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  • CurtiesonCurtieson324,251
    20 Dec 2010 20 Dec 2010
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    Flowerz is a puzzle game from the lines of Bejeweled in that you have a grid area and need to work to get 3 like colors in a line. However, there is no "Swap to lineup" involved, it is placement of flowers from a que.

    Time is not an issue with this game, there is no clock, no buzzer or no angry troll to beat...you can really think through your movements and plan ahead.

    What gives this game it's difficulty, is that as it progresses the Flower in your que are a single color, and as you work your way up the levels they change to Multi-colored and add different colors. What I mean by Multi-Colored is that the flower will have 1 Initial color...and a separate color inside for when the initial color is matched and removed, the secondary color will be left on the board. This is where the strategy comes, because you have to constantly think of what each flower will LEAVE and plan accordingly.

    So, that will give you a basic idea of the game...this is not a quick 200 because of some cumulative achievements that may take days to achieve. At my current pace, I can get about 10,000 pts in about 3-4 hours of playing on my couch, watching TV... To obtain the 250,000 total points, I would expect to play 75-100 hours.
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    Minchy Munchkin2 Thing missed in this review Which I think should be mentioned.

    1 - value for money. It's FOC with the full 200 points and quite addictive as well. IMO it's better to play than 1 of the 100's of bejewelled clones out for the differences mentioned above. Well worth downloading.

    2 - Saved games. Unlike most wp7 games I've got, it saves the exact position your up to, no more restarting the level you were on before (even if your phone goes into sleep mode or your battery dies) great for playing on a coffee or cigarette break at work.
    Posted by Minchy Munchkin on 14 Feb 11 at 02:17
    BrutishMuffinthere is no way in the world it takes 3-4 hours for 10000 points. it's more like 10000 points in an hour max. I've only gotten about 50k points, but that has only taken me a few hours of playing.
    Posted by BrutishMuffin on 25 Feb 11 at 03:18
    OwnMyGamerScoreCurtieson did say 10,000 points in 3-4 hours while watching TV, so I imagine he/she just plays during commercials so that's pretty reasonable.

    Not a horrible review at all, but perhaps a bit more detail into the modes and whatnot could be added.

    Regardless nice job.
    Posted by OwnMyGamerScore on 11 Apr 11 at 18:18
  • JamesonJameson476,162
    22 Aug 2015 18 Jan 2018
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    This review is simply a warning to people who are colorblind: Don't bother, find a different game.

    From the Microsoft store - "Plant beautiful flowerz, set up matches and cascades, and keep planning ahead to make your garden flourish round after round. Make your matches at a leisurely pace or strategize your placements for higher scores. Includes the Standard and Expert version of Flowerz. Based on the popular MSN game, Carbonated Games brings you Flowerz for Windows Phone..."

    This is true, and as others have said, the challenge kicks in with multicolored flowers, where after once the primary color is cleared, the flower turns into the secondary color. What makes this game difficult for the colorblind is that at level 10 standard mode, there are 3 flowers that look identical, but aren't. I have been told that the flowers are light pink, light blue, and white, but they are indistinguishable to me.

    I'm basically guessing for the light colored flowers on level 10+. I feel like I can somewhat tell the difference due to the shading at the edges of the flowers, but I'm often wrong, and I can't make it to level 19 or a 9k score.

    If you can't see the differences in the image above, do NOT play this game. In my opinion, this is poor design, and it's completely unnecessary to have colors this similar.
    05 Apr 2012
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    Flowerz is port of the popular MSN Game of the same name. It is essentially a match-three puzzler with a few twists to liven up proceedings. Unlike Bejeweled there is no timer, but the increasing complexity of the flowers, which come in an array of colours while some switch colour after being matched, means that it progressively becomes more difficult than your standard match-three game.

    It’s a premise that has a classic simplicity for beginners while providing a certain amount of fiendishness for more experienced players. That said, while it’s an enjoyable game to dip in and out of it does have the feel of an average title elevated by the presence of achievements.

    Speaking of which, the achievements are pretty varied and tend to avoid too many needless ‘grinds’. They encourage you to play through both Expert and Standard modes so you’ll experience what the game has to offer, and while a few are the sort of irrelevant ones you’ll pick up without thinking about it, e.g. use 100 of item A, the main ones require some real skill to unlock.

    The only warning I’d give is that if you get bored after repeated plays you may be left with an outstanding achievement that needs a total cumulative score of 250,000. A high score comes in around 6-7,000 so while it’s not unattainable by any means, it will take a while.

    Otherwise it is solid, if not spectacular game and the ability to dip in for ten minutes and pick it up again later means you can work on Flowerz over the long haul.

    Taken from: http://zombiesatemyxbox.com/2012/02/03/the-essential-guide-t...