Galaga Legions DX (WP)

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Galaga Legions DX (WP) Achievements

Most Earned

Area 1 Clear10 (10)Cleared Area 1!
Area 2 Clear13 (10)Cleared Area 2!
Area 3 Clear16 (10)Cleared Area 3!
Safety First!36 (20)Area cleared without losing a single fighter!

Least Earned

5,500,000 points (Championship)105 (40)Scored 5,500,000 points in Championship!
3,300,000 points (Area 3)52 (20)Scored 3,300,000 points in Area 3!
2,500,000 points (Area 2)49 (20)Scored 2,500,000 points in Area 2!
True Completionist96 (40)Cleared all areas on Expert difficulty!
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We don't know exactly when this happened and we definitely don't know why, but it has been brought to our attention that Galaga Legions DX (WP) has been delisted from the Windows Phone store. Accordi

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Galaga Legions DX (WP) Gets Massive Discount

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Windows Phone 7 Release: September 5th, 2012

This week Windows Phone receives an exclusive port from Namco – you won’t find this on iOS or Android. It does come with a hefty price tag, although you could argue that it’s cheaper than its XBLA co

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