3. Fruit Ninja Kinect Story walkthroughUpdate notes

No special order (minus the first achievement I list; do that first) to follow just look below and earn some fun achievements.

Look at the weekly leaderboard for any mode (Fruit Leaderboard does not count) and if you have any friends on there look at their score and beat it. Then brag about your score to your friends. If they get upset just say, "I'm Bi-Winning!"

Get a Frenzy banana in ARCADE and chop up huge clusters of fruit. Get a combo 4 times during that.

Sensei wants a score of 200 in Zen Mode. HINT: Aim for combos- this may take you a few tries.


    And the fruit at the back said everyone attack and it turned into a Combo Blitz.


Keep getting combos. Use a Frenzy Banana in Arcade and get combo after combo after combo no singles in between. I got this with a little luck.

Pure luck. Hit a Double Banana, a Frenzy Banana and a Freeze Banana around the same time. You just need all three activated at once not all sliced at once. This is another luck achievement.

Keep playing ARCADE over and over until you hit 500. There are many bonuses to achieve in a game so with luck you can string together all high bonuses to bump up the score.

Call your friend Frenzy Banana because you will need him. Get 8 or more fruits slashed in one swing. Pretty easy with the help of Frenzy and if you slice a big cluster just right.

Classic is tough for some but it is fun. The pomegranate (which claimed to be new to Kinect which isn't as the iPhone/iPod Touch version got it in a free update) is a good way to bump up 40-50 extra points in Classic. When you see a pomegranate use both arms and chop at it fast. (Not too fast to where the Kinect can't recognize your arm)

This "Random" wonder will glide across your screen with a pretty sparkle... KILL IT! I mean slice it for your achievement. This fruit does not appear often...or does it? Well it's pretty random.

In the Dojo you can find Sensei's Swag. Each Item has a requirement. Simply pick one you want to go for and complete it. You need to do 10 of these mini challenges.

As you finish a game you will see a fact at the bottom. You can get them randomly or earn one for each fruit. The fruit you last hit before a game over will show you a fact about it. Most likely keep playing and this will pop. You don't really need to try for it.

Just play ARCADE over and over and use Mr.Frenzy Banana to assist you. If you have a buddy go into Team Arcade in Party Mode and slice up the fruit for even more crazy kills!..er fruit slices.

You can check progess in the leaderboards under Fruit.

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