Forza Street Reviews

  • Alias DJAAlias DJA206,405
    17 Jun 2019 17 Jun 2019
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    After 4 weeks, every weekend, trying to get some feedback for Forza Community via FB - I've finally taken to TA to just give you a heads up and true expectations of this game. Its clear they have got their head in the sand on this in relation to issues, updates, multiplayer, and mobile platforms.

    If you've ever played CSR racing - its a similar setup when timing of actions are more important than actual driving skill. CSR is side scrolling, where this will be full 360 drone mode during races lasting between 45- 55 seconds.


    Your life will be made easier with money, and that's what they want. The balance is completely off early on and will become annoying barely keeping up with the 1* cars. If I knew now what I did then, I would have put a lot more work in early on to upgrade and spotlight events as THESE are key to your tuning packs early on. If you just jump in and out, you'll progress slowly. The want your purchases early on, so bare that in mind at every level in crease.

    Luck is also a big part in this, as Episodes become vehicle specific in 2 & 3. Make sure you check the link here to give you specifics into Episode 3->

    Few tips before Episode 3

    Its repetitive, minor customisation on cars depending on star level, as has absolutely no soundtrack at all. This IS an arcade game at best, that belongs on mobile - so if you've not played this yet (hopefully) by the time you read this it will be available. Having completed all Horizon's this resembles the franchise very little. A small selection of the 702 cars make it over, none of the scenery from Europe in Horizon 2, Australia in 3, and nothing from Scotland in 4.

    Energy bars refill every 4 minutes, so at level 19 - it takes 2.5 hours to re fill back to 38/38. If you don't stay on top of this game - like I said - progression is SLOW!

    They may polish the game, and re-format the gameplay for iOs / Android but its 90's arcade via Windows 10 laptop / tablet. 3GB download as well...
  • Apex EvoApex Evo19,995
    21 Sep 2019 21 Sep 2019
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    I've played this since the beginning of its release because of some people on discord mentioned about it. Honestly for the game that's slow in progression, it's a easy addiction considering the endless possibilities with what you can do, and plus the goals willing to be accomplished. It's even fun to play at times!

    But my review is rated a 3 / 5, and it's not because of the tedious progression. It's having to regard upgrades. You're literally waiting for say over a week to upgrade a car you're really wanting to upgrade. Sure you got more to work on but really the amount of parts obtained is literally small. You get about 1 or even 2 upgrades and then waiting a WHOLE week to upgrade it again. I think to make my review be more higher, they need to make those parts obtained in missions, or daily rewards. This could change the game entirely. Either that or make the regular upgrade events include them like how they did with wildcard events.

    But a incredible game, terrible method of patience.
  • NoobladeNooblade477,885
    22 Apr 2019 01 Jul 2019
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    [DISCLAIMER] Added after a few comments as people seem to like being taken for cash cows.

    This is not a proper review as I am not a reviewer, go google and try to find one if you want one.

    That's my view on this game and a warning for completionist that would want to start this game without wanting to feed a system that has been the cancer of the video game industry for years.

    It being a mobile game isn't an excuse as it's now & before all a Forza game and that's why I was holding to higher standards than any of your predatory games.
    That's actually because it's a Forza game that I gave it a go and started it, I wouldn't know that it existed otherwise.
    Proof to consider, I never played it under the name Miami Street (his former name as pointed out by comments.)

    But we live in a world where people are happy to be treated like consumerist sheeps & have lost all sense of self-respect or critical sense.


    Another of the sadly really awful examples that Microsoft is on par or worst than EA and Activision when you're looking at monetization.

    This game could have been a good mobile game to pass the time and in a way it is but it's plagued with monetization with so many different in-game currencies.

    You will more often get duplicates than new card if you buy them with gold.

    So play it for the achievements but don't spend a dime on it.

    I didn't spend any money in it and only use the currency won in-game to see how it's not worth it.

    Since Halo 5, Microsoft has really been a disgrace with their franchises and their predatory behavior.

    My score is what it is because nothing good can compensate for their greed.