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You start the game cruising. Follow the objective and drive to Nice.

Drive to the street race. Finish in the top 3. The game will tell you about difficulties in this game. Change difficulty by changing Drivatar Difficulty from the Assists menu before a race starts.

Drive to the garage.

In the garage, you'll learn that we're here to get cars by winning them in races. The first car is a Toyota Supra. Head to the marked destination for a speed trap challenge.

The actual challenge is incredibly easy. Just drive to the destination. At the end of it you'll see a speed camera. You need to be going at least 85 MPH when you pass it. I'm fairly certain you'd have to try very hard to not be going 85 MPH.

Next you'll have to drive to a race where you can beat the Supra. On the way, Ludacris will have you take a picture of your Charger to send your friend. When he asks you to, press and hold cn_up to activate the camera and take the picture. You'll get an achievement. Then head to the race.

The next race you'll have NOS for the first time. Press cn_LB to use it. There's an achievement for using all of your NOS in the first half of the race. Considering this one is extremely easy (if you disagree, lower the difficulty before the race!), let's get that achievement. Just use all your NOS at the beginning and you'll get the achievement.

As for the race, you only need to beat the Supra. For me, the Supra was in 7th place at the end of the race. Easy. Get in the Supra and head to the garage.

Your next objective is to find a RUF in a targeted area. The RUF drives around, so keep driving until you find it. It shouldn't take too long. When you do, get close and you'll enter a race with it. Drive to the destination to enter another race.

The race has you going against a helicopter. Really, you can think of this as a time trial. Just be as fast as you can and you'll get Jeep.

After the race you'll be told to drive to an area and find a barn. Set a destination in the middle of the area, then drive there. You'll want to enter from the North (follow the road). You'll go under a bridge and pass a road on your right. Immediately after you pass the road on your right, drive to the buildings just off the side of the road to the left (before you get to a T intersection where the road you're currently on ends). The barn is one of those buildings, so just drive around slowly and a cutscene should trigger. Here's a Youtube video that I didn't create of it. Credit to the Youtube owner.

You'll immediately get a message saying Ludacris has the Roadrunner ready. You can press cn_X to fast travel there. You'll get an achievement.

You'll also get an achievement for the Jeep.

Now you have two options on where to go. I picked the Northern-most option because the Nissan GT-R sounds fun to drive. Get to the race and finish in the top 3.

Next the bucket list is introduced. We'll do this later. For now head to the next race (right next to the bucket list) and beat the GT-R in a sprint race.

With the race complete, Ludacris says we should go back to the garage. But wait! We're near the other event already, so we might as well do that (on the far West side of the map). Let's go there and participate in a destruction derby where we smash 100 boards.

With the event complete, let's focus on getting an achievement while we're here. Head back into the docks area. You probably noticed while getting boards that there were a ton of places to get air. These make it very easy to score 50,000 skill points for an achievement. If you're new to Forza this may take a small amount of practice, but it's not too bad. Keep your speed up (but not too high) and keep getting air. Use E-Brake Drifting to turn around and keep your bonus active. Hit cones, fences and boxes to increase your multiplier and keep your bonus active. With a bit of practice, you'll nab two achievements in the easiest way possible (other than in a race, but that requires a bit more skill and familiarity with the game and how to get points - this is easier for beginners).

Now head back to the garage for another achievement.

Next up we'll go to Part 2 of the 1970 Cuda. It's a cross country race. Finish it and head to the garage.

Next up we're going to get the McLaren P1. You only need to beat the P1 in this race. When you finish, just to the north is Part 2. Let's do that next.

This is a damage control race. You'll notice you have a damage meter in the upper left corner of the screen. This increases whenever you hit anything or if you get air and have a rough landing. The timer is fairly generous, so just take everything carefully without driving too fast. You can follow the GPS the entire time except when you go under the bridge - once you've gone under it, just go straight into the forest toward the marker (the GPS sends you too far around). Take the forest path carefully and the GPS will eventually update. You can safely follow it once it updates your new route.

Next up we're going to unlock the Charger '15. The first race requires you to to maintain a speed of 110MPH for 12 seconds. You can finish this by gunning it in the very beginning and taking the first big turn with your foot off the gas and one quick tap of the brakes at the start of the turn. If you don't get it here, the straight run after that should provide ample time to get up to speed.

Next event is your basic race. Beat the Charger and head back to the garage. You can press X to fast travel

For our next event, let's head to the west and do Part 1 of the Challenger. With that finished, go to Part 2. You'll need to get to a destination while getting near miss skills. A near miss comes from driving close to traffic at a decent speed without actually hitting it. Drive near the oncoming lane and there should be plenty of cars to get the 15 you need before you get to the destination.

At this point, you need to focus on getting a few miscellaneous achievements. I've put all of them in a spoiler below. Make sure they're all complete by the end of the game. You've got 6 races left! You can finish them after the last race in free roam, but it feels so much better to finish the achievements and game at the same time!

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Next drive to the north where you can see Part 1 of the Veyron. This event tasks you with going through a speed zone. This isn't as hard as it seems. Don't be afraid to drive a little bit in the grass to keep your car going straight. I went through the whole thing with the gas held down the entire time and may average was well over 200MPH.

Part 2 requires you to head to the red area and find the Veyron. Drive around the area until you find the Veyron, get close to it, and then complete the head to head race.

Part 3 is a circuit race where you only need to beat the Veyron to make it yours. Head back to the garage once you win.

Only one more car left. Part 1 is a circuit race where you need to finish in the top 3. Part 2 requires you to simply beat the Ghibli in the race.

The final event is here. You need to beat the cargo plane in the race (which came in 4th in my race). Just do your best and you'll get it.

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