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    23 May 2010 18 Aug 2010
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    Pseudo Interactive's Full Auto is a not-bad car combat game that combines Burnout-styled vehicular mayhem with tons of onscreen chaos and destruction. But what seems like a winning combination yields only mild results.

    Full Auto is all about racing through a variety of different environments (city, mountain roads, docks, freeways, etc.) in a series of multi-lap races using ficticious vehicles with weapons like gatling guns, rocket launchers, hood-mounted shotguns, and grenade launchers strapped to them, and blowing the heck out of everyone and everything. Vehicles are rated in categories like speed and strength, and winning races unlocks more of them.

    The race events are fairly standard, consisting of circuit races, point-to-point showdowns, knockouts, and events where you have to destroy a certain amount of enemy vehicles and/or property to win.

    What sets Full Auto apart from most other racing games is the amount of onscreen destruction; there's a lot of it. Burnout reveled in the graphic destruction of automobiles, whereas Full Auto takes joy in not only shredding cars, but everything else too: a typical Full Auto race will see not only cars crumpling and exploding, but also glass smashing; lamp-posts, parking meters, and street signs getting uprooted; tanker trucks and gas stations erupting in massive fireballs; roadside detritus getting thrown all over the place; monorails exploding in showers of sparks from missile hits and then falling onto the track; and entire buildings crashing down. Toss in lots of weapon effects, fire, smoke, loads of civilian vehicles that have no business being on the streets, and set it all to some decent-but-generic hard-edged techno music, and that's what Full Auto is all about.

    When playing Full Auto it pays to drive like a maniac and smash and wreck as much as you can since doing these two things feeds a turbo boost meter, as well as your "Unwreck" meter. Unwreck is basically a rewind feature which allows you to reverse time if you make a mistake and/or get destroyed. It's a pretty handy feature to have, and you'll really miss it on the final series of the single-player campaign when it's taken away from you and you have to drive a murderous gauntlet where getting destroyed even once sends you back to the reload screen.

    It sounds exciting, but Full Auto is only intermittently thrilling; the game just never creates a great sensation of speed or danger, which is a must for a game like this. An inconsistent frame-rate doesn't help, as Full Auto frequently stutters when there's lots of onscreen activity. The destruction looks cool at first, but the awe factor wears off fairly soon.

    That said, Full Auto is quite playable and you may find yourself coming back to it from time to time.

    Full Auto's visuals won't win any awards, but they get the job done. The frame-rate could be better but considering how much is going on at any one time, you can live with it. The cars look okay and the special effects are serviceable, albeit over-the-top at times.

    The audio in Full Auto is alright: the engines, squealing tires, explosions, weapons fire, and smashy-smashy noises are solidly implemented. As mentioned, the music is generic but not terrible. With the exception of a couple of tracks that are pretty good, you probably won't even notice the music most of the time.

    If you're looking for achievements, the majority of Full Auto's 50 achievements can be picked up by playing through the career mode, with only a few of them being relatively hard to get. There are several multiplayer-only achievements as well, but scarce online competition will make getting them hard, unless you know someone who has the game and will play with you.

    Full Auto isn't a great game, but is an okay one. It's good bargain-bin fodder for racing fans looking for a cheap thrill.
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    BeyondNecroDomeGood review, but i have to disagree on one issue.. it is a great game ! it is as good a racer as burnout, but with the added thrill of blasting enemies with top notch car combat mechanics. Ever since the first time i played my friend in coop and launched off a ramp , then landed on two wheels while driving in reverse and killing him with a missile, i have been hooked. It is easily the best car combat game on 360, and maybe, of all time ! Between the responove controls, environment destruction, and fitting soundtrack, There is nothing that really even comes close to the straight up fun-ass gameplay of this title. Try some deathmatches in the first person view mode, and im sure you'll agree.
    Posted by BeyondNecroDome on 23 Mar 12 at 20:54
    KingOfWeightI did think the game was better than the 3 I gave it but at the same time it wasn't a four-star title to me. Since you can't give half-stars in the review scores on TA, I went with 3.

    If the TA scoring system allowed for half-stars I would have given the game a 3.5.
    Posted by KingOfWeight on 24 Mar 12 at 06:36
    SilentJay76Regarding the first comment - italicising is a standard form of indicating a name/title. So good job, Pete. A well written review - if just a little bit long.
    Posted by SilentJay76 on 03 May 14 at 17:34
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    26 Aug 2009 02 Jan 2011
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    I always loved racing games especially when you have guns, mines and grenades attached to them so you can obliterate the opponents. So you have a choice between Trucks, Cars and the Batmobile (Warlock) and can have either have two front weapons or one rear mounted weapon and one front mounted weapon and you have a few arms to chose from like a Shotgun or Grenades.


    I don't read manual's and I don't look or listen when someone tells me what to do but this game is quite easy to pick up and play. Using the Right Trigger (like every other racing game) will move you forward, Left Thumbstick will make your two font wheels to move in two different angles Left and Right, and now the fun part how to blow your enemies up. Also if you about to come second and think you should have used boost to get ahead, you got blown up, you missed a shortcut or you feel like it there is a nice flashback option and by hitting Left Bumper it will enable you to go back in time and repeat your mistake (if you want) or try harder. To get your flashback bar full you must get some points by blowing anything and everything that moves or doesn't move around you, so if you are trigger happy this will fill up fast. The Right Bumper in this game enables you car to go turbo fast however during the race you have to powerslide or get some sweet air of a big jump in order for this to fill up.

    Quite easy to get a hang of so 8 out of 10.


    This game is a first in the series and a 360 exclusive and for a game that came out in 2006 the graphics aren't bad. The Car, Truck and Batmobile are very detailed an so are the surroundings. When you get blown up, your mode of transport is blown into a 1000's of small pieces but also fades to a sepia tone.

    7 out of 10 for the graphics.


    Offline: 40 achievements worth 880 gamerscore.
    Online: 10 achievements worth 120 gamerscore.
    Offline: 0 achievements worth 0 gamerscore.
    Online: 0 achievements worth 0 gamerscore.

    Ok the majority of achievements in this game are quite easily obtained and I am talking about the offline ones. When it comes to obtaining all the Full Auto Medals (Highest possible medal) in each race and series it can be a bit of a pain. And then we have the everyone's favorite the ranked online achievements. I remember when I first bought the game I couldn't wait to try it online and to my astonishment NO ONE was on, the only way to get these is to boost now.

    7 out of 10.


    Have you ever played Vigilante 8 or Twisted Metal. Its not the same in most aspects because in Full Auto its more like a deadly racing league where you try win a race whilst blowing enemies, innocent people and buildings up. As you unlock more series (by winning) they start to get harder to get the Full Auto Medal and by the time you get to the final series you get to race in and against the Batmobile. As you achieve medals you will unlock cars and new paint schemes to for each of the cars you have.

    6 out of 10 for the storyline.

    Replay Value.

    If you like blowing things up with a car then this game is alright for that but remember that you also have to race because unfortunately it is not an open environment game like Twisted Metal. If you like fast paced racing against cars that have lower/higher specs then yours then you might like this game. I found when I got it, I could play it for a few hours but after an hour or two I would get bored and do/play something else. Sometimes the game does get a bit repetitive because you have do the same series over and over to get the Full Auto Medals (Unless your extremely pro and have good reaction times)

    I'll give it a 6 out of 10.


    So after seeing the game countless time in the store, then thinking "hmmmmmm I wonder if this is like Twisted Metal or Vigilante 8" and then my friend asks who am I talking to? I bought the game, played it, got bored of it, played it again, got bored once again, played it again and haven't touched it since.

    Out of 100 I give this game a 68.

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