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    04 Oct 2010
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    Around for a while now, I finally got a copy as I learnt this is a region-free game (I've a US X-box & wasn't going to import specially). As you'd expect, it works fine.clap

    There's three modes to the game worth speaking of, and one which we'll come back to. So, on with the review.

    Mode 1 - Carnage mode. Hint - do this first, as it makes the racing partmuch easier, you've unlocked the bonus cars, which are way better than the standard ones. All in all, good fun, and relatively easy to complete. However, if you're reading this, then you're concerned about achievements (naturally), and so let me tell you that the "all gold carnage mode" is a swine to get. For me, it's one of the wrecking races (the last but one event if you're interested), and it's luck rather than skill that will finally get me there. It's random seemingly, and annoying. Overall though, good fun, and you'll learn how to cope with whatever the game throws at you.

    Mode 2 - Flatout mode. If you've done carnage, then this shouldn't present too many problems. The gripe is with the AI. Sometimes, you're miles ahead, no problems, and then an AI car will do a lap in about 5 seconds, and beat you. Sometimes it won't. Incredibly annoying, but you can restart each race as you need, so it's frustration, rather thsn replay tournaments to progress. Also, as it says in the blurb, the track does change every lap, with 000's of items scattered about to slow you down or just generally get in your way and p*ss you off! angry

    Mode 3 - Party mode. Very silly, but everyone loves it, and it's got that "just one more go" feel to it. Worth buying for this alone if you're a social sort of person. (especially after a shandy or two toast)

    Now back to the bad. Online mode. There's 200 achievements here to be grabbed (this sort of thing should be banned!), but getting them will be a nightmare..... When there's someone online, all they want to do is have destruction derbies in the truck. No fun, no skill..... I have just about all the achievements for this game, apart from the online ones, as I sit there all night with an open match , and no-one comes on to play. (Anyone wants to boost, PM me!wave

    Overall, a good racer, but not a great one. If you have people over for social, fun gaming, worth it (especially considering the price) for party mode alone.

    Graphics 8/10 - nothing special
    Sound 3/10 - generic engines, don't like the soundtrack at all (but that's my opinion)
    Gameplay 6/10 - Frustration, but not that bad, laws of physics a bit odd sometimes

    Overall, I like racing games, but a 6/10 based on what we're trying to do on this site, an 8/10 if you play with friends and aren't too achievement minded (why're you here?)
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    Master DurgeI have Flatout ordered with my copy of Fallout New Vegas. Once it shows up I'd be willing to play
    Posted by Master Durge On 06 Oct 10 at 21:19