3. Football Game Missables only walkthroughUpdate notes

This is the missables only walkthrough. The idea is that this gives the minimum amount of spoilers required for you to complete the game with all achievements but without a step by step guide. Skip ahead to the Story walkthrough if you want a full step by step. These achievements are all covered there too.

After you wake up, click on a photograph above your bed.

When you are in your Mom's bedroom, look at the photograph on the mirror and unfold it.

When driving your car, use different tapes for two journeys so that you've used both available tapes.

After agreeing to help Jesse, leave in your car and knock on the door then get back in your car to go back to the school.

When you enter the Boys' locker room, use the Mirror.

That's the end of the missables only walkthrough. You should have two remaining achievements at this point that will unlock as you complete the game.

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