Gears of War: Judgment Achievements

Full list of all 70 Gears of War: Judgment achievements worth 1,500 gamerscore. It takes around 50-60 hours to unlock all of the achievements in the base game on Xbox 360.

The base game contains 50 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore, and there are 2 DLC packs containing 20 achievements worth 500 Gamerscore.

Add-on: Call to Arms

Call to Arms

3.0615,2403,455 (23%)4-5 h
Call to Arms

    Earn 50 Double ribbons with the Booshka on Terminal

    3 guides
  • Don’t you die on me!

    Revive 100 total teammates on Terminal as a Medic

    5 guides
  • Surprise!

    Get a Double while emerging as a Corpser

    6 guides
  • Professional Locust

    Kill 100 enemies with each Locust

    3 guides
  • All Aboard!

    Win Hardcore Survival on Terminal with 5 Soldiers

    2 guides
  • Captain Sera

    Earn a killing spree with the Boomshield on Boneyard

    2 guides
  • Long Bomb

    Earn the You’re It ribbon on Boneyard

    3 guides
  • Old School Marathon

    Play 10 matches total on BloodDrive

    1 guide
  • Like A Boss

    Place first in Free For All in Boneyard 5 times

    3 guides
  • You Looking At Me?

    Win a Team Death Match game with the entire team wearing the Car 13 Armor skin

    3 guides
Add-on: Lost Relics

Lost Relics

3.0613,9253,178 (23%)4-5 h
Lost Relics
  • You Can’t Hide

    Earn the Tree House Predator ribbon on Ward

    3 guides
  • Getting it Done

    Destroy the generator in under 8 minutes on any DLC map

    3 guides
  • Dread the Rage

    Get a multi-kill while playing as an enraged Rager on Ward

    2 guides
  • Drop the Mic

    Finish wave 10 of Survival at the first e-hole on Ward on at least Normal difficulty

    1 guide
  • Flag Runner

    Score a flag cap on Streets, Rig, Gondola, Library, Lost City, Museum, and Checkout

    3 guides
  • Look What I Found

    Get a kill with each pickup weapon in FFA during a single game on the map Lost City

    3 guides
  • Flag Dropped

    Kill the flag carrier a total of 20 times

    3 guides
  • Pendulum Wars

    Win a TDM, DOM, and BT match with your entire team wearing the UIR Armor skin

    4 guides
  • For Gorasnaya!

    Score 5 flags in BT as Paduk

    2 guides
  • Golden Artifacts

    Win public/ranked game of Execution on Museum with all players using Gold character and weapon skins

    6 guides