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Walkthrough Introduction

This is the start of the in-depth story walkthrough. 

The guide will include specific things like there to obtain certain important items (items, Magick/Technicks) and how to spawn Rare enemies in each area (not in the beginning stages of the game, however, when you're not strong enough). There'll be the assumption that at a minimum, you'll have picked up all of the important items listed along the way. 

There'll be pointers as to when would be a good time to go and complete certain tasks. What this guide won't tell you is what jobs to select for your characters, and what to spend your License Points on. There'll be an assumption that you will have a White Mage/Healer and Black Mage though, as they're incredibly useful jobs in this game. 

There'll also be recommended levels listed in each area, these aren't set in stone levels, so you can go in at a lower level if you wish - it'll just be a little harder. And if you enter at a higher level, it'll be easier. 

Nalbina Fortress

Important Enemies

  • Air Cutter Remora (Boss)


The game begins with you in Nalbina Fortress, playing as Reks. He's only a temporary character and is used to give you an introduction to the gameplay and story.

Start off by following the onscreen commands, and learning how to interact with people/items in the game. After you've spoken to Basch about Action Icons, head over to the Iron Gate and press cn_A to open it. You'll then have a quick introduction to the Party Menu and battle system.

For the battle system, a Red Line is a Target Line and indicates that Reks (in this instance) is being targeted by an enemy. Blue Line indicates who Reks is targeting. A Green Line indicates that another party member (or the one you're in control of) is targeting another party member (for healing etc). 

Follow the team across the bridge after all of the enemies are defeated. You'll then have your first boss fight, which has been designed to be extremely easy. 

Boss: Air Cutter Remora

  • Level: 10
  • HP: 2,200
  • Steal: (nothing)

When the Air Cutter Remora gets to around 50% health, Basch will unleash a Quickening, ending the fight at this point. You and other members of the team will be able to take down this boss just by using Attack. If you need to heal yourself, do so with Potions, though there is another NPC who will heal you when needed.

You'll then fight some more soldiers. Proceed through the doorway at the top of the stairs once they're dead. 

Lower Apartments

This is the first time you gain full control of Reks and can actually explore an area of the game (albeit a very limited area of the game). The mini-map in the top-right corner of the screen can be used to help you navigate. You can also press [cn_select] to bring up the Map Screen. Finally, you can also press cn_LS to overlay the world map on your screen, like so (this is a screenshot taken from later on in the game):

Map Overlay

Further into the game, you'll also be able to access the World Map from the cn_Y menu, where you'll be able to view all of the maps from all of the locations you visit. There are three ways to uncover maps in this game:

  1. Naturally exploring areas.
  2. Purchasing maps from the Cartographer's Guild.
  3. Finding Candles (this will update the map for the location you are in to display most, if not all, of the map).

Your aim is to head to the large red X on the map. Any line shown across the map are indicators of where to go to get between areas. 

Basch will explain to you that using cn_RT will cause your party to flee.

There is a treasure chest on the right side of the hallway.

Most treasure chests contain random items. At most this guide will indicate where certain items will appear, and the chance of them appearing.

Follow Basch down the hallway and into the room on the right and take the stairs up to the second level.

Upper Apartments

Continue along this path, and you'll be introduced to Save Crystals. There are two types, Blue and Orange. Blue is purely a Save Crystal, where Orange allows you to teleport to another Orange Crystal (in addition to saving). Touching either one of these crystals will fully restore your party's HP and MP, as well as removing most Debuffs (excluding Disease). Continue up to the next area. 

The Highhall

In this area, a group of Imperial Swordsmen will approach from the rear. Reks will offer to take care of the soldiers while Basch and company continue up the stairs. Luckily these enemies are a bit weaker than the previously fought ones. 

Remember to use a Potion or the White Magick - Cure if you need to heal. 

Once they're dead, follow Basch down the pathway. Head through to approach the large double-doors. You'll trigger a cutscene, ending the introductory chapter. You'll unlock:

  • For the Homeland

    Faced the Archadian Empire as an initiate in the Order of the Knights of Dalmasca.

    For the Homeland
    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

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