5. Gems of War DLC: Title Update 2

On February 28th, 2017, Title Update 2 for Gems of War was released. 10 achievements were added to the game.

As all the achievements can be done at any given order, I’ll list them from easiest to hardest.

The Emperor

Capture 20 Kingdoms

The Emperor
1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

This simply requires you to spend gold to unlock 20 kingdoms. There’s no need to actually play any quests or challenges in this kingdom at all. Each kingdom would require 4,000 gold to unlock. That means 80,000 gold is needed for the achievement.

Obtainer of Rare Antiques

Explore any kingdom

Obtainer of Rare Antiques
1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle Player

Kingdoms are found on your main map. Each kingdom has a quest line. Once you complete all the quests in a given kingdom, the option to “explore” it becomes available.

To unlock this achievement, simply choose the “Explore” option in a completed kingdom, and win the battle. You can make it easier by choosing the “Normal” difficulty level, which will be a breeze to complete.

Explore is a great way to unlock random traitstones upgrade the traits of your troops. If you’re serious about this game, spending hours to grind for traitstones would be one of the things that you ought to be doing, so unlocking this achievement should come rather naturally.

The Hero's Journey

Equip any hero class

The Hero's Journey
2 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerBuggy -

You’d need to complete all the quests in a given kingdom to unlock its class. Once done, go to press cn_Y, and scroll to the “Hero” tab at the bottom of the screen. Press cn_RB to scroll to “Class”, and the available classes for you to equip will be shown.

Choose any class to equip it, and the achievement will unlock.

Professor Campbell Would Be Proud...

Reach 250 wins for a hero class

Professor Campbell Would Be Proud...
1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

After equipping your hero with a class, put him or her into a team, and start fighting. You’d need to win 250 times with the hero (with a class equipped) to unlock this achievement.

The fastest way to win is to play an Explore game on Normal. The enemies are usually very weak, and with a good team, each battle should last around 30 seconds to a minute or so. While going at it, you’d also unlock traitstones, so it’s pretty much a win-win.

A great team to win quick Explore games (troops and traitstones permitting):

Use Dwarven Banner (two browns)
Deep Borer
Hero with the Mechanist Class, with Black Manacles (weapon)
- all traits must be unlocked, this allows the Bombots to start with 50% mana
- match any brown gems you can see, this usually fills up at least one Bombot
- if not brown matches available, fill up Deep Borer, and use him to make brown gems
- cast Bombot
- cast another Bomot, or use Hero
- game over

There are other good setups, but the above is what I use for quick Explore wins personally. The fact that the Hero is involved in this team makes it perfect for grinding the 250 wins.

To check how many wins your Hero has, select your active class, and press cn_RB to select Perks. The number of victories will be shown here.

If you already have 250 victories for your Hero Class before you play start this DLC, simply win another battle with your hero in the team, and the achievement should unlock.


Unlock 100 different troops

1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +Shop

If you’ve played the game to Level 100 in the main game, chances are you already have more than 100 troops. The achievement should unlock once you load the game.

If you’re new to the game, troops drop from chests, so having a lot of keys will help in getting this achievement as soon as possible. It’d be good to join an active guild that have players donating gold daily. The donation unlock rewards such as keys, which is important in building the number of troops for you. Yes, I know I've been repeating this a lot, but it really works.

Game Breaker

Unlock the troop "Mongo"

Game Breaker
2 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

This could be a pain to unlock now. It’s not difficult at all, just that’s it’s luck-based. Mongo is an Epic troop (purple card) from the kingdom Wild Plains. When the DLC was first released, Mongo was given as a free gift to all players in the form of a mail. Opening the mail unlocks the troop, as well as the achievement. This made it a “gimme” achievement to all players then.

Now that the DLC was almost six months ago, the mail with the free troop is no longer available. This means you can only find Mongo in chests. Your fate is now in the hands of the RNG, so hopefully you’re in an active guild that gives out keys regularly to give you more chances of landing this in a chest.


Train any troop to level 20

2 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerLevelShop

You’d need to have a card that is Mythic class (light blue card) in order to unlock this. See previous page on the tips to ascend a troop to Mythic status.

Once a card is Mythic, it can be trained to Level 20. Press cn_Y on the main screen, scroll to the “Troops” tab, and select the Mythic card. Press cn_Y when viewing the card to “craft” it, and you should get the option to use souls to upgrade the card to a higher level. It’d take around 6,000-7,000 souls to upgrade a card from Level 1 to 20. The achievement will unlock once the card reaches Level 20.

If you need a lot of cards to ascend a troop to Mythic, join an active guild (yes, I know it’s a broken record) to get keys to unlock more cards.

Champion of PvP

Reach PvP tier 1 in a single week

Champion of PvP
1 guideOnline Game ModeVersusOnline SkillTime/DateBuggy +

Gems of War resets every Monday (at 3:00pm in my time zone, which is GMT+8 – you do your maths). At the start of each week, you’ll begin your PvP in Tier 15. Every 100 points you earn in PvP will improve your rank to the next tier. To unlock this achievement, you’d need to amass 1,900 points to reach Tier 1 of PvP within a given week.

To play PvP, select the PvP tab at the bottom of the screen, and a list of three opponents will appear. The leftmost enemy is often the easiest to fight against, but it gives very little points towards your progress. The middle enemy is usually around your team’s level, and gives considerably more points. The rightmost enemy is the hardest to fight against, but provides the best yield. Fight, and beat any of these teams as you see fit to earn points towards your rank. Do note that you’ll lose points if you lose the battles as well, so it’s usually a matter of how confident you’re when choosing the enemies.

If you find that all three enemies that show up are too difficult for you, you can choose to refresh the page at the cost of 1 gem. There’s no guarantee, however, that the enemies that show up after refreshing will be any easier.

From time to time, you’ll also be attacked. Setting a defensive team is therefore also important because losing a defensive battle will also lead to losing points towards your rank.

The best advice I could give with regards to PvP is to (yes, yes, I know) join an active guild that have all, if not most of the members playing the game, and contributing to the guild regularly on a daily basis. The gold donations will lead to frequent rewards for you. The rewards will consist of keys, which will allow you to unlock new troops, and/or ascend your favorite ones to a higher level. Souls rewards will help to level up individual cards, and gems can be used to unlock better cards, as well as purchase armor that will help towards your gold and souls production.

I won’t be giving much advice about team building, since it’s a really deep topic that would take forever to complete. Generally your team should try to have a mixture of different colors so that you can capitalise on all available colors on the board. It’d also be useful to always have a “color maker” in the team to make gems for your heavy hitters. The Guardians cards, which are only available from Guild Chests (another great reason to join an active guild), are superb at making colors. Take your time to work it out.

Also, do not worry if you lose a game. You’d still be making a small amount of gold despite losing. Even the best players lose hundreds of games a week. A lot of times, battles are just about the luck of the Random Number Generator (RNG), unfortunately. Keep trying, or take some time to build a stronger team, and you should be able to get this achievement eventually.

As far as the achievement goes, previously there have been reports that the achievement would unlock once you reach Tier 2 (i.e., 1,800 PvP points). Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. There were also comments that the achievement doesn’t unlock even after reaching Tier 1. If this happens, the best way is to visit the official Gems of War forum to raise a ticket for assistance.

I'm Not Scared Of The Boogeyman

Complete 10 Adventure Tasks found at the top of the Adventure Board

I'm Not Scared Of The Boogeyman
1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle Player

On the top right corner of the screen, there’s a tab that says “Events”. This refreshes every Monday 3:00pm GMT +8 (again, check your local timing) upon the weekly reset. Scroll through the events of the week until you reach the page that shows you the requirements to completing this achievement for the week. This comes in six stages. Completing each stage will net you some minor rewards, and completing all six will unlock the achievement.

The tasks usually come in the form of killing certain types of enemies from the weekly kingdom for x number of times. This would be the easiest task to complete. Sometimes, it’s requires you to do summons for x number of times, meaning you’d actually need to have cards that summon other troops. I’ve even seen events that require the player to complete x number of turns in the Treasure Hunt mini-game.

That said, as mentioned the tasks to do change weekly. If you’re unable to complete them for the given week, just wait another week, and hope that they give you an easier one then. An advice for events focusing on kills – sometimes the event specifically says “kills during PvP or Explore only”, so kills in Quests and Challenges won’t count. Take note of the requirements, and you should have no issues unlocking this. It’ll obviously be a grind, however.

Team Synergy

Complete all guild tasks in a single week

Team Synergy
2 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeCommunityTime/Date

This video from Tacet the Terror will provide a great explanation to what guild tasks are all about:

This should be the most difficult achievement in this DLC. First and foremost, you’d need to be in a guild to have a chance to have a go at this. Secondly, your guild must ensure that all 12 levels of all six guild tasks are completed within a given game week.

To access the tasks, go to “Guild” at the bottom of the page, and scroll to the “Tasks” page. You’ll see six Guardians, each representing a different color in the game, and each having 12 levels for each task. This means a total of 72 guild tasks to be completed in a given week. Completing the tasks will earn your guild rewards in the form of gold, souls, keys, etc. Completing Level 12 of any given task also grants all members of the guild a temporary (one week) increase in stats.

The challenge is in actually completing all 72. In order to do so, the guild need to contribute a total of 15,750,000 gold in a single week. Yes, that’s 15 million 750,000 gold. If you divide this amount by 30 maximum members in a guild, each member needs to donate 525,000 gold. Coordination between all members is therefore highly required.

Alternatively, if a guild has already completed all tasks in a week invites someone to join, the person who joins will unlock the achievement without having to donate anything. Chances like this are few and far between, but my previous guild did exactly this sort of charity when we managed to complete all tasks within the first week of the DLC. Hopefully more guilds could help others out considering this being an achievement site, but it’s still best to think about saving up the gold if your guild wants to have a crack at this.

Note: Upon completing all tasks, the guild will unlock “Legendary Tasks”. These require 1,000,000 gold to complete. Thankfully, they aren’t required for the achievement.

With this, Title Update 2 for Gems of War is completed. This would either be a walk in the park for long-time players, or a nightmare for newcomers.

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