Game Chest: Logic Games (WP) Achievements

Full list of all 20 Game Chest: Logic Games achievements worth 200 gamerscore. It takes around 35-40 hours to unlock all of the achievements on Windows Phone.

  • Pawn Promotion

    Promote a pawn to a queen in Chess.

    2 guidesdiscontinued
  • Castling

    Perform a castling move in Chess.

    2 guidesdiscontinued
  • Unleaded

    Never use the pencil and win in Sudoku.

    2 guidesdiscontinued
  • All Zeroes and Ones

    Win a game in 4 minutes or less in Sudoku.

    3 guidesdiscontinued
  • P4wn'd!!11

    Capture a queen with a pawn in Chess.

    1 guidediscontinued
  • Safety Last

    Win without ever placing a flag on a tile in Minesweeper.

    1 guidediscontinued
  • Wrong Number

    Get the wrong number 1000 times in Sudoku.

    1 guidediscontinued
  • Chimpanzee That!

    Win a game in each of the three games.

    2 guidesdiscontinued