1. Gears of War: Judgment Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Hey guys and girls,

Today we're going to be tackling Gears of War: Judgment, trying to snatch up all those achievements as quickly as we can. Be warned, although this may be the easiest Gears game by far to complete, there are always those one or two that are gonna take quite a while. So grab a cup of something strong and let's get into it!

Below is the order I recommend you tackle the game in order to minimise the time needed to grab all 50 achievements.

Playthrough 1) Campaign on Hardcore attempting every De-Classified mission and grabbing every COG Tag

Playthrough 2) Insane in 4-player co-op attempting every De-Classified mission

Playthrough 3) Aftermath campaign

Playthrough 4) Multiplayer achievements (these will come over time, and more details as to the specifics will obviously be listed over the page)

So without further ado, let's begin!

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