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XBL Sale Roundup: January 5th, 2016

This week's Deals with Gold gives us a handful of lesser known titles on both platforms, including some previous Games with Gold offerings. Don't forget, the second week of Countdown to 2016 sales a

Posted 5 years ago by Chewie

XBL Sale Roundup: June 30th, 2015

This week's Deals with Gold sees a selection of EA titles discounted, as well as a handful of other additions. Xbox One Bundles & Special Editions • Peggle 2 "Magical Masters Edition" (includes all

Posted 6 years ago by Chewie

XBL Sale Roundup: January 27th, 2015

This week we get a big ol' sale on EA titles, including games new and old, as well as a slice of their associated DLC, at rather hefty discounts. For the first time ever (in my memory), we're being o

Posted 6 years ago by Chewie

XBL Sale Roundup: September 23rd, 2014

This week's Deals with Gold sees a trio of Xbox One discounts and a variety of Xbox 360 Games on Demand titles on offer, including the two Amazing Spider-Man games, a couple of racing titles and a se

Posted 7 years ago by Chewie

Retail DLC Roundup: June 25th, 2013

This week sees DLC releases for eight Xbox 360 retail games. Two of the games add extra achievements to their list and one of the games has region exclusive DLC. Any XBLA DLC that is due to be releas

Posted 8 years ago by Rebecca Smith

Fuse Review

Want some action? How does four elite agents, ridiculous alien technology and more cannon fodder than you can ever count sound? Good? Well then, Fuse might just be for you. Just make sure to bring a

Posted 8 years ago by Aeris Gainzbrah

The Fuse Race to 1K Challenge is Live!

Hello, fellow gamers! Last week, we let you know that we here at TA are working with the good people at EA and Insomniac to bring you a Fuse inspired contest. Well, more accurately, two contests. Fir

Posted 8 years ago by Michelle Balsan

Retail Releases: Week of May 27th, 2013

Many of TA's race-fanatics will be super-excited for Codemasters' upcoming release, as GRID 2 has fans preparing from some fast, frantic, and intense racing to come for gamers all over the world. Rac

Posted 8 years ago by Ashley Woodcock

Enter Our Fuse Challenge for a Chance at 10,000MSP

Hey there, TAers! We're very, very pleased to bring you a brand new competition! We've teamed up with Insomniac Games and and Electronic Arts to bring you some awesome Fuse-related goodness! The grou

Posted 8 years ago by Michelle Balsan

Achievement Preview Spotlight: Fuse

For years, Insomniac Games has had a reputation for quality on "the other console"; producing hits like the Ratchet & Clank series, the Spyro franchise, and the Resistance games. If you ask me, we Xb

Posted 8 years ago by Jonathan Barnes

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