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    With the upcoming release of the 7th instalment of the Fast and Furious series Turn 10, MS studios and Universal have decided to collaborate and release this free at launch until April 10th 2015 when it will become £7.99/$9.99.

    Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious (Xbox 360) is a standalone title that is completely separate from Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox 360) and has its own achievement list. As it is part of Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox 360) it borrows the Nice area of the Horizon world and uses all of Horizon 2's graphics, game engine, events etc and still has the same restrictions as the 360 version of Horizon 2.

    The story of Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious (Xbox 360)
    Fast and Furious begins like Horizon 2 with you driving a Lamborghini Hurican to a location, only this time you'll be driving to Dom's 1970 Charger which is the first of 10 cars that you'll be driving in the game. Once in the Charger Tej will explain that he needs 10 cars from around Nice and its your job to get them.

    You will use each of the cars you acquire to win the others, playing in various street races, 'drag' races, showcase events, head to head races and the odd circuit races. Once you've acquired all 10 cars Tej will explain to you that he has a pilot coming to pick the cars up in his cargo plane, only he cannot land for long so you will be racing them to the finish line on the Airport's runway, which is much like the end of the last Fast and Furious film.

    Ive put drag in quotations as I don't know many drag races where you get to the end and turn around again!

    As the game is a sectioned off sample of the Horizon world the game is much shorter to complete only lasting around 3hours to complete every event and get all achievements, though there is still 20 reward boards, 3 bucket list events to complete and roads to discover still.

    There are 25 achievements in the game which for the most part will all be unlocked whilst playing through the story as 13 of them are story achievements whilst the other 12 are for performing a number of various simple skills that anyone is capable of doing.
    I forgot to mention all the references made in the achievement names, some of the most iconic lines laugh

    The cars
    There are 10 cars in the game that are all in the latest Fast and Furious movie:
    • Dom's notorious 1970 Dodge Charger
    • 1998 Toyota Supra (Not the lovely orange one from the first movie unfortunately)
    • Plymouth Roadrunner (The barn find of the game)
    • Jeep Wrangler (Believe this one is Hobb's)
    • Brian's Nissan GT-R
    • Plymouth Cuda
    • 2015 Dodge Charger
    • McLaren MP1
    • 2015 Dodge Challenger
    • Bugatti Veyron
    • Maserati Ghibli

    Being a big fan I was excited to drive Dom's Charger but its quite the handful, I did spend most of my time in the fast cars once I had them so I could travel around the map quicker. Infact I never drove the Ghibli or the Roadrunner during the story.

    Whilst its nice that they made this I was hoping that it would be all the iconic cars from the Fast and Furious world but im still happy with what we got.

    Restrictions from the One version
    Much like its 360 Horizon 2 counterpart this game also suffers the same restrictions where in you're not free to go offroad wherever you feel like as theres walls/fences all around. Fewer AI racers and a lot less traffic. Reduced breakable objects and general polish. Things that are said in loading screens here are actually done whilst driving or investigating on the One.

    Final verdict
    Overall I give the game 4.5 stars as the game is almost flawless just like its Xbox One counterpart was but is just as restricted as the 360 Horizon 2 was which drops it down a point, whilst it is quick and very clearly a massive promotion for the movie and Horizon 2 its great that they've given it to us for free. I enjoyed the 3 hours I spent playing the game (and the 3 I spent on the One version) and enjoyed playing about in the cars.
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    PakhairNot to say game has a lot of bad things too e.g lack of first travel makes it mundane at times plus very easy achievements didn't helped either, they could have added some variety for sure, at least for completing other stuff in the game e.g completion, reward board, head to head races, bucket list etc

    Plus those chopper and plane races were quite hard, and you can't use rewind in the chopper race cause if you do the time for you increases and at the end chopper wins anyway but can be used against cargo plane, even with rewind these races were quite hard and difficulty didn't affected them, I tried, plus there should have been some reward for completing it e.g any one or two of these cars to be used in original Forza Horizon
    Posted by Pakhair on 30 Mar 15 at 22:46
    SpilnerI didn't have any issues with the chopper race, I rewound a couple times
    Posted by Spilner on 30 Mar 15 at 22:50
    PakhairBy the way I came here to ask a question in first place, you said there are 6 bucket list races, whereas I have found and completed only 3, you sure there are 6 in 360 version and not ONE?

    Plus I have visited all roads, smashed every banner, completed all races and 3 bucket lists races plus all speed cameras, yet my percentage is 98% any ideas???

    Plus I have hears you unlock a car in Horizon 2 (Supra vinyl) for smashing all banners in ONE version, do you unlock anything in 360 version beside Pagani yellow car(sorry forgot name), I think no but worth a ask ;)
    Posted by Pakhair on 30 Mar 15 at 22:51
    SpilnerI thought it was 3 but someone corrected me on the One so I assumed it was the same here, I shall undo my false correction laugh

    Have you found every speed camera/trap? That'd be all I can think you're missing. Not sure theres any other unlocks for the 360 version, to be honest I didn't play it as much.
    Posted by Spilner on 30 Mar 15 at 22:55
    PakhairThanks, actually the information for 360 version I quite scarce on internet, finding a map for 360 collectibles took me close to an hour, simply it's ONE version everywhere.

    And yup 11/11 speed cams, I know the is no achievement tied to it but I do want to complete the game 100%, especially after spending 6-8 hours on it.

    Have you played Hotizon 2, 360 version if yes gotta ask a few questions, if you don't mind. Will pm you cause I have already cluttered your comments section :/

    Thanks again for the help and hopefully I will soon find the riddle of last 2% by help of someone :D
    Posted by Pakhair on 30 Mar 15 at 23:05
    SpilnerIve not and I will not, 168hours in the One version is enough for me, I couldn't go back to the restricted version
    Posted by Spilner on 30 Mar 15 at 23:19
    Goggs25the reason I hate horizion 2 xbox 360 is because turn 10 lied to us about everything from dlc to gameplay and the rewards at forzasport that you don't get if you have the 360 version is stupid in my opinion horizion 2 and fast & furious should have been a xbox one only
    Posted by Goggs25 on 31 Mar 15 at 03:30
    SpilnerFM5 was a One exclusive, I was surprised that horizon 2 made it to 360 to be honest, I figured that the 360 was done where forza was considered. That's why im not surprised that theres no forza rewards for example.
    Posted by Spilner on 31 Mar 15 at 10:47
    KnucklesNorwoodExcellent review !!
    Posted by KnucklesNorwood on 31 Mar 15 at 15:13
    jochtaThe 360 version is a bit harder than the Bone version in my opinion and looks absolute rubbish in comparison. Both are an easy 1000G and take about 3hrs each. Achievements are very dull, they could have added a few more interesting rewards, e.g. find all bonus boards, complete all bucket list challenges.
    Posted by jochta on 31 Mar 15 at 22:15