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Phon Coast Hunt Club


The Phon Coast Hunt Club is one of the side quests you'll need to complete in order to achieve 100% completion. Killing specific Rare Game will award you with trophies. These trophies can be given to one of three Bangaa, and you'll be able to purchase an assortment of items (these are dependant on which Bangaa you give the trophies to - this means you cannot obtain everything that is available, so you'll need to make some choices). There are 30 Rare Game (and therefore trophies) to kill. All of these enemies have a specific requirement in order to spawn them. 

Opening up the Phon Coast Hunt Club

Once you've finished the story at Draklor Laboratory, head back to the Phon Coast and look for a hut with four Bangaa outside. Speak to the Huntmaster at the top of the stairs. You'll then be tasked with hunting down the Thalassinon, who is located in the Vaddu Strand area of the Phon Coast. Head up to the far side of the cliff, and look down to see Thalassinon. 


Run back down to where Thalassinon is, and kill it. You'll be awarded the Shelled Trophy. Head back to the Huntmaster to turn in the Trophy. He'll tell you that you've passed the test and you'll need to speak to the three Bangaa brothers - Atak, Stok and Blok. They're at the bottom of the stairs. 

The aim of the Hunt Club is to trade trophies with the three brothers. They'll unlock different treasures that can be purchased from the Shifty-Eyed Man's store (his name will become Outfitters once you've spoken to him). The treasures that are unlocked are dependant on which Bangaa you choose. 

  • Atak - He'll unlock weapons. 
  • Stok - He'll unlock armor. 
  • Blok - He'll unlock accessories. 

Which Brother Should You Give Trophies To? 

A hard question, but depends on what you're after. I personally went for Blok, to get the Ribbon. But it's up to you. The table below gives you a breakdown of how you should split the 30 trophies to get items. When purchasing from the Outfitters, use the Gil price to work out what you're purchasing, as they'll be named differently to what you're getting. You'll be able to purchase anything that meets the trophy requirements. 

Also included is if there are any other ways of obtaining items. This is useful in cases where some items are readily available elsewhere, and others aren't. Left out were where they can be stolen in Trials.

RewardItemOther Ways to ObtainAtakBlokStokCost
Kiku-ichimonjiWeapon, KatanaPurchase from Mosphoran Highwaste1009,450
Platinum ArmorArmor, Heavy ArmorPurchase from Archades0108,370
Thief’s CuffsAccessoryTreasure.0013,600
Holy LanceWeapon, SpearPurchase from Balfonheim Port50013,050
Minerva BustierLight ArmorHunt 22 Reward, treasure.05011,160
Ruby RingAccessoryTreasure.00510,200
Ame-no-MurakumoWeapon, KatanaPurchase from Balfonheim Port100013,500
White MaskArmor, Mystic ArmorBazaar package, treasure.010021,750
Opal RingAccessoryBazaar package, treasure.001019,200
StonebladeWeapon, SwordBazaar package, treasure.150029,250
Aegis ShieldShieldHunt 21 Reward, treasure. 015057,600
Golden AmuletAccessoryBazaar package, Hunt 10 Reward, treasure.00155,400
Eight-fluted PoleWeapon, PolesTreasure.105070,200
OrochiWeapon, Ninja SwordTreasure.200049,500
Dueling MaskArmor, Light ArmorTreasure.0200117,000
Cat-ear HoodAccessoryBazaar package, Purchase from Clan Provisioner after reaching rank Brave Champion.002036,000
MaximillianArmor, Heavy ArmorBazaar package, treasure.510520,400
Ultima BladeWeapon, GreatswordTreasure.250075,000
Grand HelmArmor, Heavy ArmorTreasure.0250123,750
Bubble BeltAccessoryBazaar, treasure.002547,520
Genji GlovesAccessoryCan be stolen from Gilgamesh in the first half of his Hunt. 5515447,000
MasamuneWeapon, KatanaHunt Club only. 3000700,000
Grand ArmorArmor, Heavy ArmorTreasure.0300162,000
NihopalaoaAccessoryBazaar package, treasure.0030360,000

Zodiac Spear

Zodiac Escutcheon

Weapon, Spear


Hunt Club only. 




Grand Bolts

Weapon, Crossbow

Crossbow Ammunition


Bazaar package, treasure.

Lordly RobesArmor, Mystic ArmorHunt Club only.1251132,000
Indigo PendantAccessoryTreasure112560,000

Artemis Bow

Artemis Arrows

Weapon, Bow

Bow Ammunition

Bazaar Package, treasure

Bazaar Package, treasure

Black MaskArmor, Mystic ArmorBazaar Package, Treasure512518,600
Turtleshell ChokerAccessoryTreasure551211,260


Once you've collected all 30 trophies, travel to the Highgarden Terrace in Archades, and speak to the Hunt Club Owner. The following awards will then become available:

More than 15 trophies:Zodiac SpearZodiac EscutcheonRibbon
15 or fewer trophies:Staff of the MagiEnsanguined ShieldSage’s Ring

In theory, there are two pathways that are recommended to take. You should either aim for obtaining the Zodiac Escutcheon shield or the Genji Gloves. Both of these are difficult to obtain, and are incredibly powerful.

To obtain the Zodiac Spear and Zodiac Escutcheon shield (which will yield another  Zodiac Escutcheon shield), you should divide your trophies as such:

  • 10 to Atak
  • 10 to Blok
  • 10 to Stok.

To obtain the Genji Gloves (and a Ribbon), you should divide your trophies as such:

  • 5 to Atak
  • 5 to Blok
  • 20 to Stok.

Rare Game Locations, Requirements, and Trophy Reward

Name Spawn Location & Condition
AbeliskRidorana Cataract - Echoes from Time's Garden. 30% chance to spawn. Spawns at level 49-50.
AlteciZertinan Caverns - The Undershore. Get a kill chain on 12 Mellicants in the area. Spawns at level 41-42.
AncbolderParamina Rift Karydine Glacier. Defeat all enemies in the area. Spawns at level 29-30.
AnubysSochen Cave Palace Mirror of the Soul. Go through the Pilgrim's Door. See this screenshot for path to take. You'll know you're doing it correctly, as you'll get messages that the waterfalls are changing, and then that a door has opened in the distance.) Spawns at level 38-39.
AriochNabreus Deadlands The Slumbermead. 40% chance to spawn at the southeast of the area. Spawns at level 47-48.
AspidochelonCerobi Steppe Feddik River. 40% chance to spawn. Spawns at level 42-43.
AvengerPharos - Second Ascent Station of Ascension. 40% chance to spawn. Spawns at level 61-62.
Biding MantisGolmore Jungle The Needlebrake. Will appear when/if the in-game clock is between 30 and 59 minutes. Spawns at level 47-48.
BluesangCerobi Steppe Crossfield. 40% chance to spawn. Spawns at level 42-43.
Bull ChocoboOgir-Yensa Sandsea South Tank Approach. 40% chance to spawn. Spawns at level 47-48.
Crystal KnightGreat Crystal Loop from Way Stone XX to the Sagittarius switch and then return to Way Stone XX, going clockwise. Spawns at level 61-62.
DheedMosphoran Highwaste Skyreach Ridge. 40% chance to spawn. Spawns at level 49-50.
DismaLhusu Mines Site 5, Site 6 South. 5% chance to replace a Dark Lord. Spawns at level 59-60.
DreadguardThe Feywood Walk of Dancing Shadow. May replace a Mirrorknight. Spawns at level 46-47.
GavialGaramsythe Waterway No. 10 Channel. Found at the most southwest area of the map. Wait after arriving. Spawns at level 46-47.
GrimalkinTchita Uplands Uazcuff Hills. Chance to replace a Coeurl. Spawns at level 38-39.
IshteenBarheim Passage East-West Bypass, The Zeviah Span. May be present upon entry, but the chance of it spawning rises the longer you are in the area. Spawns at level 43-44.
Kaiser WolfDalmasca Westersand Corridor of Sand. Kill the Lindbur Wolf in the Westersand's Shimmering Horizons, then go to the Corridor of Sand without leaving the area. 40% chance to spawn. Spawns at level 41-42.
KillbugOzmone Plain The Switchback. Will appear when/if the in-game clock is between 10 and 39 minutes. Spawns at level 44-45.
KrisTchita Uplands The Highland. 40% chance to spawn. Spawns at level 38.
MeltHenne Mines Pithead Junction B. 50% chance to spawn after flipping the switchboard. Spawns at level 48-49.
MyathStilshrine of Miriam Ward of Velitation. Kill all three Dragon Aevises, exit the room, then enter again for it to spawn. To get to the Ward of Velitation, use the Waystone twice and then climb the stairs. Spawns at level 42-43.
NazarnirGiza Plains (Dry) Starfall Field. Chance to spawn instead of the Sleipnir at the southeast part of the area. Spawns at level 45-46.
RageclawSalikawood Piebald Path. Spawns after being in the area for a minute. Spawns at level 36-37.
SkullashPhon Coast Cape Tialan. 40% chance to spawn. Spawns at level 37-38.
Terror TyrantDalmasca Estersand Broken Sands. 40% chance to replace Wild Saurian. Spawns at level 50-51.
ThalassinonPhon Coast Vaadu Strand. Stand on the cliff at the far edge of the map and look down. Spawns at level 38-39.
VictanirNam-Yensa Sandsea Yellow Sands. 40% chance to spawn. Spawns at level 46-47.
VorresNecrohol of Nabudis Hall of the Ivory Covenant. Aggro a Dark Elemental in the area. Spawns at level 49-50.
WendiceSochen Cave Palance Destiny's March. Kill all Wendigos in the area. Spawns at level 38-39.
Zombie LordTome of Raithwall North-fall Passage. Will appear when/if the in-game clock is between 0 and 29 minutes. Spawns at level 38-39.
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