2. Fuse General hints and tips

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This game plays out like any third person shooter, (with mechanics similar to Gears of War), but with a couple of twists; instead of controlling one character, you have four. Each character has a unique weapon and a unique ability powered by 'Xenotech'. Xenotech weapons have extraordinary capabilities as they are charged with 'Fuse' energy, a new secret energy source that you'll become very familiar with during your campaign. In solo player mode you can switch between these characters by holding the cn_back button then selecting either cn_A for Dalton, cn_B for Jacob, cn_X for Naya or cn_Y for Izzy. In co-op mode you will choose or be assigned one of these characters.

Xenotech weapons and abilities are not unlocked right away, you must first find them in the story mode, then you accumulate XP through combat and collectibles to unlock and upgrade your Xenotech. Utilizing each character's Xenotech is vital to success and efficiency during gameplay. You may find yourself a favourite character and wish to stick to that character, this is not advised since you have to reach max level with each character. So not only because of efficiency, but also due to the fact that you will gain more XP for the character you are using, you should switch equally between the four characters.

You will accumulate 'Skill Points' every time you level up each character, you will gain one separate skill point for that character as he or she reaches the next level. You should first work towards unlocking Dalton's 'Deployable Shield' and Izzy's 'Med Beacon'. One of the most successful techniques in this game is using the Deployable Shield and/or the Med Beacon on some cover, then using either a Harbinger sniper rifle or a Daybreaker to headshot all enemies in the area in relative safety. Although you will gain less XP from normal weapon kills this principle is the quickest and most effective way to clear an area. For maximum XP gain use your Xenotech weapons on groups of enemies. Also, whenever possible, always try to combine Xenotech weapon effects with each other, for example; you can freeze a group of enemies with Izzy then liquify them with Jacob- try out different combos for maximum XP gain.

There is also an important feature called 'Team Perks'. Access these through the lobby or the pause menu. The only way to buy Team Perks is to collect 'Fuse Credits'; these can be found in the campaign and in Echelon mode. I have integrated all known locations of Fuse Credits into the Story Walkthrough page. I highly recommend that once you accumulate 10,000 credits, buy the 'XP Multiplier' team perk to increase XP gain. Make sure to actually equip the perk onto each character by pressing cn_A in the team perks menu.

Once you buy the XP Multiplier perk, twice or three times if you like, I recommend saving up all the credits you find until you reach 190,000, then there is a trick you can perform with a USB stick and internet connection to unlock all the team perks at once and save you from accumulating the 1,000,000 credits normally required.

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