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Fortnite Preview

This tower defense, horde mode, third person shooter-RPG, crossed with Minecraft and free to play elements actually works really well. Yeah, it's a mouthful but is it ever delicious.

Posted 4 years ago by Kevin Tavore

Fortnite Achievement List Revealed

While they haven't yet appeared on Xbox Live for our TrueAchievements scanners to pick up, Epic Games has announced the achievement list for their upcoming title Fortnite.

Posted 4 years ago by Kelly Packard

New Fortnite Cinematic Trailer

Developer Epic Games are mostly known from the Gears of War Series. Their new upcoming game Fortnite differs quite a bit in a more family friendly way. Check out the latest trailer here.

Posted 4 years ago by Will Cruz

Fortnite E3 Interview Reveals Tons of Details

Fortnite's developers call it a co-operative action building game. You craft, scavenge, and build a giant fort to defend against your enemies in a procedurally-generated world.

Posted 4 years ago by Kevin Tavore

Microsoft Showcases E3 2017 ID@Xbox Titles

It wouldn't be a typical Microsoft E3 presentation without a montage of ID@Xbox titles. This year was no different and the latest trailer showcases several upcoming titles.

Posted 4 years ago by Rebecca Smith

Fortnite Confirmed For Console Release

Fortnite, Epic's intriguing new fort-building survival multiplayer title will be coming to the consoles shortly. Promising Epic gunplay, open world exploration and Diablo-style RPG all mixed into one title.

Posted 4 years ago by Andrew Ogley