9. Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Giza Plains & the Cresent StoneUpdate notes

Giza Plains (Dry Season) & the Cresent Stone

Giza Plains (Dry)

You'll start off in the Throne Road are of the Giza Plains. The first thing you want to do is travel directly south until you reach the Nomad Village. Speak to Masyua, who's on the west side of the village. She'll provide you with information on how to obtain a Sunstone, and that you need to find Jinn. After a cutscene, you'll see Penelo, and she'll join Vaan as a party member. 

She'll start off with some LP which you can spend, after assigning her a job. She's best suited to a Mage job like a Black Mage. That way you can have her learn Fire, Thunder, and Blizzard. She'll come equipped with some Gambits already in effect. You can't modify them yet, but as it's only Gambits that have her attack the same enemy as Vaan, there's no need to turn them off. 

Penelo will also give Vaan a few items before they leave the Nomad Village:

  • Potion x3
  • Phoenix Down x2

While exploring the Giza Plains, head down to Toam Hills. You'll find a chest with the Magick Blind. This will come in very useful for some of the fights in the game.

Now would also be a good time to start working on the following achievement:

Vaan has the Steal technick available to use. Set a Gambit on him that is Foe: any > Steal. And he will focus on stealing items from enemies, while Penelo can go about attacking them. You'll be informed about the success of stealing an item from an indicator in the top left of the screen. For the most part, you can only steal one item from an enemy, so when it says that there's nothing to steal, override Vann's action, changing them to Attack, as there's no point wasting time trying to steal nothing.

All of the loot you steal from enemies here can be sold, you don't need to retain any of it. It'll provide you with some much needed Gil, along with giving Vaan and Penelo EXP and LP can you can spend.

Finding Jinn

Jinn can be found south of the Nomad Village, in an area called the Crystal Glade. This area has a Blue Save Crystal. Interact with Jinn and he will tell you that he's been injured, and he needs your help creating a Sunstone. Choose "Explain the situation", and he will give you a Shadestone. In order to turn a Shadestone into a Sunstone, you must power it up using the Dark Crystals that are located around the Giza Plains. 

Getting a Sunstone

You'll need to travel to these Dark Crystals and interact with them. You'll then want to select Hold the shadestone up to the crystal. The progress bar on the right of the screen will go up. You need to get it to reach 100%. Once you've powered the crystal, you'll return to where Jinn is. He'll confirm that the Sunstone is complete and that he's really to go back to the Nomad Village. 

Back in the Nomad Village, Masyua will thank you and reward you with: 

  • 50 Gil
  • Potion x2
  • Teleport Stone x2

Back to Old Dalan

Once you're done here, head back to Rabanastre's Lowtown, and then to Old Dalan's Place. You'll have a cutscene outside, and Penelo will leave the part. Go into Old Dalan's Place, and he will give you the Cresent Stone. This will give you access to Storehouse 5 and the Garamsythe Waterway

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