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Fruit Ninja Kinect
Type Game
Publisher Microsoft Studios
Developer Halfbrick
Platform Xbox 360
Discovered 06 Jun 2011
Last check 15 Oct 2019
Last on sale -
Release date 10 Aug 2011

YOU are the ninja! The worldwide gaming phenomenon Fruit Ninja has now arrived for Kinect! Your arms are now blades, and the epic battle against the world's most delicious produce is just beginning. Fruit Ninja Kinect is an amazing evolution of the slice-em-up genre created by Halfbrick, utlising next-gen power for the juiciest combat ever! With Classic, Zen and the frenetic Arcade Mode, Fruit Ninja Kinect includes all the action you know and love with precision control - along with special features exclusive to Kinect! With Party Mode, multiple players can turn a normal night into a fierce tournament - and the new Challenge system will reveal the true masters among your friends!

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Australia $9.95 View
Canada $9.99 View
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High-Tech Vault

Beam yourself up with the High-Tech Vault! This pack includes the Energy Sword blade, Airlock background and Cloaking Device shadow! Don't let our future be destroyed by the fruit of tomorrow!

Flower Power

Take a trip to the summer of love with the Flower Power pack! Includes The Rainbow blade, Flag of Peace background and Psychedelic Dream shadow. Groovy!

Trick or Treat Bag

Scare the pants off your friends with this delightfully spooky Trick or Treat Bag! This pack includes the Slasher blade, Haunted House background and Ghostly Apparition shadow - even Sensei is all dressed up and ready to party!

8-bit Cartridge

Be transported to the golden age of gaming with the 8-bit cartridge! This pack will give the game a super retro feel with the Mega Sword blade, Super Retro Land background and Game Man shadow! We even pixelated the fruit and menus for that 1980s feel. Radical!

Christmas Present

Merry Christmas! It's a FREE gift just for you! This Christmas Present will enhance your Fruit Ninja Kinect experience like never before! Christmas Present contains: THE CANDY CANE - It's made of candy! SANTA'S WORKSHOP THEME - I can almost see the elves. THE SNOW GLOBE SHADOW - Shake it up! All are immediately available in Sensei’s Swag. (This expansion pack requires the most recent Title Update for Fruit Ninja Kinect.)

Art Box

Discover your creative side! Art Box contains: THE CALLIGRAPHY BRUSH – The pen is mightier than the sword. THE PARCHMENT BACKGROUND – A blank canvas just for you. THE INK SHADOW – Leave your mark with grace. All are immediately available in Sensei’s Swag.

Space Capsule

Explore the final frontier! Space Capsule contains: THE COMET BLADE – Steer comets through the heavens and create cosmic collisions. THE STAR CHART BACKGROUND – Never leave home without it. THE STELLAR SHADOW – There’s a universe within you. All are immediately available in Sensei’s Swag.

Storm Season

Feel the wrath of Mother Nature! Storm Season contains: LIGHTNING BOLT BLADE – Feel like Zeus as you throw thunderbolts from the heavens! THE STORM CASTLE BACKGROUND – A storm is brewing above the ancient castle. THE RAIN MAN SHADOW – Anyone got an umbrella? All are immediately available in Sensei’s Swag.