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Side Quest/Additional Area - Desert Patient

Dalmasca Estersand

This side quest is split into two parts. The first part can be completed after you have finished Hunt 03: Dalmasca’s Desert Bloom (Flowering Cactoid - Rank I). The second part can be completed after finishing Hunt 05: Marauder in the Mines (Nidhogg - Rank I).

Speak to Dantro after completing Hunt 03, and he'll ask you to take the Cactus Flower to his wife, who is in the South Bank Village. To get there from the Outpost (where Dantro is), head north into the Yarding Labyrinth, then into the Sand-swept Naze, Banks of the Nebra and finally into South Bank Village. You'll find Dantro's Wife infront of one of the huts. Give her the Cactus Flower, and she'll reward you with a Bundle of Needles. 

She'll then ask you to gather some Semclam Shells. Two are located in the South Bank Village (look near the water). There are three more in the shores of the Banks of Nebra. You just need to look for a little glowing item in the water, called a Mysterious Glint. Take the shells back to Dantro's Wife. She'll then ask for an item called Nebralim. 

You'll need to head back to the Outpost for this item. When you get there, speak to Dantro. Head over to the nearby crates, looking for a Small Phial you can examine. This will give you the Phial of Nebralim. Go back to Dantro's Wife in the South Bank Village. She'll then ask you for the final item, Valeblossom Dew. For this item, you'll need to head into the Broken Sands. To get to this area, you'll need to go to the North Bank Village, which can only be done after you've completed the story at the Tomb of King Raithwall.

You're effectively completing another Side Quest within this Side Quest, called the Lost Cactoid. From the South Bank Village, look for a child standing on the docks called Tchigri. He'll explain that his Dad has gone missing, and will offer to take you to the North Bank Village if you promise to help find his Dad. Offer to help, and then you'll head over to the North Bank Village. 

After a fairly long cutscene, Tchigri will find his Dad surrounded by a family of Cactoids. Approach the group and speak to Ruksel, Tchigri's Dad. You'll then have another cutscene, and be told that the Cactoids are looking for their son, Dran, who has gone missing. You'll automatically travel back to the South Bank Village. Speak to Dantro's Wife. It'll turn out that the Flowing Cactoid you defeated in Hunt 03 is Dran. Dantro's Wife will explain that she threw the flower behind her house

Go round the back and search the area for a flower on the group. Examine it and Dran will appear. Go back to the docks and speak with Tchigri to go back to the North Bank Village. 

After another cutscene, the cactoid will be reunited with his family. You'll be awarded 1000 Gil and Wyrmfire Shot for completing this Side Quest. There's a Cartographer's Guild Moogle here who sells a map of the Mosphoran Highwaste for 2400 Gil. 

You'll now be able to access the Broken Sands to get the Valeblossom Dew. Depending on your level, the enemies in The Yoma and Broken Sands could be quite difficult. Either way, from the North Bank Village, go through The Yoma to get to Broken Sands. 

The Valeblossom Dew can be found along the ridges of the gorge, in the center of Broken Sands. They look like white and pink lilies. Once you have some, go back to Dantro's Wife and speak to her again. She'll take the Valeblossom Dew from you, and will ask for the Great Serpentskin you received from completing Hunt 05. 

Speak to her again, and then leave the area, and reenter the area. Speak to the Recovering Traveler behind her house. He will give you the Barheim Key. You'll now be able to get back into the Barheim Passage via the Passage Entrance area of the Estersand. 

Depending on how many items were given to Dantro’s Wife each time you spoke to her, you will receive another item which will either be a Balance Mote, Magick Gloves or a Golden Amulet.

Barheim Passage

Barheim Passage

You'll now be able to fully explore the Barheim Passage. There are two important items to collect while here - Toxify (1 on the map) and Shear (2 on the map). You'll also find the Esper Zalera in Terminus No. 7. 

You'll also want to head back to The Lightworks to speak to the Merchant there. You'll be able to purchase Scourge from him for 8500 Gil after you've completed the story at Giruvegan and The Great Crystal. 

When you decide to enter the Barheim Passage, remember to look up what Rare enemies etc. you made need to kill for the Bestiary. 

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