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Additional Area - Subterra


Much of the area of all floors of the Subterra is not visible on the map.

It's recommended to not try and attempt visiting Subterra until you're at least level 65. You won't be able to access this area until you've completed the story at Pharos. 

To access Subterra, warp into the Pharos at Ridorana, and use the Dias of Ascendance to access the floor Penumbra. You'll need to complete a task on each floor to be able to access the floor below it. 

Hunt 43: Fishy Dreams (Ixion - Rank VI) can be fought on any of the floors in Subterra. You must travel using the Dias of Ascendance down to one of the three floors – Penumbra has the lowest chance, then Umbra, then Abyssal and Ixion will have lower HP if it is spawned on Abyssal. You'll know when it has spawned, as there will be no other enemies on the floor. 



Important Enemies

  • Nightwalker (will be listed in the Stilshrine of Miriam Bestiary entry, can spawn on any floor)

You can only access this floor to begin with. In order to access the other floors, you need to find the four Pedestals of Night on each floor (they're found in the corners). You then need to load these pedestals up with Black Orbs. Black Orbs are dropped from enemies killed in the four corners of the floor (in the portions that are white on the maps, in game, you won't see these areas at all). If you don't collect a Black Orb quick enough, it will fly off. 

Enemies will keep respawning in these areas, so you don't need to worry about running out of Orbs to collect. The game will give you the option to add 1, 5 or 10 Orbs to a pedestal. Be careful not to overfill them, as you can't get any Orbs back from overfilling. 

A good thing to remember is to keep returning to a pedestal to add Orbs. Doing this will cause a room to light up, making it easier to see what you're doing. 

Number of Orbs Needed:

  • Northwest: 9
  • Northeast: 18
  • Southwest: 6
  • Southeast: 3

Once you've placed all the Orbs in the pedestals, you'll be able to get to the next floor of Subterra, called Umbra.

The most bottom floor of Subterra, called Unknown, can only be accessed by defeating the Phoenix. It can be found on any of the floors, and you'll usually encounter it while searching for Black Orbs/treasure.

Boss: Phoenix

  • Level: 59
  • HP: 92,522
  • Steal: Windslicer Pinion (55%), Eye of the Hawk (10%), Split Armor (3%)

You will need to make use of Ranged Weapons, Magicks and Telekinesis to defeat Phoenix, as it's a flying enemy. Ensure you Dispel Phoenix. Overall, this is not a hard fight to win.



Important Enemies

  • Luxollid

To spawn Luxollid will spawn once the Vagrant Soul has been defeated. You need to head straight from Abyssal to the south portion of Umbra, without leaving or saving. Luxollid spawns at level 52-53 and is weak to Dark Magick.


  • 1 - Diamond Armlet, only has a 5% chance of chest appearing.
  • 2- Nihopalaoa, only has a 5% chance of appearing.

For these treasures, you'll just need to leave the area, and then reenter, and hope that the chest respawns. Though, these two aren't the important ones, so you can forgo them if you wish. 

Number of Orbs Needed:

  • Northwest: 9
  • Northeast: 15
  • Southwest: 18
  • Southeast: 15



Important Enemies

  • Vagrant Soul

Vangrant Soul has a 25% chance of spawn in the northwest section, including hidden areas, after the Shadowseer is defeated. It spawns at level 52-53 and is weak to Holy Magick.


  • 3 - Ribbon, only has a 10% chance of appearing.
  • 4 - Wither, only has a 10% chance of appearing.

For these treasures, you'll just need to leave the area, and then reenter, and hope that the chest respawns. The Ribbon is a very important accessory, and it's a good idea to take the time to get it to spawn. you need Wither to complete the Technick achievement, and it's an incredibly useful Break Technick for some of the harder bosses. 

Number of Orbs Needed:

  • Northwest: 21
  • Northeast: 15
  • Southwest: 12
  • Southeast: 27

Unknown (Heaven's Challenge)

There's no map for this floor.

Hunt 44: God or Devil? (Shadowseer - Rank VI) spawns on this floor. 

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