Football Manager 2022 (Windows) Achievements

Full list of all 98 Football Manager 2022 (Windows) achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

  • 100 Club

    Play 100 matches online in Fantasy Draft

  • 200 Club

    Earn 200 match points in Fantasy Draft online

  • Cash To Burn

    You sold a player for £50 million or more

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  • Childhood Dream

    Get offered the chance to manage your favourite team

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  • Clean Bill of Health

    No injuries for 2 months

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  • Clean Sheet

    You played a competitive match without conceding a goal

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  • Club Legend

    You have stayed at one club for 20 seasons

  • Comeback King!

    You won a competitive match after being 2 or more goals down at half-time

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  • Cup Glory!

    You won a top domestic cup

  • Do The Double

    You won a nation's top league and cup competitions in the same season

  • Freedom Of The Country

    You have won an international continental competition

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  • Full Faith

    You have gained 90% overall board confidence

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  • Goal Machine

    Your player was the top league goalscorer over an entire season

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  • Going Places

    Your board decide to build a new stadium

  • Golden Boot

    Your player was the top scorer at a World Cup

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  • Hat-trick

    Your player scored a hat-trick in a competitive match

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  • Headhunted

    You were offered a job by a larger team than you were managing

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  • Head-to-Head

    You have won a match against another person on a Network Game

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  • He's a Natural

    Retrain a player to becoming natural into a new position

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  • He's Signed!

    You signed a player for your team

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  • He's Sold!

    You sold a player to another team

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  • Icon

    You have received 10 Manager Of The Year awards

  • I'm The Boss!

    You fined one of your clubs players

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  • Immortality

    You have received 20 Manager Of The Year awards

  • Immovable Object

    Your team hasn't conceded a goal in 30 consecutive competitive matches

  • Impervious

    Win a competitive match with over 10 players out injured

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Football Manager 2022 (Windows) Achievements FAQ

  • How many achievements are there in Football Manager 2022 (Windows)?
    There are 98 achievements in Football Manager 2022 (Windows), worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore.
    You can view the full list of Football Manager 2022 (Windows) achievements here.
  • When did Football Manager 2022 (Windows) release on Windows?
    Football Manager 2022 (Windows) was released on October 21st, 2021.
  • How long does it take to complete all the achievements in Football Manager 2022 (Windows)?
    It takes between 300 and 500 hours to complete the achievements in Football Manager 2022 (Windows).