Game Party: In Motion

Xbox 360

Game Party: In Motion Achievements

Most Earned

Smack-a-Troll Perfect Hits74 (50)Get 3 perfect hits in a row in Smack-a-Troll.
Horseshoe Hysteria Ringer75 (50)Get a ringer in Horseshoe Hysteria.
Skill Ball 100 Score81 (50)Get a ball in the 100 score ring in Skill Ball.
Won Double Racquets26 (15)Win at Double Racquets.

Least Earned

Shoveboard Perfect Scoring278 (70)Score 2 pucks in the #4 score zone in Shoveboard.
Pool Hall Party Running a Table196 (60)Run the table in Pool Hall Party.
Tic Tac Toe Face-Off 4 In a Row154 (50)4 in a row in Tic Tac Toe Face-Off.
Ping Cup 3 In A Row178 (60)Get 3 cups in a row in Ping Cup.
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