1. Gears of War 4 Walkthrough overview

Welcome back Gearheads for more Sera action. This is the 5th Gears game but the first of original Gears content for the Xbox One. The game is set 25 years after the events of Gears 3 and you'll be playing as Marcus Fenix's son, JD.

I've divided this walkthrough into 4 main achievement segments: Campaign, Versus, Horde, and Seriously 4.0. As with any Gears game the Seriously achievement is a time consuming one, but luckily Seriously 4.0 is not nearly as bad as 3.0. But don't fret, as there are plenty more of other time consuming achievements requiring several campaign playthroughs, many many horde runs, a multiplayer grind of many days, and keeping an eye out for special events throughout the year. If your goal is a full completion you're easily looking at several hundred hours. If you're reading this today and just starting the game the good news is you've got a leg up on someone that started the game at launch as some of the grindy achievements were not retroactive. The bad news is some of the bugs that made the game easier have been fixed.

Gears of War 4 introduces micro-transactions to buy packs of cards for cosmetic skins, bounties for exp and money, and horde class skills necessary for completion. These are purchased using in game currency called credits, which you earn via online play. Horde mode can be an efficient way to farm credits via so called "speed runs" using efficient maps and particular strategies to breeze through on the highest difficulty, which is now beyond Insane, called Inconceivable. You can pay real money to buy packs to accelerate things, although it would be of minimal help in the long run. If you would like to accelerate the completion progress you can opt for the season pass. The Gears of War 4 season pass unlike previous Gears titles, is not required for the completion of the game. It only allows you access to 24 additional post-launch maps in creating a custom game and gives over 20 card packs. It also provides credit boosts when playing on the 24 maps that you now have "ownership" of. I wouldn't recommend paying $50 for it as it can sometimes be found on Ebay for ~$20. Only one person needs the season pass to allow access to the maps, so just let them be the host if you don't want the season pass.

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