Forza Motorsport 6 Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips


For the most part, you can adjust the difficulty to a level you are comfortable with to maximize your wins and credits earned. You can adjust the difficulty by changing the Drivatar Difficulty (the skill level of the other drivers) and by turning assists on/off. This has no effect on the Driver Level XP and Affinity XP you earn on completing each race, but it does have an effect on the amount of Credits (CR) as follows.

Drivatar DifficultyCredits
New Racer+0% CR
Inexperienced+5% CR
Average+10% CR
Above Average+25% CR
Highly Skilled+35% CR
Expert+40% CR
Pro+45% CR
Unbeatable+50% CR

There are a few achievements which have to be done with specific assist settings. These will be detailed later. The following table details the assists and the bonuses associated with them.

AssistRace Bonus
Suggested LineFull: +0% CRBreaking Only: +10% CROff: +12% CR
BreakingAssisted: +0% CRABS On: +10% CRABS Off: +12% CR
SteeringAssisted: +0% CRNormal: +10% CR Simulation: +12% CR
Traction & Stability ControlTCS & STM On: +0% CRTCS only: +10% CRSTM only: +10% CROff: +12% CR
ShiftingAutomatic: +0% CRManual: +5% CR Manual with Clutch: +7% CR
Damage, Fuel & Tire WearCosmetic: +0% CRFuel and Tures: +5% CRSimulation: +10%
RewindOn: +0% CROff: +10% CR

Missable Achievements

There are 3 missable achievements to be aware of, for equipping a Bronze, Silver and Gold badge. However they are extremely hard to miss. There are 30 different badges and only if you get all of them to Silver level would you no longer be able to equip a Bronze badge. So just equip a Bronze badge as soon as you get one and do the same with Silver and Gold badges.


This game has 3 achievements that require a specific Mod that you can only get at random. For that reason. I recommend not spending any of your earnings unnecessarily until you have the Mods required for these achievements. Here are some tips on how to maximize the credits you earn.

1. Buy VIP membership for $20 USD as this gets you 100% more credits every race.

2. Join Forza Rewards for Free, as every week you can claim between 25,000 CR and 500,000 CR.

3. Turn off as many Assists as you are comfortable with. This will get you at least 50% more credits, as follows:
- Suggested Line: Breaking Only (+10% CR)
- Braking: ABS On (+10% CR)
- Steering: Normal (+10% CR)
- Traction & Stability Control: STM only, or TCS only for high speed cars (+10% CR)
- Rewind: Off (+10% CR)

4. Increase the Drivatar Difficulty. I recommend starting with New Racer then moving up to the next difficulty each race, so that you can still win even if there are a couple of incidents during the race. When you get to a difficulty that you are struggling with, drop it back down and stick with that.
- New Racer +0% CR
- Inexperienced +5% CR
- Average +10% CR
- Above Average +25% CR
- Highly Skilled +35% CR
- Expert +40% CR
- Pro +45% CR
- Unbeatable +50% CR

5. Use three Boost mods (green) or a Dare mod (purple) and two Boost mods. Do not use any Crew mods (blue) except Crew Chief (+50% CR). This will get you more Prize Spins, or at least another 50% more credits:
- Prodigy/Superior Preparation (+100%/+60% XP Boost)
- Driver Mastery/Driver Expertise (+100%/+60% Driver Level XP)
- Windfall/Superior Payout (+100%/+60% CR)
- Long Shot (Start in 24th with no rewinds) (+50% CR) or use your highest paying Dare mod

6. Sell all Crew mods and unused Dare mods, or at least any duplicates you have.

This means you should be getting between an extra 200% - 300% more credits per race. You will however get more credits from leveling up to get Prize Spins. Once you have all 3 mods, you can spend all the extra credits on cars!

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