6. Gears of War 4 Seriously 4.0

As with any Gears game the ultimate achievement is a "Seriously" achievement. But first a few miscellaneous achievements once you've got excess scrap to waste. You need to craft a craft only card as well as a legendary card so we'll knock both out at once. This will cost you 2400 scrap and a good choice is our dear friend from Gears 2, Tai Kaliso.


Craft a Craft Only card

2 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerShop

Master Craftsman

Craft a Legendary card

Master Craftsman
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You can get your 600 scrap back now. Along the way you also need to have collected 10 Series 3 cards, this will pop:


Own 10 Cards from the Series 3 Collection

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You can scrap these now if you wish.

Seriously 4.0 is actually divided up into 7 pieces and each one will actually show progress in the achievement tracker.

The description reads: complete Insane Campaign, ribbons, rank placements, Horde maps, re-ups, classes and five skills.

Each of those pieces is actually tied to a separate achievement.

The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors

Complete all Campaign Acts on Insane difficulty

The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors
3 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain StorylineDifficulty SpecificStackable

Chest Candy

Earn one of each launch Ribbon

Chest Candy
2 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeVersusTime Consuming

Ranked and Filed

Achieve a rank in one Core and one Competitive game mode

Ranked and Filed
2 guidesOnline Game ModeVersusLevelPartly Discontinued/Unobtainable

I've Killed Things, Seen Places

Complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde in a squad on every Launch Series map (any difficulty)

I've Killed Things, Seen Places
2 guidesOnline Game ModeCooperative

Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?

Re-up ten times

Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?
6 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeVersusCumulative +LevelTime Consuming

Stay Classy

Reach level 10 in every launch Horde class

Stay Classy
3 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeLevelTime Consuming

Skills That Make Me a Nightmare

Upgrade 5 Skill cards to level 5

Skills That Make Me a Nightmare
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If you complete all 7 of those and it doesn't pop immediately don't freak out, just play a game of something and it should eventually sync. The most time consuming will be the 10 reups but that's pretty self explanatory so here we're going to discuss the ribbons necessary for Chest Candy. There are 141 launch ribbons, but only 138 are required for the achievement. The following three ribbons are not required as they were removed as a requirement a year after launch.

Ole! – Grenade tag a bayonet-charging enemy.
Not Today – Revived every member of your team in a single round of an Execution or Warzone match.
Smorgasbord – Killed an enemy with each weapon in Arms Race.

If you collect all 138 ribbons Chest Candy may not pop immediately either until you go into your War Journal and view them. Multiplayer ribbons cannot be earned in a private match, although Horde ribbons can. I would encourage you to keep a spreadsheet and delete them as you go. The majority of these you will earn just by playing the game normally, although finding 2 other people with extra controllers can make a lot of these a piece of cake against coop casual bots. Others will be quite a pain so I'll offer commentary, while some of the Escalation ones are next to impossible to get without a boosting session.

10-56 in Progress (Did damage to an enemy that killed themselves in a Versus match)
Hang out near Boomshot and Frag grenade spawns on the map and run up to people as they grab them. Sometimes they'll panic and kill themselves, just inflict any sort of damage, sometimes the Boomshot alone is enough to count.

3rd and Long (Killed an enemy by downing that enemy three times in a Versus match)

Apex Predator (Won a Versus match where you were the last man standing)

Better Man (Won a sudden death situation in a Versus match)

Big Exit (Killed an enemy while grenade tagged)
Bots don't grenade tag(at least I've never seen it) so you'll either need to boost this one or get cheeky with someone online, similar to 10-56 in Progress.

Boombardier (Killed multiple enemies with a single explosive shot in Versus or Horde)

Carmine's Star (Had the most headshot deaths in a Versus match)

Chain Lightning (Shocked 2 enemies with the same planted Shock Grenade in a Versus match)
Plant in KOTH rings.

Clear! (Had the most revives in Versus or Horde)

Clusterluck (Killed multiple enemies with a single Frag Grenade in Versus or Horde)

Clutch (Killed at least three enemies, as the last man out, to win a Versus round)

Contender (Had the most melee hits in Versus or Horde)

Coup de Grâce (Got the final kill with an execution in Versus or Horde)

Death from Below (Killed an enemy with a grenade while you were down but not out in a Versus match)
Get downed while holding frags in an Execution or Warzone match so they need to get close to you to finish you off. Hold cn_RT as they approach.

Death from Beyond (Killed an enemy while you were dead in Versus or Horde)
Plant grenades in Horde, then go get killed.

Demolition Man (Killed multiple enemies with a single Dropshot shot in Versus or Horde)

Evasive (Took the least amount of damage in Versus or Horde)

Executioner (Got the most executions in a Versus match)

FIFO (Died first in a Versus round)

Final World (Got the final kill in Versus or Horde)

First to Fight (Got the first kill in every round of a Versus match)

First! (Got the first kill in Versus or Horde)

Grenadier (Had the most grenade kills in Versus or Horde)

Guys? Hello? (Spent the most time down but not out in Versus or Horde)

Hail Mary (Kill an enemy who was at least 200 feet away with the Boomshot or RL-4 Salvo in Versus or Horde)

Headhunter (Had the most headshots in Versus or Horde)

I Know Kung-Fu (Countered a close cover combat move)
Sit in cover and wait for someone or a bot to grab you, the timing window for hitting cn_B is very small so have your finger on the button.

I'm Fine (Self-revived twice during a Versus match)

Industrious (Used more than one Deebee weapon to kill a single enemy)
Change your starting loadout to Enforcer and grab either an EMBAR or a shock grenade on the map. An EMBAR active reload has a stun component so don't headshot them and then finish off with an Enforcer.

Inside Out (Killed an enemy with a Dropshot headshot in a Versus match)

Killjoy (Killed an enemy who had a kill streak of 5 or more in a Versus match)

Last Man Out (Was the only surviving member of your team in a Versus mode without respawns)

Methodical (Executed 5 enemies)

Military Intelligence (Marked 5 enemies who were then killed by someone else within ten seconds in Versus or Horde)

More Guts than Skill (Killed yourself at least 3 times in Versus or Horde)

MVP (Had the most points in Versus or Horde)

Negotiations Over (Headshot an enemy who was holding a meatshield in a Versus match)
One of the most difficult ribbons as bots don't use meatshields. Grab a Longshot, park yourself in a good vantage point over a ring in Escalation/KOTH, and wait very patiently.

Nemesis (Killed the same enemy 5 times in a Versus match)

Never Had a Chance (Won every round of a Versus match)

Never Surrender (Came from defeat to win a Versus match)

No Respect (Killed the top player in a Versus match)

No Smoking (Killed an enemy with a Smoke Grenade in Versus or Horde)
For this you'll have to DBNO someone three times. On the first two let them stand up, but on the 3rd walk up to them and tag them with a smoke grenade.

No, Wait! (Killed an enemy who was reloading in Versus)

Not So Fast (Killed an enemy who was executing a teammate in Versus or Horde)

Oscar Mike (Headshot a roadie running enemy)
Use the Horde skill 'Sniper Strike'.

Pacifist (Had more revives than kills in a Versus match)

Pistoleer (Had the most pistol kills in Versus or Horde)

Quick Clips (Had the most perfect active reloads in Versus or Horde)

Rough Day (Died the most in Versus or Horde)

Sapper Star (Killed an enemy by detonating their own planted grenade in a Versus match)
Another difficult one to get as you need to creepily follow someone as they plant a frag grenade. You've got a very small window of time to destroy it so be accurate or try sniping someone as they plant. Also easier on ring-based maps as that's where people typically plant.

Smooth Operator (Got the highest kill/death ratio in a Versus match)

So Close (Died within one second of self-reviving in Versus)
At the point where your character is off the ground and almost standing up.

Solid (Had more kills than deaths in a Versus match)

Special Delivery (Killed an enemy with a bag-n-tag in Versus or Horde)
Easiest in Horde, especially as Soldier. Down a drone, hit cn_X to meatshield them, then hit cn_up and send them off into a crowd of friends.

Spray and Pray (Had the most blindfire kills in Versus or Horde)

Stab Em (Killed an enemy with a knife execution after a close cover combat move)
Just like you did in the campaign tutorial either vaulting with cn_B or yanking with cn_X, but make sure to get in close and hit cn_Y.

Stay Down (Had more downs than kills in a Versus match)

Survivor (Had the most self-revives in a Versus match)

Swift Vengeance (Killed the last enemy who killed you in a Versus match)

Team Player (Had the most assists in Versus or Horde)

The Cleaner (Got the final kill in every round of a Versus match)

The Double Killed 2 enemies within four seconds of each other
The Triple Killed 3 enemies within four seconds of each other
The Quad Killed 4 enemies within four seconds of each other
The Quint Killed 5 enemies within four seconds of each other

The Super (Headshot a rolling enemy in Versus or Horde)
You won't see it in Horde so I'm not sure why they mention it but this can be quite annoying to get. Get out your Gnasher and have someone roll towards you.

Tough Guy (Died the least in Versus or Horde)

Trick Shot (Got a Torque Bow headshot that was also a double kill in Versus or Horde)
Another one I encourage boosting on but if you want to give it a go out in the wild once again pick on bots in KOTH. Down one with your Lancer in the ring and while they're reviving line up a pair of headshots or headshot the first and stick the second.

Under the Radar (Earned no other ribbons in a Versus match)
Unfortunately sitting there doing nothing will get you the Evasive ribbon, so find a friend or second controller and both of you just sit there. It won't work on all match types as some give out ribbons for different rounds so I recommend Arms Race.

Unlucky Bastard (Was the only person on your team who died in a Versus round)

Vigilant (Won a Versus match with at least 10 kills without dying)

Well Protected (Was most revived member on your team in Versus or Horde)

Arms Race Medals
Hair Trigger (Killed an enemy within 1 second of receiving a new gun in Arms Race)
Down someone and wait for your team to get the required 3 kills, then melee your downed friend.

Happy Ending (Killed an enemy with the final weapon in an Arms Race match)

Sorry, Charlie (Killed an enemy within 2 seconds of that enemy receiving a new gun in Arms Race)

Dodgeball Medals
Aww Man... (Was in the process of respawning when a Dodgeball match ended)

Big ol' Hero (Won a Dodgeball match where you were the last man standing)

Complete Resurrection (Was on a team that went from one living player back to five living players in a Dodgeball match)

Dead Weight (Was brought back twice in a Dodgeball round)

You're Welcome (Brought back two players in a Dodgeball round)

Execution/Warzone Medals
Big Poppa (Killed an enemy with one shot in an Execution or Warzone match)
Longshot, Gnasher

Downtime (Died within the first 15 seconds of an Execution or Warzone match)

Gladiator (Killed an enemy using the knife execution in an Execution or Warzone match)
Just like 'Stab Em' ribbon.

Master of the Zone (Was the last man standing on your team in a round and won the round in an Execution or Warzone match)

Guardian Medals - Casual coop is great for all of these.
Bag Man (Kill the enemy leader)

Bravado (Win a sudden death as the last man standing)

Getting It Done
(Kill the enemy leader as the leader)

Lead by Example
(Get 5 kills as the leader)

No Ransom
(Use the enemy leader as a meat shield)

Standup Guy
(As the leader do not go DBNO in a match)

(Revive the leader the most)

King of the Hill/Escalation Medals
Strongly encourage boosting unless you LOVE Escalation. All you need is 6 people, 4 with extra controllers to knock these out.

Dead Ringer (Won by shutting out the enemy team in King of the Hill or Escalation)
Casual coop, bring a full group.

Duelist (Killed an enemy while both of you were in the same ring in King of the Hill or Escalation)

Eyes on the Prize (Earned the most ring points in King of the Hill)

Fish in a Barrel (Killed 3 enemies holding a ring in King of the Hill or Escalation)

King Slayer (Killed an enemy holding a ring in King of the Hill or Escalation)

Last Resort (Broke a ring when the enemy team needed 5 or less points to win in King of the Hill)

Leave it all on the Field (Entered the final possible round with a tie score in an Escalation match)
Very time consuming. You need to go into the 13th round of Escalation in a 6 to 6 tie, does not matter who wins.

Lock and Load (Placed a weapon in an Escalation match)
The highest score player on the team that just lost the round gets to place a weapon on the map.

My House (Was on a team that won 7 straight rounds in an Escalation match)
And this is why these ribbons are very difficult to get.

Nice Pick (Killed an enemy with a weapon selected by the enemy team in that round of an Escalation match)
Win a round, then pay attention to where it was placed.

Our House (Killed an opponent who was breaking your ring in King of the Hill or Escalation)

Out from Under (Broke a domination in Escalation)
Once a team captures all three rings they are 'dominating' and a very short timer will start. Capture a ring otherwise the game is over.

Pioneer (Earned the first ring point in King of the Hill)

Rally (Won an Escalation match after being behind at half-time)

Ring King (Captured a ring at least 3 times in a King of the Hill round)

Ring Master (Held a ring for 30 seconds in King of the Hill or Escalation)

Sacrifice (Broke a ring by yourself while downed in King of the Hill)

Three and Out (Won an Escalation round by capturing three rings)

Top of the Hill (Killed 5 enemies from inside a ring in King of the Hill)

Team Deathmatch Medals
Annihilation (Was on a team where your whole team was alive and the enemy team was all dead in Team Deathmatch)

Brotherhood in Battle
(Respawned with at least three teammates in respawn wave in Team Deathmatch)

Close Shave (Won a Team Deathmatch round by 1)

(Killed every enemy once in Team Deathmatch)

Horde Medals
Construction Worker Upgraded the Fabricator)

Diversity (Won a Horde match with a team that had no duplicate classes)
You may get this while playing Horde on your own, but an easy way is to play a level 50 wave on casual by yourself. Pick a heavy, build a turret, and sit in the corner. If you get a boss that gives you trouble, just restart until you get something easy eg. Kestrel.

Equal Opportunity (Killed one of each enemy type in a Horde wave)

Financier (Deposited 5000 power into the Fabricator)

Go on Without Me (Complete the wave as the only dead player)

High ROI (Killed 5 enemies with a weapon from the Fabricator)

I Gotcha (Revived all four of your teammates in a single wave)
Needs to be done manually, cannot just use team revive card.

Last Hope (Completed a wave as the only player alive)
Need at least one other person in the game so use a second controller or have a friend die on wave 1.

Like a Boss (Completed a boss wave while not dead or DBNO)

Long Hauler (Completed all 50 waves in a single session)

Phat Loot (Completed a bonus objective)

Point Man (Picked up the most power in a wave)

Repair Man (Spent 1500 power repairing fortifications)

Rope-a-Dope (Killed 3 enemies who were distracted by a decoy)

Supervisor (Complete a wave with no kills)

The Specialists (Won a Horde match with a team was all the same class)
See 'Diversity' ribbon. Just one man army wave 50.

Seriously 4.0

Complete Insane Campaign, ribbons, rank placements, Horde maps, re-ups, classes and five skills

Seriously 4.0
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Congratulations, you've finished this chore.. for now.

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