4. Gems of War DLC: Title UpdateUpdate notes

On April 1st, 2016 the following achievements were added into the main game...


Upon completion of the main game, you will likely have earned a lot of treasure maps. Head to Zhul'Kari to use these. Your first achievement will be for matching icons to create 2 vaults on the same grid. Matching symbols work as follows...

Matching 3+ copper makes 1 silver
Matching 3+ silver makes 1 gold
Matching 3+ gold makes 1 bag
Matching 3+ bag makes 1 brown chest
Matching 3+ brown chest makes 1 green chest
Matching 3+ green chests makes 1 red chest
Matching 3+ red chest makes 1 vault

This will be a challenging achievement as there is a fair amount of luck involved. The best strategy to use is to work top down making matches of 4 and 5 gems before making a single 3 match. You start the treasure hunt with 14 turns. Making a match of 4 does not use up a turn and a match of 5+ will give you bonus turns so these are instrumental towards getting this achievement. You will hunt the top of the grid looking for 4 and 5 matches and work your way down towards the bottom. If you are forced to make a 3 match, match from the bottom and hope for a cascade of matches shaking up the board. This will take quite a few attempts. The tricky part will be lining up all the green/red chests to make the vault. Keep at it and eventually you will make your 2 vaults.

Treasure Hunter

Finish a Treasure Hunt with 2 or more Vaults

Treasure Hunter
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The next task is to increase one of your kingdoms to a single gold star level. If you select any kingdom and hit cn_RB over towards the "power" tab. You will see you need 600 power to advance to a single silver. You then need 600 more power to obtain your first gold star. On the left you will see 3 categories that let you increase your power. You gain +50 power for each individual troop you have that belongs to that kingdom. You gain +25 power for every trait you add to your troops through upgrading (The character will have a green UP arrow on the trait icon if you can boost them while leveling). Lastly you gain +10 power for every level you train a troop.

I have all 7 troops from the Broken Spire (+350)
I have 1 creature with 2 upgraded traits that belongs to Spire (+50)
I have all 7 troops at level 10 from the Spire (+700)

My grand total would be 1,100 power. I would then need an additional 100 power to reach the required 1,200 power for a single gold star.
At this point I can either boost 4 more traits or keep leveling up Broken Spire troops with souls to raise my total power. Any combination of these 3 stats will work as long as their grand total reaches 1,200. Once you have reached that... achievement unlocked.

Power Up!

Reach Kingdom Power Level 2

Power Up!
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Lastly, you will want to train a unit to reach the new Mythical Rarity. If you do not have a lot of creatures in stock this could take a long time. The fastest way to do this is to be part of an active guild as you will be obtaining free keys almost daily to earn new creatures as long as everybody is contributing to the guild level. To reach the new Mythical rarity you have to head to the TROOPS icon on the main menu. Select any troop you want and hit cn_RB to head to "Ascension" You will see you have the option to sacrifice duplicates to boost your troops rarity. There are total rarities. Common, Rare, Ultra Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic Rare. Any troop can be boosted to the mythic rarity but the higher the troops starting rarity, the fewer sacrifices it will take to reach the top. The number of sacrifices it takes to boost a troop are as follows...

1st boost: sacrifice 5 copies
2nd boost: sacrifice 10 copies
3rd boost: sacrifice 25 copies
4th boost: sacrifice 50 copies
5th boost: sacrifice 100 copies

Example. Skeleton is a common creature. To boost him to the new mythic rarity it would take a grand total of 190 sacrifices to reach the top (not to mention you need to save your original card making 191 the magic number of owned commons to reach the top) Every step up in rarity would decrease the number of sacrifices needed to boost. The final list for each rarity is as follows...

Common: 190 sacrifices
Rare: 90 sacrifices
Ultra Rare: 40 sacrifices
Epic: 15 sacrifices
Legendary: 5 sacrifices

Once you have chosen a troop you have enough duplicate copies of and sacrificed the number of required troops. You will have unlocked your achievement.

Mythical Creature

Ascend a troop to Mythic rarity

Mythical Creature
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