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Strategy One
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Strategy One
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Posted on 22 December 16 at 07:29, Edited on 22 December 16 at 20:06
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Fusion: Sentient is a mixture of Real Time Strategy with Mechs that you level and gear up through story progression . There is a story but that's not the reason you would want to play this game because the Story does not fit with this game at all.

Beginning/first impression

The repeat was at least a tutorial to learn because if there wasn't it would be very difficult to learn the controls other than moving you units and having them auto attack. The graphics are not too shabby and the mech look cool when looking at them in the menu. The menu is fairly easy to navigate other than the fact you must use the phones back button because there is no back button in the game itself.


I immediately encounter some major problems with this game withing the first hour of playing. The first thing was that the game does not fairly direct you which path to take when tackling the story, at first it's a breeze doing missions but the difficulty escalated immensely from phase 2 to phase 3 in the same mission.

Not being able to progress I decided to farm because you do get items that you can equip to your units. Wasting my time doing this I realized I wasn't getting any better gear or so to say gear I needed to move forward. I did some exploring of the menu and found that there was an auction house which would be helpful.... If it wasnt closed down. This also made 1 achievement unobtainable.

Finally I found that when going into the story area there was another area called Ghost fleet which you can go to that wasn't a part of the story but where you can farm and get more items that was better than what I was getting in the story. This is great but why bother especially since the missions are exactly the same as the story objectives, the battles, the enemies, and the layout of the maps are found all the same in both areas just in separate locations on the menu. There was also no mention of this Ghost fleet area in the tutorial or storyline.

Then while in the Ghost fleet I encountered a glitch that disallowed me to complete a mission. The objective was to grab an artifact with endless enemies and there was no artifact, I searched every corner and found nothing. Good news is that this did not effect any progression or achievements so it's not game breaking but still pretty bad to have.


Cool game, but the biggest problem out of it is that everything in the game is repetitive and almost the same. The only different things that change are the enemies, gear you find, and you can find more advanced forms of your units. But everything else is repetitive as can be and this means you can get bored rather quickly because everytime you start a mission up you know it's going to be the exact same thing as the last with a bit more difficult enemies every time. This game feels more like a chore than any entertainment. It was a bit fun in the beginning but went down hill extremely fast.


I am all about strategy games but due to the problems I have encountered, glitch, closed down aucton house, and how repetitive this is I am going to give it a 2.5 out of 5 which is one of the lowest ratings I have ever given to a strategy game.

Final words

I paid $2.99 USD for this game, which to be honest I think it's worth 1/3 less. If the aunction house was at least up I would say $2.99 would be fair but when they took it down they should have reduced the price of the game as well because that's removing content from the game.
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Posted on 28 February 12 at 20:33
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Kind of a boring game overall if played by itself.There is nothing really worth noting about it. The story is not that interesting, the gameplay is monotonous, and the menu navigation especially for the sentient weapons payload are very annoying and difficult to maneuver. The only somewhat interesting thing is that at times it does require some outside the box thinking to get past some levels, especially those that have "endless enemies"...

Where this games becomes somewhat a bit more fun is if you think of it as a sentient training ground for the XBLA companion game Fusion: Genesis. Basically, you are able to transfer acquired sentients between the two games or auction off sentients that can be bought using both the WP7 game and XBLA game. While battling using sentients on the battlefield of this game, you are able to essentially "train" the sentients and level them up to be used in Fusion: Genesis where the gameplay is much more fun.

There are essentially three types of sentients, which have different layers or levels of perks and upgrades... DPS, Tank, Healer. They have a rarity associated with them. For instance, you at first come across "common" type sentients which offer less in stats and number of available weapons than those that are "uncommon", "rare", and "legendary". The perk to this game is that you come accross "rare" sentients far more than you would in Fusion: Genesis. So playing these games together as if they are one game would benefit you greatly.
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