Firefighters: Airport Fire Department Reviews

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    28 May 2018
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    Have you ever wanted to play a REAL firefighting simulator?

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    Well then, this isn't the game for you.


    You start as a rookie firefighter, and if you do the tutorial, you go through a PAINFUL stroll of the fire department and an even slower tour of the airport grounds. Once that's done, you get your first day filled with a mundane task of checking a fence for holes, and putting out small trash fires and burning cigarette butt dispensers. For a 24 hour airport... This place sure does catch on fire very frequently.

    Once you start leveling up, you gain access to bigger trucks and bigger missions (missions, in this game, are your fire alarms.). The missions range from small cargo fires to fires inside the cabin of the plane.

    You're trapped in first person for anything on foot, but are allowed third person while driving your vehicle. Controls for both seem very... awkward. Your character is essentially a stud when it comes to anything physical. Clearing 40 years in no time and jumping onto crates taller than him with ease. It'll take some getting used to, as look sensitivity by default is already super high. Vehicles handle with ease, but not in a good way. Your large tanker truck turns on a dime, but will burn rubber in a turn at 20 km/H.

    The graphics... Well... I'll let you be the judge.

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    Overall, I was thouroughly disappointed. The achievements are progression based. And it looks like it's gonna be a bit of a grind before the game's final achievement is unlocked.

    If you don't mind poor graphics, and no voice acting WHATSOEVER... Then maybe this will be a fun little simulation/strategy game.
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    Christophe42And I was hoping I could play this the next time before I enter an airplane. I wonder if any actual airlines allowed their trademarks to be used here. Heh.
    Posted by Christophe42 on 30 May 18 at 17:10