Flight Control Rocket (WP)

Windows Phone

Flight Control Rocket (WP) Achievements

Most Earned

Certified Pilot
Certified Pilot5 (5)Complete Flight School.
Pointy Ship 1
Pointy Ship 15 (5)Get over 500 points for landing a single ship.
Pointy Ship 2
Pointy Ship 211 (10)Get over 1,000 points for landing a single ship.
Finger Zinger
Finger Zinger21 (20)Land ships on all three main runways simultaneously.

Least Earned

Maxing Them All
Maxing Them All38 (15)Get every bot in the game to level 10.
Catching Them All
Catching Them All37 (15)Obtain every bot in the game.
Master Pilot
Master Pilot31 (15)Play 9 consecutive stages of Intergalactic Odyssey without losing any lives.
The Fourth Dimension
The Fourth Dimension29 (15)Complete Stage 21 in Intergalactic Odyssey.
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