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    16 Apr 2009
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    *Spoiler Free*

    I'm pretty sure that I can speak for most 360-ers when I say that I was very happy to see the announcement of Gears 2 at this years GDC. I was also ecstatic at the fact that we were to see the game that same year. I mean.. I know that deep down everyone knew there was going to be a sequel, and that it was more than likely to come at the same time of year as the first instalment, but that's not the point. The fact that we finally saw Cliffy B himself (I know, I know. He was 'Cliffy B' at the time...) come out and give us the news that we had been waiting for really brought on the excitement for everyone. The final confirmation got gamers everywhere rubbing their hands together in anticipation.

    Bleszinski went on to say how in fact the first Gears was nothing but a teaser. Nothing but a building ground for what was really to come and how number 2 was going to be 'way more badass' that the first could ever have been. And he was right.

    So - as you may have guessed from the above, I was a big fan of Gears of War. I was blown away by it's huge.. well, guts. The non-stop action had me glued, wide-eyed to the TV from my first play through - and again every time I picked it up. It has never failed to keep me interested - even if I could probably do it with my eyes closed.
    The only problems I had with GoW was mainly it's length. At a disappointing 4-5 hours play time on the campaign I always felt a little cheated. Especially since it was clear that the story wasn't completely filled in. This being my other problem.

    In brief (since I have discovered very quickly that spoiler free reviews are haaaard!) Gears 2 begins soon after the first game ends. As I'm sure most have assumed by now - the Locust weren't completely defeated by the COGs attempts. In fact, if anything - they seem to be getting stronger. We join our familiar friends Marcus and Dom as they continue to fight and hopefully save their world - before it falls before their very eyes. We learn that the human race is now bordering on extinction, and the safety and survival of one major city - Jacinto - is essential.

    From the very beginning, the action is there from the go as you are told to clear the local hospital of a small locust invasion. This feels almost like a warm up - a quick few waves to get you going for whats really to come.
    The game play feels natural and smooth. With controls remaining the same, all previous GoW players will be sliding in to cover and hitting the active reload perfectly from the word go. This put together with the beautiful graphics makes a great old-yet-new feeling.

    The first act progresses and introduces masses of shiny new things. From characters, weapons and enemies as the game very quickly gains momentum and the action gets heavier. There isn't a dull moment as you continue and it is at this point already that I felt the game has in many ways surpassed its prequel. As the game carries on we move underground once again, to face the locust, and this time seek out the queen and solve the pest problem once and for all.
    Along with this all, we actually see some emotion in our burly marines, as whilst fighting the war, Dom is searching for his missing wife. This may sound soppy - and I thought so at first, but this evolved into a fantastic heart wrenching part of the story which is sure to bring lumps to the throats of even the coldest hearts.

    There is only ONE word to describe the whole experience of GoW2. And funnily enough, that word is Epic. Just Epic. The games goes on, and the action gets bigger and heavier than you could ever imagine. And then some. You will fight the biggest fight you've ever fought - only for it to be outdone in the next act. And then this is outdone. Repeat for 5 acts and you have the Gears 2 experience. Matching this with it's beautiful graphics makes it nothing but an epic, mind blowing experience. Epic. Just epic.

    Where GoW had it weaknesses - in my opinion - Gears 2 certainly has it's strengths. The story is strong and steady. The length of the campaign is far longer than the predecessor.
    We also see the introduction of 'Horde' mode. This is a simple wave system., in which the player(s - 1-5) chose a map and waves of enemies spawn. There are 50 levels to the horde, and every 10 levels the enemies get tougher. This can prove to be a real challenge. This requires a great amount of communication and team work to survive the higher levels. Though challenging, it is immensely fun and adds even more to the game as a whole.

    Obviously we still have a multiplayer. I was never a fan of Gears online first time round, however we now have the ability to play 'bot' matches with and/or against the AI which has definitely raised my interest in that element. Once again - added even more to the titles playability.

    So, summarised we have a longer and better story, more depth to our characters, extra modes and many new additions to the game as a whole. It is captivating, mind blowing and involving. Not a single moment disappoints. If this is yet another taster for things yet to come - one can but dream of what we are still to see.

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    Shemp HowardI enjoyed the review you did for Dead Block so I thought I would read your review for Gears 2. Another top notch review. Thumbs up!
    Posted by Shemp Howard on 27 Jul 11 at 18:15
    rob25XRunning around inside a city-eating worm, cutting arteries with a chainsaw... Gears 2 really is the worst game I've ever played in my life.

    The ugliest looking and most unlikeable characters in the history of gaming, terrible dialogue, awful controls and cover system, simple gameplay and constant handholding, stupid AI and with enemies that fire and say "boom!". Gears 1 was a terrible game but Gears 2 is even worse.
    Posted by rob25X on 11 Apr 17 at 21:28
    HITMAN KILLER 1I have to disagree with you yes the campaign was big but had lots of open parts, It still had the destroyed beauty look but gears 2 broke my hart cuz I was so looking forward to it but I loved gears 1 and gears 2 was so random from the gnasher to the snipe it was like I got kicked in the balls!!, cuz imo gears 1 was so much better Ie.. matchmakeing was easy to find your friends, the guns were so Much better not random like 2 that were so bad lol, the lag was so bad In 2 which wasn’t a problem in gow1 and there was nothing like GEARS 1 at that time so I played gow2 for 6/8 months went back to Gow 1 and was happy ever after lol 😂, I just don’t get why gears 2 is liked so much go back know and you’ll see how random of a game it was but each to there own haha 😉👍
    Posted by HITMAN KILLER 1 on 29 Nov 18 at 10:49
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    17 Dec 2008
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    Gears of War 2, the much anticipated sequal to 2006's Game of the Year, named by several independent sources, slammed the stores in early November to huge crowds and excited gamers. Why? Because GoW1 was a kick-ass roller-coaster ride and the develops promised us an even better experiece! And did we get it? Read on to fid out:

    Although many of you that will read this review will have undoubtedly finished the game and know all the spoilers, I will leave them out here. I will ony talk about the core game itself, and why everyone should play it.

    First off, lets talk about presentation. The graphics and visuals are such an upgrade of the last installement, that looking back at the first Gears makes one almost embarrased to have enjoyed it so much. The frame-rate and draw is spot-on, and the beautifully destroyed landscapes and scenery tie in the games already seemingly rich history. Watching the cinematics, especially one that focuses on Cole, draws you deeper into the game and the story, and only richens the total experience. If the visuals were trashy, the game wouldn't have made it.

    The games' story leaps off in an expected direction, yet never loses the touch. This time around, the emotional draw and connection one can make with the characters is proudly displayed, and actually quite interesting. Many answers from the first game are answered, both graphically and brutally. I would have a hard time trying to explain what Gears 2 was about without ever referring to the first one, and vice versa. The game also leaves us off with some promise of a continance.

    The controls are mapped nearly exact from the last game, which makes vets of Gears 1 happily moot as they destroy the nasty horde. One of my favorite aspects of the controls is the weapon vs. execution system that was added. Different weapons create different executions. You'll just have to see what they are. Also, new and bigger weapons come into play, as well as bigger and new enemies. I played through the second Gears without any trouble. The core controls remained the same, and I am happy for that.

    Online multiplayer has evolved from it's miniscule days and now has a Halo matchmaking feel to it. Although it may seem that there are a great diversity in skill among the community, I never find myself in a room against people that are far greater or lessor skill than I. I am impressed with the improvement and additions to multiplayer offered. Especially Horde mode. I can't get enough of it!

    As far as spoilers go, those who know, know. Let others who have yet to play the game really experience it for themselves. The climactic ending last chapter alone is my favorite spoiler.

    All around great game to play, and a majority of the achievements are obtainable quite effortlessly. Out of a perfect 10 score, I would give a 9.5, but since we only go to 5 here at TA, I will give the coveted 5 star rating, but let you know this: The game does have it's flaws, and you will either relish and obsess on them, or disregard and have a great time. It's up to you.

  • King NothingKing Nothing176,604
    16 Oct 2009 06 Feb 2011
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    Blood....Blood is everywhere.....Squirting from a Kantus who's been sawed in half, his friend suffering the same fate. Ah....Gears is back.

    When I picked up Gears of War 2 I was excited but nervous. My main concern was that the storyline wouldn't be able to draw me in, but boy was I pleasantly surprised!laugh

    Story- 7.5

    The story in Gears 2 follows Delta Squad and the COG (humans) last stand against the seemingly unstoppable locust. It is filled with some shocking events, and a satisfying ending. But I will stress that while my opinion on the story is positive, it isn't without many faults. Some side plots are not explained very well, and the story is dripping with testosterone inducing plot points.(I.E. lots of high-fives and swearing) All in all though, the plot is decent, and keeps you interested from beginning to end, which is all a game of this type really needs.

    Graphics/Framerate- 9.5

    The graphics in GoW 2 are absolutly stunning. Some of the best I've ever seen, filled with many beautiful and interesting locales. From the underground "Hollow" of the Locust, to the expertly crafted final stand in last remaining COG stronghold, Gears 2's graphics are something to marvel at. Also, Epic somehow found a way to have literally hundreds of enemies on screen without lag, leading to some sweet battles.

    Campaign- 9.5

    As I stated in the story section, GoW2 is filled with surprising moments, but the battles are truly memorable. Some of the battles in Gears are better-crafted than in the majority of the other shooters out there. When you find yourself controlling a Brumak and crushing all beneath your lumbering feet, you'll know what I mean when I say Gears 2 has nearly perfected how to make a truly epic battle.


    I think most people will agree that you'll first play Gears 2 for the campaign but you will keep playing because of the multiplayer. From the usual team deathmatch, to the almost endlessly replayable co-operative horde mode, and the dynamic-duo style wingman, there is so many choices to make for multiplayer that you can't stop 'till you played them all and then play s'more.The new Horde mode is the most interesting with its 5 players against 50 increasingly difficult waves of AI Locust.

    Overall- 9.5

    Before people start whining, Gears of War 2 is not perfect. It takes a while to find an online match, you can sometimes have trouble roadie running without sticking onto a wall, and the campaign's story does have serious flaws. But these are all very minor complaints in an overall exellent game that isn't just great, it's a classic. Send me an invite over xbox live and lets go frag some noobs!
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    11 May 2009 22 Jun 2012
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    Gears of War. Whether you liked it or not, this game was one of the best the 360, or any other console, had to offer in 2006. 2 years later and the highly anticipated sequel Gears of War 2 is released. Can it live up to the original?

    Graphics and Audio:
    Let me just start off with this, Gears of War 2 looks incredible. Everything from character models to far-off vistas look fantastic. Headshot an enemy and watch his head explode into a beautiful fountain of blood or blast him apart at close range into tiny giblets and bits of gore. All these beautiful graphics have their problems, it frequently will take several seconds for textures on a character to load when you start a new game or chapter. However, these issues are easy to ignore.

    The Gears of War soundtrack is back and better than ever, fitting this game perfectly. COGs voices are very action hero-esque, locust screams and grunts sound great, and all the weapons sound amazing.

    Let's start off with campaign mode. In the original Gears many criticized it for it's shortness. Gears of War 2 is about the same length as its predecessor. However, for the majority of that time, you will be in intense firefights that will keep you at the edge of your seat. New enemies, weapons and larger-scale battles that look gorgeous make the campaign mode well... epic.

    The story, while much better than the original's, still leaves a lot to be desired. While adding in Dom's quest to find his wife helps make the soldiers of Delta squad seem less like a group who was bred in a lab to do nothing but fight, it still wasn't deep enough to keep the story from being like that of a shallow action movie

    Now to the main reason for buying this game, multiplayer. A lot of you are probably rolling your eyes right about now. However after Title Update 3, this game become the must have online shooter it was destined to be. 10 player matches that vary from old fashioned games like deathmatch and king of the hill, to new ones like the modification on Capture the Flag... Submission, make this an equal to Halo 3 in almost every aspect. Matches are found quickly and easily. They usually have very good connections and the ranking system makes you feel like you're actually moving towards something.

    A review of Gears of War 2 wouldn't be complete without a look at Horde mode. While it sounds shallow and simplistic, horde is actually an extremely solid feature that actually adds much more onto the game. You will be fighting as hard as you can, whether to get to the top of the leaderboards, for the achievements, or to just have fun.

    Closing remarks: Great game that any 360 owner should play.

    Graphics- 9/10
    Audio- 9/10
    Campaign- 8/10
    Story- 7/10
    Multiplayer- 9/10
    Replayability- 10/10

    Overall- 9/10
  • xAchillesxAchilles1,337
    26 Sep 2009
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    Well,well,well.This may be the baddest game of all time. (In a good way)

    At first I was skeptical.Gears of War wasn't my favorite series,and 3rd person shooters aren't my thing I decided that I would give this a try and boy,I was in for one of the greatest experiences in my gaming history.


    You play as Marcus Fenix (Or perhaps Dom in Co-op) a COG trying to save the world from Locusts,while on the side Dom tries to find his lost wife.The story isn't as great as say something like Fallout 3 but it drags you in and makes you happy,sad and sometimes angry.


    The game is basically a run,shoot,cover.That's it. You got your traditional X360 controls. LT-Aim.RT-Shoot.DPAD-Change weapons. It isn't hard to learn but it is hard to master.Overall the gameplay is great.I really don't know what to say otherwise about the gameplay,other than the AI sucks.


    It's as simple as this:The graphics are phenomenal.The textures of the caves, and a couple of the boss fights are paticuarily The cities and snow levels you take place in look so real.Even the character models look fantastic.


    In multiplayer we have a revolutionary new game mode and it is simply called HORDE.You face 50 waves of enemies with up to five of your friends.It is really addicting and fun to play with all 10 of the games shipped maps.Even better with the new Map packs.

    You can also go through the campaign either locally or on Xbox live.

    Last but not least you have all your traditional game modes like Annex,Warzone,Wingman and Submission. Those are tons of fun too.
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    04 Feb 2009
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    Epic fail?, 25 Nov 2008

    Gears of War was a good game. The multiplayer gathered a fanatic fan-base although I never really saw the attraction myself. Single player was fun though, and co-op made things a bit more interesting. Graphically it was superb and one of the best next-gen offerings on any console at the time. A sequel was therefore inevitable and what a mixed bag it's turned out to be.

    Single player & co-op first and there's not really much to add to GoW. Some nice new weapons, a few more execution options, spruced up graphics and decent story but nothing that can be considered a vast improvement on the original. If anything the gameplay has been dumbed down. The chainsaw has suddenly become magnetic, drawing enemies in from all angles and the less said about the pointless chainsaw duelling the better. The absense of any memorable boss battles make the whole experience, dare I say, a little dull. Sure there's lots of fun to be had chainsawing and head-popping locust but nothing that presents too much of challenge, even on Insane difficulty. There's nothing wrong really, it's just not the amazing experience I expected. Good, nice, decent - but not spectacular, awesome, enthralling.

    Multiplayer then. New lobby system and matchmaking. New game modes. No more silly 100 kill weapon achievements. Horde mode is the best addition to the game by far - pitching you and your friends against wave after wave of Locust attack.

    Be warned though - matchmaking is shocking despite recent patches.
    This does improve slightly if you've got 5 friends in your party or only want to play Horde, but for those who just want to jump in a play it's a nightmare. Some of the game modes are more affected than others - but as achievement points are only available for playing Submission, Guardian, King Of The Hill and Wingman you can guess which suffer the most! Given this is supposed to be a premium title the multiplayer support is really bad and reminds me of the good old days of CoD3 when you could read a book waiting in lobby for game!

    Overall then this "blockbuster experience" is more Spiderman 3 than The Dark Knight but will no doubt sell by the bucket-load paving the way for another sequel. I only hope Epic pay attention to all the negative feedback posted on and up their game next time around.

    4/5 for the single player
    3/5 for the multiplayer (add 1 for Horde mode)
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    I played the first Gears many years ago and I was not very impressed. Maybe impressed is not the right word. I was awful at it, couldn't even beat RAAM on the easiest difficulty. Add to that I am easily scared, so the darkness of the game really didn't appeal to me. When the second game was released I actually didn't even notice it in the shelves. It was NOT for me anyway!

    Well, one day I noticed a HUGE campaign, they sold Gears 2 for 10$, brand new! I couldn't resist it! I started playing it and BOOM, I was hooked! Maybe I got rid of my darkness fears? Maybe I am not as easily scared anymore? Well, I haven't changed, but the game has!

    Compared to the first game, the second has nicer graphics, more humour, and this time it actually feels like you're playing in a team! I am also one who appreciates what they have done with the difficulty settings. The first game on Hard is like the second on Insane. I love playing games, not fighting them nor cursing over them. In the multi-player mode they have also added my big time favorite, HORDE! Once again, playing as a team instead of fighting against other players is my cup of tea! The controls are similar to the first game, which are good! What else can I say about this? Well, after playing the second game for a while, I had to re-buy the first one again, which I have recently picked up playing. I also VERY much look forward to the third game because of this sequel.

    All in all, a GREAT monster bashing game with a thick story accompanied by great sound effects, cool comments and scary moments! HIGHLY recommended!
  • Stefan LerouxStefan Leroux868,756
    04 Aug 2011 04 Aug 2011
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    There’s very little that needs to be said about Gears of War 2. The GoW series is currently my favorite, and Gears of War 3 is by far the game I’m anticipating the most.

    I loved the original Gears of War, and was a huge fan of both its style and gameplay. As far as campaigns go, it’s one of the best: both in solo and co-op. Thankfully, this is a formula which Gears 2 has kept brilliantly. The game plays just like the original, with a few upgrades, but overall is an extension of the first, rather than a ‘new edition’ which so often goes wrong.

    That said, I’m not as keen on the appearance of the game. In itself, it’s still a very beautiful game, but I feel it has taken a darker approach which has made it lose some of the visuals which made the original so great. A lot of it goes by the same undertones of grays and deep reds, and while it all looks nice enough, there are definitely no parts of the game which I found breathtaking, unlike the first.

    The campaign follows on from the first, the light-mass bomb not having been successful, and now it is up to Delta Squad again to find a solution to the locust problem. Since the light-mass bomb went off, and was partially successful, and since General RAAM was defeated, there have been a change of enemies. Replacing the General is the Kantus High-Priest ‘Skorge’, a locust so bad-ass, he “made RAAM look like a goddamn pushover.” At least, he did in the cut-scenes. The battle against the guy was less than impressive. While fighting RAAM it took Parisienne and myself several attempts, and was only eventually won when we got so sick of dying that we lobbed all our grenades at him, then shot shit outta him. We never expected it to work, and were damn surprised when it did.
    Skorge on the other hand is a relatively simple battle, relying more on slight tactics with button-thumping ability, rather than any actual skill. The idea of him is nice enough; he’s a big-ass grub with a double-ended chainsaw staff (the Locust equivalent of Darth Maul); but his battle is pretty generic: big room, shoot, avoid falling objects, chainsaw battle, rinse, repeat. Not at all living up to the potential it held from his intro.
    Other notable absences include the Kryll; who were all destroyed by the lightmass bombing; the Lambent; who are mentioned, but not fought; and Beserkers, which is the greatest travesty of the game. Although Beserkers were never truly bosses (mayhaps sub-bosses), they were some of the most fun sections of the original game, and sadly I feel that these were much harder and more epic than most of the sections in Gears of War 2.
    None of this is to say that the game is bad. The campaign is still fantastic, I just don’t feel it quite lives up to what it could have been. There are many great bits in it however, including some fantastic sections where you just don’t expect to make it out (such as coming up against 4 corpsers at once, or having to battle a brumak). These sections almost make up for it themselves, because they’re just so full of suspense, and remove all hope from you.

    The campaign is not really the main part of any game anymore however, and Gears is no exception: most of the effort has evidently gone into the multiplayer, and considering how highly I think of the campaign, that says a lot. Although I’m not a huge fan of multiplayer, I myself have spent a huge amount of time over the past 6 weeks playing Horde with my new wingman. We’ve been playing through to up our ranks: he began at level 1, and is now at level 45, whereas I have gone up to 64 from 49 when he began. Also while writing this review I have just earned the “Party like it’s 1999? achievement for playing 1999 online matches… most of which have been done over said 6 weeks.
    Horde is the GoW equivalent of Halo’s Firefight. You battle through 50 waves of Locust, in increasing numbers and difficulty. Sadly, horde is a much abused gametype by people who just want to “earn their wings”, and many games are full of idle characters who just want the experience while everyone else does all the work. Sadly, the game does very little to help this, giving the host no ability to kick, so everyone else must suffer. Even worse is when the host is the inactive one. My wingman and I spent an entire night joining and leaving games because there was nobody there to restart the round. The biggest problem being that we kept going in and out of the same couple of games.

    The other multiplayer modes are the true multiplayers, for player on player action. I don’t play them so much, because my lower reactions tend to mean I lose, and that’s all there is to it. It’s not a case of being a bad sport, it’s just that I don’t enjoy losing every time. If I was a bit better, I’d be a lot happier to play against others.
    The modes have the general variety; King of the Hill, Annex (basically a King of the Hill clone, where the hill changes location), and Warzone (standard team deathmatch); as well as some which fit better in the Gears scene, such as Wingman (where 5 teams of 2 battle against each other), and Guardian (where you need to eliminate the opposing team leader, then wipe out the team). They are all very good, and very capable of giving hours of fun (again, to people who like multiplayer).
  • I3oyzie I 2eI3oyzie I 2e113,688
    13 May 2009
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    This game was really well received by critics and there is a good reason for that, it is a really good game. Adimitadely there were a few things that didn't seem to be fully polished when it was first released but most of these things seem to have been more or less repaired now, for example the game is alot less laggy than it was and there are far fewer glitches to exploit. Also the matchaking system seems to have had alot of complaints but I have never had any problems with it, although I do prefer Gears 1's system for finding games as you can choose exactley what game type, the number of rounds to be played and the map, but the new system does add some variety to the experience.
    The campaign is far better than the original in terms of gameplay, story and the length of the game (which was the real downside of the first game) which weighs in at roughly 8-12 hours. In Gears 2 the enviroments are much more varied than the first games and they are also much larger, as is the scale of the game in general all of which are welcome additions to the franchise. The story is good but at times it can feel abit forced and it kind of feels as if its trying too hard to connect with players emotions.
    The multiplayer on this game is probably the best part of it (if you have xboxlive anyway). There are many modes which range from team deathmatch or a cool variation of capture the flag in which the flag is alive and then theres the incredibly addictive horde mode in which 5 players fight 50 waves of increasingly dificult locust for a place on the leaderboards, for pride and OBVIOUSLY for achievements. Aswell as the multiplayer content on the actual disc epic are always bringing new dlc for the game and i can see some more free updates for it in the future that implement even more to make it even better.
    The campaign is great, the multiplayer is amazing and you can pick it up for pretty cheap now so if you're wondering wether to buy this game wonder no more just buy it and if you don't like it fuck it the achievements are pretty easy.
  • Laundry LunaticLaundry Lunatic129,251
    10 Feb 2011
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    In this sequel to gears of war 1 the story continues. The graphics are slightly improved. Sound effects are better. Controls feel the same. The story isn't as good as the first game.

    There are new weapons, grenades can be stuck to the walls. Some of the new weapons are the Mortar, poison ink grenades, the mulcher (a powerful machine gun), and the hammerburst, and alternative gun to use instead of the lancer, but this gun lets you zoom in on your targets. Its powerful if used right, if you can handle the kickback from the firing. Another new item is the shield. It stops most shots exept at your feet and slows down your movement.

    The campaign is fun but can be rush through pretty fast if your experienced from playing gears 1. Hoard mode is a new addition where you and 4 other team mates fight waves of enemys which get increasingly tougher as you progress. You lose when everyone is killed. The multiplayer is probably one of the best things about this game. Its 5 vs 5. Taking cover and communication between your team mates is key to winning matches. Going Rambo will get you killed fast. Warzone, Execution, and Annex return. Guardian is still intact but slightly changed. Some of the new modes are King of the Hill, similar to Annex, only the ring does not move. Submission is a new one where you take down the target use him as a human shield and drag it to a ring. Hold him in the ring long enough and your team wins the round.

    By the way, if you feel intimidated about playing multiplayer against other people, there is a multiplayer training tutorial in which you play against bots and learn how to play. As you play horde mode or multiplayer mode you gain xp. Leave a match before it ends and you get a penalty. Unfortunatly you don't get perks for it. You get achievement ponts and bragging rights. The only draw back about multiplayer is that in some matches there tends to be lag. Usually from the host having a bad internet connection. People will occasionally cheat by glitches in some maps, and lag switches. Don't be surprised when you hear some people talking smack or just being plain a-holes.

    This game came out in 2008 and is still one of the best games on xbox 360. You can buy it for $20 new if you get the game of the year addition. Go out and get it. Rev up your chainsaws and have fun.
  • Wull ScottWull Scott498,481
    20 Jun 2011 17 Apr 2012
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    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...

    Did someone drop the ball, Epic? Yes, they did, didn't they?

    I'd better explain first that I am not a fanatic Gears of War player let down by this sequel. No. I thoroughly ENJOYED the original, and just felt a little bit short changed by this game.

    Let's start positive. Graphics are superb, the character models look amazing and the textures are fantastic. I personally feel that the lighting is a bit weird, though and that all the characters seem to have a slightly hazy glow to them, especially the light grey locusts. But on the whole everything looks great. Very sequel-y, though. You can tell they were trying to outdo themselves.

    Sound effects do exactly what they're supposed to do, no more, no less. I still think the shotgun sounds and feels a bit weedy. Music seems a bit less inspired than the original, but nonetheless does its job. All of this is to be expected, though, and nothing sticks out as vastly improved.

    As it is a sequel, there has to be some inexplicable changes since the original, for example, Marcus has been on a special COG training course that has taught him to be able to use locusts as shields and also to kill them when they are down in THREE DIFFERENT WAYS! AWEsome! The training course also taught him how to kill enemies from behind in a slightly different way. Perhaps his future training will teach him how to use his chainsaw against the boomer style enemies instead of just standing behind them revving the chainsaw like a fool. The locusts haven't been dawdling themselves, completely redesigning the Hammerburst carbine AND distributing it to all their forces, while removing the originals completely from service. Lots of the boomers have also retrained as grinders, flamers, butchers and maulers using Mulcher machine guns, flamethrowers, machetes and a shield and mace combo respectively. That's right, people! It's the obligatory new weapon section! The new weapons are all pretty much excellent and expertly balanced. The Hammerburst has a low rate of fire, but is more accurate and powerful, BUT the lancer has a chainsaw and faster rate of fire. The Boomshield completely covers your front from fire, but limits you to your pistol. The gorgon pistol has a terrific rate of fire, but only in bursts and can only fire 4 bursts. The chainsaw duelling is also a neat new addition, with the fastest person tapping (B) winning the duel and sawing the other person up.

    So some good stuff there, but what about the irritations... Where to start?

    How about with the story? Meatheads shoot things because that's what they do. They then perform more and more absurd acts of heroism, but are oblivious to obvious plot points that come up. There is an attempt at a heart wrenching scene or two, but you honestly couldn't care less about the caricatures. Oh, no! Anya might be dead! And Marcus looks inexplicably upset! Why? They haven't established any kind of relationship! Dom's wife? Only alluded to briefly in the first game and now the sole driving factor in his fight? They didn't ESTABLISH the relationship! Tai is a big tough guy who's fate we're supposed to care about? Guess what they didn't establish.

    Annoying plot points pop up frequently. Dom seems surprised that Marcus's dad is on the locust's computer system, but in the first game no one questioned how he could have a complete map of the enemy tunnels. Why were the lambent on the train at the end of the first game? I think you see what I'm saying. The story is dire, but without the pace of the original, which segues nicely into the gameplay and the pace thereof.

    When you are making a big, dumb action movie game, it needs to be filled with blistering set pieces and a lightning fast pace. You certainly shouldn't force your audience into wandering about for a few minutes wondering exactly where to go - it's not supposed to be an exploration game. There are a few sections of the game where a big door opens and grinders (big locusts) come out, you shoot them dead and continue through the door. Then at one point this happens, but if you go down the fairly long corridor they come out of, you then need to double back on yourself to leave the area. It takes less than a minute, but by this point you're supposed to be on the final stretch toward the big boss - it really hurts the pace. As does the many times you are just walking to the next fight, the worst part being when you have start what is supposed to be one of the most exciting and intriguing parts of the game and you spend ages walking to lift, then ages watching them on the lift, then ages walking to the next lift, then ages watching them on that lift, then ages walking to the next fight. Shoddy. And the game is peppered with areas like this. A lot of time you spend running around looking for the way out of an area, or for an enemy that has glitched into scenery that needs to be killed so you can trigger the next cut-scene.

    Talking about pace, I bought Gears of War 2 on the understanding that it was a third person shooter which relied on its cover system. NOT a tank driving game and not a Reaver simulator. Why do game makers feel this need to break up the type of game that the player has PAID MONEY to play with a game type that is nothing like the game that they have PAID MONEY to play? I am trying to say that the vehicle sections are the worst kind of dross I ever played. EVER. The tank handles like - and travels at the speed of - an arthritic donkey. The level that you play in is dull until you reach the frozen lake you have to drive over (while under mortar fire, causing the ice to break all around you), then it get frustrating. You need to slow down from a crawl to an even slower crawl, or risk driving into one of the game's all too frequent insta-deaths. The end of the level is punctuated by an interminable drive through a cave with NOTHING in it until the very end, and even then, the enemies are beaten in no time. The Reaver levels are, by comparison, much better, but IF I had wanted to play Panzer Dragoon, I would have stayed in the 90's.

    In all, the single player campaign is bearable as the gameplay mechanics generally stand up well, but I personally felt like it dragged quite a bit. So let's turn to the co-op mode. Hmm.... I've played through twice, and the annoying glitches are almost enough for me to trade the game in. Examples would be that after fighting the sires and opening a gate with a turny valve handle, Dom (as I was playing) decided that he like that stance so much, he would slam into the nearest wall and hold that pose while juddering in an alarming manner. Reloading the checkpoint helped, but it was annoying. Being thrown out of the tank was another bizarre one. It made it far easier, but it was bizarre nonetheless. Which reminds me... Apparently, my co-op partner was seeing a very different battlefield in the tank to what I was seeing. When I played as Marcus, I cursed him for not shooting a pack of locusts on three occasions and he claimed he had no idea what I was talking about. When I played as Dom, the same thing happened. He kept trying to run over hordes of invisible enemies. There were plenty of other times when my character would spasmodically move on the spot, or jump out of cover unbidden, or get stuck on cover for fun, or start floating. Wonderfully buggy. When everything was going right, however, the experience was nothing short of excellent.

    The Horde game type has also proved fantastic fun as well. Far better than I expected. Adversarial multiplayer, however... I have played in little over 10 games and see no reason why I would ever play it again. My team was made up of people of my rank (no chevrons) and we were matched with people 3 chevrons. They duly annihilated us. It was pretty much the same story every time. The other team knew the map inside out and wiped out the new guys. Awesome. When I say "played in 5 games", I'm not counting the 2 hours plus of waiting for teammates, waiting for opponents, waiting for people to pick a map, waiting until the 10 second counter ticked down... Then getting spat out of the match because the host left. Even in the games, it seemed that certain people were bulletproof, sliding in and out of cover constantly. Not fun. Not fun at all.

    So all-in-all, a decent enough game hampered by a lot of niggling faults, but not enough to render it unplayable, only enough to damage it. Although I was disappointed, I can't really say I was TOO disappointed, because I wasn't looking forward to it that much in the first place, which is lucky.
  • LessrOf2WeevilsLessrOf2Weevils87,097
    17 Oct 2010
    2 4 0
    My three brothers are big into Gears and I've spent a respectable amount of time the past few months playing with them on-line, but I'm quickly growing bored of the thing. It's not like it's a bad game - far from it. Gears is a solid shooter. The cover based mechanics work very well, the graphics are great and, at times, stunning. The characters are memorable, with good voice work and entertaining dialogue, and there's a respectable variety in the multi-player. Although the story itself is pretty much nonsensical, there's enough variety in the campaign mode to keep you going. There's just not enough substance there to hold me for that long. I've played through the campaign three times, once in co-op, so I'm done with that. The tactics in the multi-player just seem like the same thing over and over, race for the power weapons and master the shotgun. We'll, that's not enough to keep me going indefinitely. Overall, though, it's still one of the better games to come out of last fall. I'll still be there to pick up Gears 3 when it comes out.

    Story: 3
    Interface: 4
    Game Play: 4
    Challenge: 4
    Fun: 4

    Overall: 8.5/10
  • MR CODMAN1976MR CODMAN1976144,338
    16 Oct 2009 21 Oct 2009
    1 6 0
    this game is without dout the best game i have played on the xbox.the singleplayer campaign is a well told story it's not rocket science but hey what do you want from a shooter.It looks pretty and plays well with excellent weapons to pick from for me i would use the shotgun but what ever floats your boat man.I really enjoyed the campaign it's also longer than the first game which is always a bonus and the paceing of the game is fair and even.I think it's much easier to play than the first game even on insane mode but still i loved it.But were the real game play lies is in the multi-player as person who loves shooters i think this is the best one on the xbox and also the most brutal. horde is excellent and so are the wide range of map packs.for me i give this game 10/10 this is also my first short review of a game so dont be harsh on me but any good info would help cheers.
  • SpelunkyDadSpelunkyDad58,133
    04 Sep 2009
    1 6 0
    Much smoother gameplay than the first Gears. The multiplyer is fun and with the new ranking system, makes you want to play more. Hrde levels are fun when playing with friends! You can adjust the intensity if horde levels to match gameplay, insane is alot harder than it looks to be. Otherwise it gets 5 stars from me.

    New map packs (Dark Corners) is awesome! Alot of small very fast paced maps. Nowhere is hands down the best very fast map. Shotgun all the way.

    Campaign was well laid out picking up from the first Gears. I am hoping that that all the locust have not been killed and a Gears of War 3 will be released.
  • xA Dark KnightxA Dark Knight148,744
    08 May 2009
    4 10 0
    I think this is a great game but has a couple hiccups. My biggest issue with this game is glitches. While playing single player I would pop up in a spot I shouldn't be or on multiplayer I can't zoom out of aim or my gun just starts shooting without pulling the trigger, weird random stuff. I've noticed this is going on less though so they may have fixed it with a patch. Also, you can be great with single player but multiplayher has a little bit of a learning curve because you have to play much different. You can have bots in this game, which are pretty good fighters, but they're dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to strategy. Real players think strategically and get ballsy, the bots don't. Overall this is a great game, I would've given it 5 stars if it were not for the occasional glitches and getting used to the multiplayer, but once you do it's amazing.

    -Great, gory, messy fun.
    -Fun multiplayer.
    -Some nice improvements from GoW 1 (meatshields).
    -Split-screen capability (not enough games have this anymore)!
    -Constant downloadable content with achievement additions for every set.

    -Occasional glitches.
    -Multiplayer is tough to get into at first.
  • L33isB345TL33isB345TThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    19 Apr 2009
    4 10 0
    Gears of War 2 is FANTASTIC! I love this game, and I will tell you why! Basically, if you haven't played the first. Locusts have come out of the ground and are killing billions of people. so the COG's Gears (who you will play as during the story) is the last hope to keeping humanity alive. During the story, there will be blood,gore,emotional feelings,jaw droppers, and moments that will make you mad.warning

    Now The mulitplayer is where the game shines. The multiplayer has your standard Team death match games like Warzone, and execution. Only thing is when your "downed" you can only be killed close up and can get back up. But not in Warzone. "Downed" is when you are shot to much and fall down and must crawl, bleeding out. There is also a CTF type with a twist. It's a human with a shotgun. You must down him, pick him up as a meat shield and bring him to the scoring area. You move very slow with the flag so you must work as a team. Then there is Guardian where you must kill the enemy leader to keep them from respawning so you can eliminate their entire team. And Annex is a type where you run around and capture control points for points and it switches after 60 points has been distributed. And King of The Hill is Annex but one person must be on the point at all times and it never switches. And Wingman is 2v2v2v2v2. And this is where you'll get the most exp and most memories. You get 1.1 exp by playing this game type.

    So now with Title Update 3, there is the experience sytem, witch lets you rank up and get achievements. There is a glitch to get to 100 and get all the achievements. However, there are multiple cases where it happens on accident. So therefore, don't cheat, or else you might get banned.

    So that is the review, go to the epic games forum if you need more information. Or contact me on Xbox Live. I will always be there to help out!clap
  • KingBeef87KingBeef8797,157
    05 Apr 2011
    5 12 2
    This the worst game ever I can't belive I'm goin to buy the next one that comes out! Just kidding very good game can't wait for the next one! If your thinking about buying this game stop thinking get in your car go to the store an buy it now you will not regret it one bit! You will have a blast kill all the blood suckers they have a small veriety of wepons to choose from only downer ! Sing bow chicka wow wow its a good song lol just filling this with BS I ran out of crap to say!
  • Salsaguy101Salsaguy10176,736
    16 Jun 2009
    9 17 3
    Game was ok, never really got into gears.

    ok in a nut shell you, Marcus finix, really pissed off soldier, angerly straps himself to walls, pokes his head out, fires until his clip is empty, back to cover. repeat. through most of the game. it is excessively repetitive. your practically invincible in campaign unless you suck. horde is an exception especially on insane, the campaign gets good only when on insane, then the cover works. other than that you have difficulty dying.

    Games beautiful, textures beautiful, charecter models beautiful, architecture beautiful. nuff said.

    hate marcus voice
    everything else is good

    horde was a saving grace for me in multiplayer. in the original the multiplayer felt more balanced, shotgun killed who it was suppose to kill, you didnt have freaking smoke grenades! and there just was a sense of originallity to the maps. that kinda faded away with gears 2.

    honestly there are so many blank spots describing nothing, there is some what of a lack of a story. whaat the bloody frak were those siers? why did we not shoot the queen. are we really that badly informed about the locust caverns? kind of mind boggling.

    gameplay: 7.5
    graphics: 10
    sound: 9
    multiplayer: 8.5
    story: 6

    overall: 8

    as a cover based shooter it does is job to well, hammerburst should go back to burst fire (loved that weapon in the original), make a story! and pretty much dont go halo 3 with us in the next game, i dont want a weak ending!

    p.s. i personally prefer the rainbow six vegas series to this. more tense.
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