Final Fantasy XIII-2

Xbox 360

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Achievements

Most Earned

Early Riser
Early Riser15 (15)Accepted a new fate in a world where everything has changed.
Time Traveler
Time Traveler16 (15)Left behind a normal life, and began a journey through time.
Budding Hunter
Budding Hunter33 (30)Defeated an army's worth of enemies.
Staggering17 (15)Staggered a significant number of enemies.

Least Earned

Anomalous63 (30)Witnessed every possible Paradox Ending.
Defragmented188 (90)Completed every fragment category.
Fair Fighter
Fair Fighter177 (90)Defeated a powerful enemy on equal terms.
Serendipitous23 (12)Amassed a fortune in casino coins.
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