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Quickening can be used during battles as a quick means of dealing a large amount of damage to an enemy, or a group of enemies. If you are able to chain Quickenings together, you are in with a chance of getting a Concurrences. A Concurrence is a special attack that will occur at the end of a Quickening chain. You need to meet a specific number of Quickenings in order to get a Concurrence. 

There are three levels to Quickenings:

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3

Quickenings are initiated from the Mist section of the battle menu. This section contains the ability to summon Espers and to use Quickenings. Going through to Quickenings will give you a list of all of the Quickenings a character has unlocked. 

A character can only have 3 Quickenings, and they are unique to that character. You have to purchase Quickenings from one of your character's license board. If a character has two jobs, the Quickening will be unlocked on both boards. Some Quickening tiles will then allow you to access other licenses for that job. 

Mist Charges

Each of your party members will have an orange-gold bar that is under their HP/MP values. This is your Mist charge bar, and a character can have a total of 3 charges. A Mist Charge can be used for Quickenings or to Summon an Esper (Some Espers require one Mist Charge, others two or three).

For Level 1 Quickenings, a character needs one Mist Charge. For a Level 2 Quickening, 2 charges are needed, and for a Level 3, 3 charges are needed. Level 3 Quickenings are the most powerful, and a character's strength stat is taken into account when using a Quickening.   

How to Chain Quickenings

Learning how to effectively chain your Quickenings is crucial to dealing as much damage as possible. The Quickening cinematic begins as soon as you select Mist > Quickening > Specific Quickening. Your chosen character will then start to perform that Quickening. While that is going on, you'll be given a timer in the bottom right section of the screen, along with a list of your characters. With your character will either be a Quickening they are able to perform, a Mist Charge or blanked out (meaning they can't be used). Using the Mist Charge option will then reset the board, and provide you with a Quickening (at any level) for the character that has been charged. Selecting a character can be done by using the corresponding button next to their name. If you are unable to use any Quickenings, you can shuffle the list using cn_RT. This will then hopefully provide you with a Quickening or Mist Charge that you can then use. 

The idea is that you want to be as quick as possible, in order to create the biggest chain of Quickening possible. You will run out of time very quickly if you take your time in picking your next move. Luck is required when chaining Quickenings. There will be times when you're close to being able to use a powerful Concurrence, but the game will not give you any more Quickenings to use, even with multiple reshuffles. 


ConcurrenceLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Windburst 4 
Ark Blast222
Whiteout  4
Black Hole444

Concurrences are special attacks, and you need to get a minimum amount of Quickenings to get one. The game will always deliver a Concurrence that you meet the requirements for. They are not elemental attacks, so they won't be impacted by an enemy's element resistances. 

By far the most difficult Concurrence to achieve is the Black Hole. It requires patience, perseverance, quick reactions, and some luck. I found it easier to keep a note of what Quickenings I had performed, in order to see what I still needed. If focusing on going for Black Hole, the best thing to do is have three characters with full Mist Charges, and staying near to an area with a Save Crystal, go and perform Quickenings on any enemy that is nearby. Eventually, you'll be able to chain 4 Level 1's, 2's and 3's. I'd suggest just going for any available Quickening, instead of spending precious seconds reshuffling. If you can Mist Charge, do so, especially if you need a higher level Quickening. 

For some, it takes a couple of hours for everything to work out for the Black Hole Concurrence, for others, all of the Concurrences are easy to get. Just keep working at it and eventually you will get them all. 

Once you've performed all of the Concurrences, you'll unlock the following achievement:

Locked Licenses

JobQuickening (50LP)Quickening (75LP)Quickening (100LP)Quickening (125LP)
ArcherWhite Magick 4---------
Black Mage70 HP------390HP
Bushi---305HP, Battle Lore390HP, Battle Lore435HP
Foebreaker------390HPBattle Lore
Knight---------390HP, Revive, Excalipur*
Machinist---------Magick Lore x3
Monk---White Magick 9---Phoenix Lore
Red BattlemageWhite Magick 2230HP---435HP
ShikariNinja Swords 1Ninja Swords 2Ninja Swords 3Yagu Darkblade & Mesa
Time Battlemage---150HP------
Uhlan------Black Magick 5, Black Magick 6---
White Mage150HP190HPBattle Lore---

It's a good idea to have a plan for purchasing Quickening tiles on a License Board, especially if characters have more than one job assigned to them. As a character can only have three Quickenings, you will be locked out of purchasing one. The most expensive tiles are not more powerful than the cheaper ones, but it's more than likely that the expensive ones will unlock better tiles than the cheaper one, as in in the case of the Shikari.

So the strategy here is picking with locked tiles you could do without. For example, if you have a White Mage/Red Battlemage, you would forgo purchasing the 50LP Quickening, as you'd have access to the White Magick 2 already. There aren't many combinations where you'd miss out on good Licenses, that mainly comes from assigning Espers. 

The one piece of advice to give is that if using a Shikari, purchase the 125LP Quickening. The Yagyu Darkblade is an extremely important sword for the later stages of the game, especially against the final Hunt Yiazmat. The general consensus is that for the Shikari, you could miss getting the 100LP Quickening, as it'll give you access to be a better spread of Ninja Swords, including the Koga Blade. The Koga Blade is an Earth-element weapon, and it's rare to have a weapon that is Earth-element. 

If you've paired the Shikari with something like the Bushi or Foebreaker, you then don't miss out on anything important by picking the 50LP, 75LP and 125LP licenses. 

*Excalipur is a joke weapon and is absolutely useless in the game. It's a mick-take on the Excalibur sword. 

Quickenings for Each Character


  • Level 1: Red Spiral
  • Level 2: White Whorl
  • Level 3: Pyroclasm


  • Level 1: Fires of War
  • Level 2: Tides of Fate
  • Level 3: Element of Treachery


  • Level 1: Feral Strike
  • Level 2: Whip Kick
  • Level 3: Shatterheart


  • Level 1: Fulminating Darkness
  • Level 2: Ruin Impendent
  • Level 3: Flame Purge


  • Level 1: Northswain's Glow
  • Level 2: Heaven's Wrath
  • Level 3: Maelstrom's Bolt


  • Level 1: Intercession
  • Level 2: Evanescence
  • Level 3: Resplendence
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