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Here is the link to my video review of the game

Since there is a word limit on what has to be written here for a review let me tell you about Our Xbox World. OXW is a project I started with good friends of mine. It is an xbox only gaming project. We have a podcast available on Itunes or, we have a youtube page user oxwcast, you can check us out on Facebook "Our Xbox World" and in the coming weeks we will be launching our website None of us work for the industry, we all spend our own money and give complete honest opinions about the games we play. We don't just focus on news and reviews, we also speak upon gamerscore and other facets of Xbox 360 that other companies neglect. We didn't want to try and be an IGN or Trueachievements, we wanted to be a hybrid that covers all of those areas. So check us out, give us a listen and I'm sure a lot of you will enjoy what we have to offer. Thanks for your time.

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GRAMMAR WARNING smile Translated from Danish to English using Google Translate

Gatling Gears is a twin-stick shooter - ie. a game where you control his machine around with the left thumbstick while you shoot by holding the right thumbstick in the firing direction. Such games we have gradually seen a part of and Gatling Gears is clearly one of the best of its kind. If you like pure arcade action, there is no reason to stop reading here!

Gatling Gears happening in Mistbound universe, where one of last year's better downloadable titles, strategy game Greed Corps, also lived. Stylistically, we are somewhat reminiscent of the 1930s or 1940s added an army of robots and other mechanical inventions. You control a so-called Walker, a walking robot, Mech, if you will.

The controls are quite traditional, if you know the twin-stick shooters. With the left stick controlled your walker, and with the right stick, you control the direction of your shot. The gun fired as the default weapon, and in addition you have missiles and grenades available - and an electric bomb, destroy all enemies on screen. From time to time you'll find power-ups for awhile to upgrade one of your arms to extreme force, and so is it just to loose pegs.

The controller sits right in the closet, and after the initial training exercise in which one learns the Walker to know, is never in doubt about how to play the game. At each level, you can find up to 3 gold pieces with which to upgrade its Walker's arms and armor. The game offers a total of 30 (six areas with 5 lanes each), nice long runways of just about 10-15 minutes each. runway), so for a downloadable title is the length of the game certainly approved.

Each area ends with a major boss battle, and after each level you have the option to upgrade your Walker in the shop, situated in a balloon! In addition to collecting gold you earn experience points also depends on how well you have the track, and these points are used to buy lir to your walker, ie. visual effects and a companion, but has no influence on the game itself - but it looks good!

Enemies consist of both infantry, tanks, stationary targets and flying gadgets. The pieces themselves are unfortunately not very varied, and there could have been much more varition between them, although the 6 areas in itself has a nice graphic variation. Boss battles, however, constitute a good break from the ordinary courts, but a little tedious overshadowed clear of the really implemented gameplay that function more optimally, whether you play single player or are trying to complete the game in co-op, which can both be played locally and online. Besides the campaign, there is also a survival mode where you are attacked by hordes of enemies while you must protect one or another form of stationary targets. Also this excellent mode works in both single player and co-op.

Both sonically and graphically Vanguard Games has also something to be proud of. The graphics are really nice with lots of nice details, and the different units moving fluid over the screen. A lot of nice graphical effects are the icing on the cake, and there has played some really nice sound effects - slightly exaggerated - but very powerful! The music is truly the Indiana Jones-style, and it is also well suited perfectly to the game.

There is not much negative to say about Gatling Gears. It is a really good action game, and you would finally find something "seriously" to point to, then it would be difficulty, for even at the highest of the game's 3 levels of difficulty, it is fairly easy to implement - especially if you start on lowest level and have upgraded the Walker 100%, before trying out on Hard, when the last boss battles, however, is pretty challenging - even for experienced players. There should be another level, but maybe that comes next, because I am sure that we get to see much more of Vanguard Games and their Mistbound universe.

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