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Posted on 28 June 19 at 01:30, Edited on 28 June 19 at 15:52
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Football Manager 2019 (FM19) is a refreshing return to the game loved by many. Personally I have bought every edition for a good many years now, and tend to always play a lot of hours too! Football Manager 2019 is currently my highest played every (Clocking in at just shy of 1000 Hours). So once I saw it was on Gamepass Windows 10 and had Achievements, I just knew I had to download it and get hunting.

It is worth noting this isn't like FIFAs career mode, or any game like that. You don't play as the players on the pitch at any point. You are the manager, you decide whos playing, who you are signing, and all the micro details behind the scenes, so if you are hoping for that sorta game where you are playing as the players, this isnt the game for you. That being said lets move on to the bulk of my review.

The game is the same as its been for a good many years, you take over a team, club or international (Or even both!) and you make your way through the football calendar, making signings, managing matches, and carving your legacy at the club. However, FM19 takes those brilliant base mechanics and really improves upon the previous instalments.

Firstly there is the revamped training, you can go super in depth in planning you own sessions, with a morning, afternoon and evening slot available. This also gives you a training rating for your players, allowing you to asses the best options for you squad. Saying this, if, like myself sometimes you just want to come and play some FM without so much hassle, you can just ask your assistant to do it all for you! Meaning you have as much or as little control as you like, and this is a big plus for me.

Next you have the new way you create tactics. I really like this element to FM19, being able to select a style we want to play, then adjust it to suit your squad, or just throwing the book out the window and saying "I want to make my own tactic!". This allows more experienced players to fine tune a tactic to be the best it can be, even down to where individual players are positioned at set pieces.

Purple. Do you like the colour purple? As the developers really want you too. The UI is very purple this year, as they looked to shake up the games appearance, you do get used to it, but, if you decide it isnt for you, you can change the skin of the game to a lighter white, or a darker grey skin. I personally now quite like the colour, and thinks it gives a newer look to this game.

The last thing I shall mention is the 'Inductions'. Now I have been playing FM for a good long time now across the years, and the game really needed something like this for newer players. Inductions are fantastic ways to teach you the core mechanics. Want to learn how to do the new training? There is an induction for that. What about Tactics? You guessed it, an Induction for that too.

So whether you are an old player of football manager games from yesteryear looking at this game wondering if you can comprehend the new systems, or a consistent purchaser of football manager, this game is for you. As you can customise the help system, to help you become accustomed to the game or even turn it off completely!

The only downside of this version of the game for me is 'Newgens' Or 'Regens'. These are players generated as the years go on in game to keep the game going, predominantly coming in through the clubs youth intakes. The faces of these guys isn't brilliant to say the least, they are better than in FM18, but could still use some work. This is the only reason I have not given the game 5 stars, as it somewhat ruins the immersion.

All in all if you love football/soccer, you will most likely enjoy this game, and there is always some challenge or team waiting for you. Whether you do a long term one club save, a journey man, or any number of various challenges the community has come up with. The best endorsement I can give is by saying its one of those games where you don't really realise times passing. You can be on a winning streak and before you know it, 4am.

So I wholeheartedly recommend this game, if you are playing a previous version, FM19 is more than just a database update, so I would absolutely recommend upgrading. Never played FM before but like what you see? Try it out! You will not regret it!

Tiny Edit - I have just seen all multiplayer features are currently unavailable for the gamepass version. Looking at the developers website it is a feature they are looking to bring ASAP. This does not effect my score, as it is a feature I seldom use.
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