1. Gems of War Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Welcome to Gems of War, a free to play game that is actually free to compete as well!!! Most free to play games eventually hit a wall requiring you to pay real money to continue progressing but not this game. You are fully able to play, compete, and win without spending any money whatsoever. Gems of War is a puzzle/RPG hybrid in which you match gems to gain mana and deal damage to your opponents. You can equip weapons to your character to deal damage in different ways, but the base game is the same, matching gems.

There is no set path towards gaining all of the achievements in this game. After starting, the full game is open for you to explore at will. I have listed the achievements in this walkthrough in a way that makes the most sense for completing. All but one achievement will come within the first 25-30 hours of playing, but the final achievement needed for completion will require another 70-90 hours of grinding, so this is NOT a quick completion. (edit: Thanks to a new title update. The final achievement can be earned MUCH faster) It is, however, quite a fun game and has a lot of interesting twists on the Puzzle Quest formula.


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