Game Chest: Solitaire (WP) Reviews

  • lifebringer23lifebringer231,483,183
    27 May 2012
    6 2 0
    This copy of game chest solitaire comes with klondike, spider and tri-peaks. All 3 games are just simple fun, before this i previously played Klondike and Spider. Klondike is the classic game everyone knows and is simple fun. Spider is slightly more challenging if you choose more than 1 suit, 2 suits is good challenging fun and 4 suits is absolutely challenging. Very hard but good fun for a challenge. Tri-peaks was new to me, i found it great fun, simple quick fun and can be good to help train your reflexes as games can go as quick as a minute for the game and the game is easy to understand.

    All 3 games have instructions in the help and options menu if you do not know how to play one of the games which can be helpful if you have never played these games before.

    Overall for £2.29 this game provides simple quick card game fun for people on the move with allot of re-playability and simple enough achievements. I would recommend it for all as it is simple fun and provides of hours of gameplay.