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Gears of War 3 Achievements

Full list of all 82 Gears of War 3 achievements worth 2,000 gamerscore. It takes around 200 hours to unlock all of the achievements in the base game on Xbox 360.

The base game contains 50 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore, and there are 7 DLC packs containing 32 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore.

Add-on: Horde Command Pack

Horde Command Pack

3.8738,78028,774 (74%)0-1 h
Horde Command Pack
Title update: Horde Command Pack Title Update

Horde Command Pack Title Update

3.8230,74318,592 (60%)20-25 h
Horde Command Pack Title Update
Title update: RAAM's Shadow Title Update

RAAM's Shadow Title Update

3.9631,14131,146 (100%)0-1 h
RAAM's Shadow Title Update
  • Zeta Team, Go!

    Complete waves 1-10 of Horde with 5 players as Zeta (Barrick, Tai, Minh, Valera and Jace).

    Locked - 4 guides
Add-on: RAAM's Shadow

RAAM's Shadow

4.2077,95614,331 (18%)4-5 h
RAAM's Shadow
  • Welcome To Zeta

    Complete "RAAM's Shadow" in Standard Campaign on any difficulty.

    01 February 2014 - 2 guides
  • Finger of Doom

    As RAAM, kill 50 Gears using your Kryll.

    01 February 2014 - 3 guides
  • Some Friendly Competition

    Complete "RAAM's Shadow" in Arcade Campaign on any difficulty.

    Locked - 2 guides
  • Help From My Friends

    Complete "RAAM's Shadow" in 4 player co-op in either Arcade or Standard mode.

    Locked - 1 guide
  • I'm Rubber, You're Glue

    As Mauler, kill 10 Gears by reflecting their bullets using your shield.

    Locked - 4 guides
  • Death from Above

    Using the Hammer of Dawn Command Center, kill 50 Locust.

    Locked - 4 guides
  • Unarmed and Dangerous

    Using the Loader, kill 10 Locust.

    Locked - 7 guides
  • Ghosts from the Past

    Play 10 matches of Versus as a member of Zeta (Barrick, Tai, Minh, or Valera)(Standard or Casual).

    Locked - 1 guide
  • Foreshadowing

    As RAAM, execute Minh 10 times in Versus MP (Standard or Casual).

    Locked - 12 guides
Add-on: Fenix Rising

Fenix Rising

3.7945,26211,170 (25%)8-10 h
Fenix Rising
  • Now They Begin to Understand

    Complete all 12 waves of Beast on all Fenix Rising maps.

    Locked - 1 guide
  • Defending the Past

    Complete all 50 waves of Horde on any of the Fenix Rising maps.

    Locked - 2 guides
  • Come to Poppa!

    Win a Versus multiplayer match as a team of five Recruit Claytons (any mode).

    Locked - 1 guide
  • Locust, Forever!

    Win a Versus multiplayer match as a team of five Savage Marauders (any mode).

    Locked - 2 guides
  • Time to Re-up!

    Achieve level 100 and choose to re-up for another tour of duty.

    Locked - 4 guides
  • Again!

    Achieve level 100 a second time and choose to re-up for another tour.

    Locked - 5 guides
Title update: Fenix Rising Title Update

Fenix Rising Title Update

3.7814,87814,880 (100%)8-10 h
Fenix Rising Title Update
  • I've Done it All!

    Earn at least one of each of the original 132 combat ribbons.

    Locked - 4 guides
Add-on: Forces of Nature

Forces of Nature

3.8748,7158,900 (18%)4-5 h
Forces of Nature
  • Natural Selection

    Complete all 12 waves of Beast on all Forces of Nature maps.

    Locked - 1 guide
  • Horde Natural

    Complete 20 consecutive waves of Horde on any Forces of Nature map without going down or dying.

    Locked - 3 guides
  • Unstoppable Force

    Complete all 50 waves of Horde on any of the Forces of Nature maps.

    Locked - 1 guide
  • Elemental

    Get 25 kills with any of the hidden elementally charged Cleavers in Horde.

    Locked - 8 guides
  • Stock Piled

    Achieve the maximum level on all fortifications in Horde mode.

    Locked - 2 guides
  • Force Multiplayer

    Win a match of Guardian on all Forces of Nature maps.

    Locked - 3 guides
  • Witty Repairtee

    Build or repair 50,000 worth of fortifications as Mechanic Baird LE.

    Locked - 1 guide
  • Hunter Gatherer

    Bag and Tag 20 opponents while playing as the Savage Hunter in Versus multiplayer (any mode).

    Locked - 2 guides
  • I've Got This!

    Kill 10 opponents as the leader in a round of Guardian on a Forces of Nature map.

    Locked - 6 guides
  • Force Multiplier

    Kill a Lambent Berserker with a team comprised of 5 Forces of Nature characters in Horde.

    Locked - 4 guides