heavy Armor


  • All Time Magick
  • All Green Magick
  • Limited White Magick: Cura, Raise

Technicks: Addle (Zeromus Esper), Charge, Horology, Numerology, Poach, Shear (Zeromus Esper), Stamp

License Board

Red Battlemage


Red Battlemages have the largest selection of Magick to choose from and are the only class that can use Arcane Magick. They are the most versatile of the jobs having decent Healing Magicks, Support Magicks, and Damage Magicks to mix into the battle. Very useful class to have in the Trials. 

Ideal Role: Damage

Weapons: Maces, Greatswords

Armor: Mystic Armor, Heavy Armor, Shields


  • All Arcane Magick
  • Limited Black Magick: Aero, Aqua, Blizzara, Blizzaga, Fira, Firaga, Thundara, Thundaga, Poison, Silence, Sleep, Sleepga, Toxify.
  • Limited White Magick: Cure, Cura, Curaga, Esuna, Dispel, Vox, Stona, Poisona, Raise, Protect, Shell, Regen, Cleanse.
  • Limited Time Magick: Balance, Disable, Immobilize, Reflect, Slow, Vanish
  • All Green Magick

Technicks: Charge, Souleater, Steal (Hashmal Esper). 

License Board


Selecting the Best Job(s) for Each Character

These are merely suggestions based on experience with the game. You are able to select whatever jobs you'd like for each character.

It is entirely possible to assign more than one character to each job, meaning that if you want to double up on Foebreakers, for example, you're able to.


Vaan is very much a "Jack of all Trades", in that he'd be able to perform well as all jobs. He's one of the better character options for equipping the Genji Gloves, especially when combined with high-combo hit weapons like Katanas or Poles. So it would be good to assign Vaan to something like Bushi, Shikari or Monk. It may be worth then backing a job like that with something that allows for heavy armor and Battle Lore tiles, like Foebreaker or Knight. 

Genji Gloves are an important item in the game, so it's recommended to equip them to your heavy hitters.


Balthier has a good cross between physical strength and speed as his base stats. He's good as a Shikari or Knight, due to his combo-hit ability. Assigning him as a Foebreaker as his other job is worthwhile too.


Fran, in comparison to other characters, is pretty weak. She's better used as a ranged fighter, such as an Archer. Others suggest that Uhlan is a good job for her. Assigning her to be a Foebreaker could be useful in combination with the others, as he could use break attacks to weaken enemies. You could also assign her to something like a Time Battlemage or Red Battlemage, as her magick stats aren't bad, so she'd be good as magick support. 


Basch, hands down, is a physical character. He's best jobs would be a Shikari, Knight or Foebreaker combination. He also makes a decent Time Battlemage or Red Battlemage for backup. 


Her stats put her very much in a Magick-user job. One of the jobs should be either a White Mage or Black Mage. Combining that with a physical class like Bushi, Knight or Monk, would allow for her to be used to her full capacity, and gives her access to license tiles with better armor and increase in attack power. 


Another character who is very much a Magick-user. I'd suggest assigning her to either a White Mage or Black Mage (pick the opposite of what Ashe has for a Mage job). She's also good with jobs like Monk or Uhlan, so I'd recommend using one of them for her second job. Like Ashe, it allows her to be used to her full potential. 

It's recommended that you don't bundle up the White Mage and Black Mage jobs. Try teaming a White Mage with something like a Time Battlemage, so they have access to other magick and more offensive and powerful weapons.

Best Job Combinations

There are a couple of points that you should be mindful of when combining jobs:

  • Job selection should always be about offsetting weaknesses. Meaning that even though it'll make sense to combine two jobs with similar skills, you want to aim to do the opposite. If one class uses powerful weapons but doesn't provide much in the way of strength stats, you'll want to combine that job with one that is naturally high in strength stats. The Mage-jobs benefit the most by combining them with a job like a Knight, as it boosts their HP and Defense. Fast jobs like a Bushi should be combined with a slower job. You should always take Armor and end-game Accessories into consideration too. 
  • The game is all about the high-end items. If you want to tackle the end-game bosses with ease, you want to build characters with the end-game in mind. Items like Genji Gloves are one of the defining items of any team late in the game. Consider these, and other items like end-game Shieldswhen assigning jobs, as these can only be used by specific jobs. 
  • A good team should have access to Break moves. Weakening enemies is important. Break moves - Addle, Expose, Shear and Wither - are important to have access to. They're useful as weakening more powerful enemies. 
  • You don't need to use every job in the game. It's better to stick to combinations that make sense. There are six characters and twelve jobs in the game. Some jobs are better left out, depending on how you're building your party. 
  • Don't get hung up on your picks. Luckily in this version of Final Fantasy XII, you're able to wipe your job selection and start again. Just go to Clan Centurio in Rabanastre and talk to Montblanc. He'll clear your jobs for any of your party, return all the license points you've earnt, and allow you to pick new jobs for your character. You can then spend all those license points again. There's no limit on how many times you can do this. 
  • Different characters are better at different things. Like mentioned above, if a character has better Magick stats, it's wise to assign at least one Mage job to them. 

The Best Physical-Damage Job Combinations

Foebreaker & Shikari

By combining these two, you'll end up with a powerful character who has access to high HP and strength License Board tiles, triple Swiftness (for speed) and all four Break techniques. You'll also have access to Telekinesis, without need to unlock something else first. You'll also have access to Genji Gear, Ninja Swords, and the Hand Bomb, meaning you have a good spread of weaponry available. With the right gambit combination, this combination is extremely strong and has a high damage output. 

Bushi & Knight

This combination is all about combining the Knight's access to White Magick (with Esper unlock) with the Bushi's high magic power. If the Knight is assigned the Mateus and Hashmal Espers, then this combination will be at it's best. Being able to use the Bushi's Katanas with the damage boost from the Knight will allow for high damage output. The Knight will be able to utilize it's White Magick far better as well.

Bushi & Monk

This combination makes for a very strong and quick character. Both will build on each other's strength, and the Monk will allow for access to some White Magick. But the real benefit of this combination is the damage boost given to a Katana-wielding character. 

Bushi & Shikari

This combination is useful for killing Yiazmat. Yiazmat is weak to the Dark element, and this combination gives access to some powerful dark-damage increasing gear. Having access to the Genji Gloves, Yagu Darkblade and Black Robes increased the dark-damage output immensely. This means this combination is worth having, even if it is just for this boss fight. 

The Best Magick-Damage Job Combinations

Black Mage & Red Battlemage

Combining these two jobs gives your character all of the Black Magick available, along with all of the Arcane Magick. In terms of offensive magick, this is a powerful combination. You'll also have access to Maces, meaning that they can back up the magick with some physical damage too. 

Black Mage & Monk

The Monk has some good upgrades to speed and HP, which will only benefit the Black Mage job, making it faster and able to survive bigger fights. It may be slightly weaker magick than the other combination, but it's slightly offset by being more physically stronger. The Monk also has some White Magick access. 

The Best Healer Job Combinations

Shikari & White Mage

The main problem when it comes to Healers is that they can't hold their own particularly well. Combining the White Mage with Shikari means you can add some much-needed HP to your White Mage, and offer shields for protection. They'll then be able to dish out some damage as well, for when they're not needed to heal/buff the rest of the party. 

White Mage & Time Battlemage

If you want a dedicated healer, this is the combination. By combining these jobs, you really hone in on the Magicks, at the cost of physical attacks. As well as having access to all White Magick, you'll have all of the Time Magick and Green Magick to your disposal. this means that your healer will also be able to really buff the party. And while Crossbows may not be extremely powerful, this character would be able to provide some much needed ranged support. 

The Best Support Job Combinations

Knight & Time Battlemage

This combination is very much one to keep the party afloat. The Time Battlemage helps buff the Knight. This combination is more focused on using the Knight as the primary job and using the Time Battlemage to improve on what the Knight already has. 

Uhlan & Archer

The ranged expert, that's what this combination is. It allows for a character to be extremely mobile and speedy and is good to help prop up a damage-dealing tank and a mage. 

Author's Party Setup

While this is just an example, I found the following party setup to be incredibly useful (especially in the end game). 

Vaan: Bushi/Shikari - Primarily a Bushi, ensuring to have the Yagyu Darkblade license. Was used as the main damage dealer. 

Balthier: Foebreaker/Shikari - Primarily a Foebreaker, using Hammer/Axe + Shield. Was used as the main Breaker during the game. 

Fran: Foebreaker/Archer - Primarily an Archer, but Foebreaker as a backup. Varied between weapons depending on whether a ranged attack was needed or not. 

Basch: Knight/Bushi - Primarily a Knight, ending up equipped with Greatswords. Bushi was used to increase damage output and speed. Was used as the main Tank in the game.

Ashe: White Mage/Time Battlemage - The healer and buffer of the team. Was usually always used in the big fights due to the ability to provide consistent support. Equipped with a Crossbow to provide ranged attacking support. 

Penelo: Black Mage/Red Battlemage - The offensive Mage, equipped with a Mace for when spells weren't needed. Having limited White Magick was useful as well, and Penelo became incredibly powerful in some of the end game fights.


I'd then usually end up with having Basch and Ashe as consistent party members, and then switching between Balthier, Vaan and Penelo depending on what was needed. Fran was the final back up if Balthier and Vaan KO'd.

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