3. Firefighters: Airport Fire Department Story walkthroughUpdate notes

Start a new game – there is no difficulty setting to worry about, but as mentioned on the previous page you will want to set the day length to long. The optional tutorial is very slow and ultimately not very useful but it will give you a tour around the fire station and the airport as well as quickly going over some of the controls.

You will start the game proper at 0600hrs in the briefing room. As the Rookie, you will be assigned to Florian 1 or 2. These are basic vans, with a fire extinguisher in the back. Click through the briefing, then proceed out the door to the hallway. Go right until you find the stairs. Head all the way down and turn right into the garage.

The vehicles are clearly numbered. Florian 1 and 2 are closest to the stairs and the game will tell you if you try to access the wrong vehicle. Start by opening the garage door in front of your vehicle by pressing cn_X when close to it. Now get into your vehicle by approaching either of the doors and pressing cn_X. Driving controls are cn_RT to accelerate and cn_LT to brake/reverse. Take moment to play around with the controls if you want - all the lights and sirens are cosmetic and have no affect on gameplay.

There is an achievement that can only be unlocked using this vehicle type. Your aim is to find all the gaps in the boundary fence.

In between completing missions, try to work your way around the fence. Gaps are marked as follows:

Image 3

Drive close to the marker and hit cn_X to mark it – no need to even get out of the vehicle.

At a random time, you will receive your first mission. A 3-minute timer starts as soon as the mission appears on screen, so read quickly! Press cn_A to clear the notification, then drive to the mission location. You can generally see it on the map if you zoom all the way out, or just follow the floating arrow in front of your vehicle. Three minutes is plenty of time, even if you are going from one end of the map to the other.

When you enter the highlighted mission area, the timer will stop. You can now relax and take your time. Take note of the marker that replaces the clock in the top right of screen - this will move up if you get too close to the fire and take damage. If it fills up, you will get a shift over.

In Florian 1 or 2, your first mission will be a small fire or a false alarm.

If it’s a fire, park nearby and press cn_X to exit the vehicle. Walk close to the rear doors and press cn_up to pick up the fire extinguisher. Simply aim with cn_LSc and press cn_RT to fire the extinguisher. Spray liberally until you are notified the fire is out. You will earn 250 points for small fire missions.

If it’s a false alarm, you will receive a notification as soon as you enter the highlighted mission area. This will still earn you 100 points. When you complete your first false alarm, you will earn:

Missions are random but false alarms seem to occur quite regularly. Just keep playing and you will eventually get one.

Head back to the fence and keep checking for gaps. The number of gaps and number of missions in a shift is random. Don’t ignore missions and make sure you don’t run out of fuel.

Missions will continue to occur at random. Complete them as they come and once you have finished 5, including false alarms, you will unlock:

If you managed to find all the gaps in the fence by the end of the shift, you will unlock:

If you don’t by the time you get your first promotion, you can start a new game with long shifts and just go for this achievement. Once you have unlocked Marker, you can adjust the shift length to medium or short if you want. Remember this can only be done at the main menu.

Remember to save at the shift summary page - this is the only place you can save!

At the end of your first or second shift, you should have passed 1000 points, which is the requirement to reach Fireman rank and will unlock:

You will only be promoted and unlock the relevant achievement at the end of your shift, so if you pass the points requirement you just have to keep at it until the completion of the shift, which occurs at 0600hrs. You can sleep in your bed in the fire station which will take up to 4 hours, but you can still be interrupted by a mission whilst sleeping.

Your next goal is 2,500 points to reach Leading Fireman rank. You will now be assigned to one of the Water Tankers - Florian 3-6. These all function the same way. There are 3 compartments that can be opened with cn_X; one on either side and one at the rear. The left side holds a fire extinguisher, the right a fire hose and the rear has a wind blower. Use the fire extinguisher and hose for small and large fires respectively. The wind blower is used to cool airplane wheels but only on a specific mission.

Your first completed mission in one of these vehicles will unlock:

You will also start to receive large-scale missions, which are larger fires and may see other vehicles from the station attending at the mission location to back you up. They range from fires on containers to entire small planes ablaze. Your first completed large-scale mission earns up to 300 points and unlocks:

Completing some of these missions will automatically return you to the fire station, which takes up an hour of the shift. If this happens, exit your room and turn right in the hallway. Proceed until you see the stairs. Go down both flights of stairs to find yourself back at the garage.

You will randomly receive a mission to cool a landing planes landing gear. A plane will land and come to a stop at the end of a runway. You will see red circles on the ground under the landing gear, like this:

Image 3

Park nearby and open the rear compartment. Press cn_up to get the wind blower. Walk close to one of the red circles and an icon will appear to press cn_up to place the blower.

Image 3

Then return to your vehicle and grab another blower. Repeat this action so all wheels are done, which will end the mission. These missions are worth 500 points and your first one unlocks an achievement:

  • Cool Gear

    Cooled down a plane’s landing gear using the pressure ventilator fans from Florian 3, 4, 5 or 6.

    Cool Gear

This is another achievement that is linked to a specific vehicle and could be considered missable, but it is very unlikely you will not have it by the time you are promoted beyond this vehicle. If you get close to the Chief Fireman rank, make sure to keep a save so you can keep reloading it until you get one of these missions. It is also possible for the mission to be a false alarm but you will still unlock the achievement.

When you reach 2500 points, finish your shift to unlock:

The next rank is Chief Fireman which requires 5000 points. Continue completing missions and once you have enough points you will unlock:

Now you will be assigned to the Panther fire engine. The Panther has a selection of water cannons. When stationary, press cn_Y to ready them. One is affixed to the front of the vehicle while two are attached to an extendable arm. cn_up activates the cannon on the front bumper. cn_right and cn_left activate the two cannons on the extendable arm. cn_RB and cn_LB control the extendable arm. cn_B deploys the fire sprayer from the end of the extendable arm.

Your first completed mission in a Panther unlocks:

  • Panther

    Completed a mission in one of the Panther trucks, Florian 9, 10, or 11.


The special mission associated with the Panther is to put out a cabin fire using the fire sprayer. You will approach a plane, possibly with visible smoke but no flames. On the right-hand side of the plane near the cockpit you will see a flashing red door. Press cn_Y to ready your vehicle, then cn_B to unfold the sprayer, which takes some time. Drive up to the plane until the end of the sprayer pokes inside the red door. You can extend the arm if you like but it’s easy enough to do without crashing into the plane. With the sprayer inside the cabin, press and hold cn_up. There will be no visible change on screen but wait for 10 seconds or so and the mission complete notification will appear.

Image 3

Your first successful mission using the fire sprayer will unlock:

  • Cabin Fever

    Completed a mission with a fire in a plane’s cabin using the fire sprayer of Florian 9, 10, or 11.

    Cabin Fever

Now things get really grindy. The points required increases but the points awarded for missions does not. (For reference, I only averaged around 1400 points per medium-length, 30 minute day).

Your next goal is 10,000 points for Deputy Fire Chief so depending on your luck with missions this could take a while. I was at 17 medium-days, so around 8.5 real hours, to reach this rank.

The mission you are hoping for is a plane crash. There will be several pieces of flaming plane debris over the runway. Be sure to enter the mission area to stop the clock, then carefully extinguish each fire. Hitting debris results in an instant shift-fail. If you think you’re done but the mission doesn’t end, look for smoke and or red/orange embers. Flames will reappear eventually but the smoke will give away the location of the remaining fire. These missions are worth 1,000pts.

Keep at it and eventually you will unlock:

Your next target will be 25,000 points to reach Fire Chief rank. Missions will begin to include fires on raised structures and walkways. After pressing cn_Y, you will need to deploy the extendable arm using cn_RB or cn_LB and use either of the two water cannons attached to it – cn_right and cn_left. They are still worth just a few hundred points.

With 25,000 points, you will unlock:

It took me 35 game days or around 17.5 hours to get here. The next target is Leading Fire Chief at 50,000 points. Expect to take until around day 71 or 35 real hours to unlock:

The final rank requires a slightly ridiculous grind to 100,000 points. I nearly doubled my time with the game and unlocked this on game day 140 or around 70 real hours… You will be rewarded with the rank of Senior Fire Chief and the last achievement of the game:

If you have made it this far, I congratulate you! That was one serious grind and hopefully this completion will fill you with a sense of happiness and joy. wink

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