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    Originally an arcade title way back in 1979, Lunar Lander steers its way to Windows Phone 7 with touch controls and achievements but otherwise staying very true to the original, bland graphics and all.

    Game Room as been received with a mixed bag on Xbox 360, GFWL, and Windows Phone 7. Although visiting classic games from the past is quite enjoyable and nostalgic, the admission price ($3) have put many people off, especially when similar games are available online or on your phone for less or even free. On top of that, on Windows Phone 7 the controls for some of the Game Room titles are near unmanageable, which can be frustrating when achievements are at stake. What separates Lunar Lander apart from the others though quite frankly ARE the achievements. There are only ten of them and they are quite easy. Love it or hate it, all the Game Room games on WP7 feature nearly identical achievements. Although it may not seem too great after doing it a couple times in other WP7 Game Room titles, it is kind of fun getting achievements while traveling above certain speeds, or in this game's case during an actual Full Moon. Doesn't really require skill but fun the first time at least.

    I haven't mentioned the gameplay specifically yet, but luckily Lunar Lander's controls translate decently to the phone with touch controls. A proportionate lever controls your fuel throttle, arrows control your tilt and red emergency button is there if you are diving too fast. You earn points for landing safely on the moon's surface, and earn bonuses for landing softly or for landing in tricky, small areas. Although the graphics are terribly bland (it is over 30 years old of course), the gameplay is fun and the physics of the lander feels natural. After your third gold medal and 200 achievement points though you'll probably be done with this title.

    One other thing to note is the cross platform connectivity. Medals you have earned in any version of the game carry across Xbox 360/GFWL/WP7, and can aid in unlocking achievements. Also, any activity you do on your phone carries over to the Game Room and its possible 1000 GS. So, you can play WP7 game room titles, earn the achievements for those titles, then boot up your Game Room hub on your 360/PC and instantly pop achievements on there too. There are global leaderboards for all three platforms too, or you can look strictly at WP7 leaderboards where you can watch replays of people's high score runs, great when you are looking for tips.

    Compared to other Game Room titles for WP7 Lunar Lander holds it own with pretty good controls and an adequate, simple concept. But graphically it is very dated, and the $3 price tag might be too might be a bit too much for some.
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