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  • EvieLeafEvieLeaf1,288,931
    03 Aug 2021
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    As Gang Beasts just dropped into Game Pass and looked like a fun, easy completion, I thought I'd give it a try. Straight from the start it feels like a fun little brawler with a great sense of humour. You're greeted with a bunch of modes & levels to try out that offer fun experiences, especially with friends.

    The level design is great and you can see the developers had a lot of fun creating the different environments and all of their various hazards. Gameplay wise, there are a few modes to select but it doesn't feel like it really changes the game all that much. You may find the controls a little difficult to master, when you do finally manage to grasp them, there is certain sense of achievement doing very basic things like climbing. The joy I felt when I could finally get out of the way of that damn train in time.

    Whilst all of this can be quite entertaining, it all starts to feel shallow rather quickly. It's a great addition to Game Pass but I don't see myself returning to this one.

    Bring some friends or find some people online and you can have a good time with this. There may not be a great deal of depth to Gang Beasts but it's an enjoyable brawler with friends!
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    Bunny Breakfastits like human fall flat with pvp
    Posted by Bunny Breakfast On 08 Aug 21 at 03:14
    EvieLeafAh, this review comes from soneone that's never played Human Fall Flat. So I guess you might get on better with the controls if you've played that?
    Posted by EvieLeaf On 08 Aug 21 at 07:42
    TrimblerI came to this game purely for the achievements and would give it a 2-star ... not because it was fun or was a good game, but it does offer up some easy Gamerscore.

    To me this felt a lot like the controls of Totally Reliable Delivery Service, where doing things intentionally was a lot harder than you would have thought but I guess that's part of the "fun"; which is very un-fun when you're just here for the cheevos.

    A large number of the achievements felt more open to randomness than you would have thought necessary. One achievement for pulling yourself out of a furnace is mindbendingly frustrating as there's no clear indication of what success should look like. Same with a couple requiring you to break all cables on a suspended platform and not fall: many people (me included) saw the achievement pop as your character drops from lofty heights.

    In the end I felt like I had wasted a bunch of time and hadn't really enjoyed it all that much and yet I had a good bit of Gamerscore padding my numbers. Not a great trade-off but it's "free" if you have Game Pass.
    Posted by Trimbler On 11 Aug 21 at 13:28
    MH The RockstarThanks for the review but I feel 3.5 is far too generous. This would be a 0.5 in my books as it falls well short of what other physics based games have already done. Even the "easy" achievements are not that easy because the unlock criteria is often vague.
    Posted by MH The Rockstar On 30 Dec 21 at 00:42