2. Fruit Ninja (Win 8) General hints and tips

There are some tips I'd like to give you:


Use a lot of power ups. These can be purchased with Starfruit. Starfruit can be obtained with the amount of points you earn in each game and by slicing a Starfruit Bonus, which can appear randomly in a game.

The Power-Ups are:
Peaches: You gain extra time for each peach you slice.
Strawberries: You gain 5 times as many points for each strawberry you slice.
Bomb deflections: You won't earn negative points or end the game if you slice a bomb.


If possible, play the game on a tablet. With touchscreen, it is much easier to get various achievements.

The Purple is a Fruit achievement is the hardest achievement in the game, especially when using a mouse. It takes a good while for 20 to show up, and with a mouse, survival is much harder.

The No Doctors Here achievement is another one, but is much more doable with a Mouse... However, if you have a touchscreen, it is definitely recommended that you use it!

Mopping up

Try to get all other achievements before you go for Fruit Annihilation.

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