1. Fuse Walkthrough overview

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Welcome to the achievement Walkthrough for Fuse. Here we will guide you through the entirety of the game unlocking all '40' achievements in the most efficient order possible.

This game has a Single Player requiring two playthroughs, once on 'Hard' to unlock the higher difficulty of 'Lethal' and then a playthrough on Lethal. Some achievements require 2 and 4 player co-op, and there is one collectible and two large cumulative achievements during the campaign as well as few opportunity achievements.

We also have a separate mode called 'Echelon' which is like a horde mode, and all maps must be completed with 5 stars in at least 2 player co-op.

You will find all achievements related to the single player campaign in chronological order on the 'Story Walkthrough' page, where I have also integrated all collectibles.

All information related to the Echelon mode is found on the 'Echelon Mode' page.

Please take a look at the 'General Hint's and Tips' first to get a better idea of the games ins and outs.

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