Xbox 360

Fracture Achievements

Most Earned

Open Sesame25 (25)You have successfully opened a physics or hinged gate for the first time in single player.
Collect a Data Cell5 (5)Collect a data cell.
Complete the Tutorial21 (20)You have completed the Tutorial.
Combat Engineer27 (25)You have successfully raised/lowered a bridge for the first time in single player.

Least Earned

Demolition Expert92 (15)You have completed 1500 multiplayer games.
Battle-Hardened80 (15)You have completed 500 multiplayer games.
President of Pacifica123 (25)You have accumulated 100 multiplayer wins on the Pacifican side.
Gold Plated Shovel73 (15)You have won 50 multiplayer Excavation games.
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