Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series (Xbox 360) Reviews

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    Telltale certainly seems to be striking for gold this holiday season. With just one week having passed since their last release in Tales From The Borderland here comes their Game of Thrones tie in for both fans of the company and the HBO series alike and neither need to worry as Telltale have managed to hit the mark.

    Opening during the events of the Red Wedding, the game quickly thrusts you straight into the celebrations and betrayals that follow and then proceeds to make you firmly hold the reigns until the credits roll at the end.

    For anyone who is familiar with Telltales signature style it is clearly present however Telltale proceeds to play with your perceptions.
    The Walking Dead , “death choices” have been replaced with hard-core politics and as a result make for a more tense experience due to the player no longer feeling a character will become irrelevant and instead weighing backstabbery some point later down the line against the help you need, neutrality although present is not always the best option. These scenes actually proved to be some of the most tense in the game.

    The story itself is intriguing enough but the main strength comes in via player transitions between 3 different characters over the course of the episode with actions from one having potential consequences for the others. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in future episodes, and worry not those of you who worry about female portrayal, the lady cast gets plenty of opportunity to shine although the more problematic elements of the Game of Thrones does remain in spots.

    Telltale also seems to have taken one of the largest criticisms of the Walking Dead’s second season onboard and return the ability for players to walk around and explore, allowing the player to take in the beauty of the environments they find themselves in, sadly some minor aliasing issues with the textures and clipping of some of the models in places meant immersion does get broken.

    As always it is difficult to review a Telltale Game without giving away spoilers of the narrative and if given they take away from the experience. I think the strongest praise that can be given to the first episode is this.
    If it can make someone who has never read or seen Game of Thrones want to read or watch the series then something has been done right and I personally can’t wait for the second episode. I’ve got daggers I need to stare at the cast.
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    So, I’ve never watched, nor read, Game of Thrones before. I’ve been meaning to and meaning to but I just can’t seem to find the time to sit down and watch it, preferring to watch shows I’m familiar with, so I decided to download the free episode of the Telltale game when I spotted it when going through the Xbox Store.

    Now, I love Telltale.

    I downloaded their The Walking Dead games and The Wolf Among Us and almost instantly fell in love with the game play, the easy achievements, the way that it educates you on the subject of the game; (I’m a The Walking Dead stan, and the game showed me a lot about the universe that I didn’t know before). I love the way you play; how it’s like an interactive television show, in a way, I suppose, and that it lets you interact through the game without just mindlessly stabbing people or shooting them, or rage quitting when you can’t beat that one damn boss.

    It was honestly one of the best decisions of my gaming life.

    The story was easy to follow even when you were jumping characters around (in the first chapter, without giving any spoilers – you play as Garad, Ethan and Mira). The characters look almost exactly like the actors who play them, which is great for people that have only seen adverts or one or two episodes - the actors even voice their own characters which I think is a wonderful thing.

    The universe around you is fun to explore; in my opinion, it’s well detailed; of course, I don’t really know the universe the show and books are set in, having never seen nor read them.
    I understood the characters, who they were and who they were connected to. I did have some slight confusion when it came to Cersei discussing her family, but all was fixed with a quick character Google.

    A solid 4.5/5 – the only issue I’ve found, is that sometimes it lags, so they’ll be four lines ahead of what is being said, but they’re still frozen on the guy that said something two minutes ago, however, that might be my Xbox, not the game itself.

    I definitely recommend this game – especially if you’re an achievement hunter because, honestly, to get all the achievements, all you have to do is play the game (that’s another reason that I love Telltale’s games).

    Sure, it’s a bit pricey, and I’m going to have to kiss goodbye to my paychecks after Christmas so I can buy season passes for all their games, but you can get the first chapter of the game for free and I highly recommend it, whether you are a fan of Game of Thrones or not; I definitely will be getting into the seasons and books after I complete the game.